Complete list of lou’s NACo donors and expenses

Stephen Sweeney for Freeholder
144 Glover Road Mullica Hill NJ

Eugene W. Landy
3499 Rt 9 North Suite 3-C
Freehold NJ

District Council 711
PAC Fund
2116 Ocean Heights Ave

New Jersey UAW
PAC Account
1589 Lamberton Rd Ste 1
Trenton NJ 08611

Adams Rehmann & Heggan  (Engineering Firm)
PO Box 579
850 South White Horse Pike
Hammonton NJ 08037

T&M Associates  (Engineering Firm)
PO Box 828
Red Bank NJ 07701

Mordecahi Neustadt
Alice Newstadt
1639 – 59th Street
Brooklyn NY 11204

Fralinger Engineering PA ( Engineering Firm)
529 Shiloh Pike
Bridgeton NJ 08302

Arnold Robinson  (Attorney)
PO Box 788
Milville NJ 08332

Kavanagh,Kavanagh and DiLazzero, LLC  (Law Firm)
219 N. High Street
PO Box 728
Millville NJ 08332

Robert Malestein   (Lawyers)
Susan Malestein
Bridgeton NJ 08302

Landis Theatre Properties LLC
1873 S. Brookfield Street
Vineland NJ 08361

Salmon Ventures Limited
7 Easterwood Street
Millville NJ 08332

Triad Advisory Services
309 W. Glenside Ave
Glenside PA 19038

SLRD Company-Mullica Hill LLC (environmental remediation)
Mullica Hill Rd.Mullica Hill NJ

Cumberland County Democratic Organization

Joseph McKernan Architects
100 Dobbs Ln. Cherry Hill NJ

GoodmanProperties (Developers)
636 Old York Rd. Jenkintown PA

Election Fund of Joseph Cryan

Election Fund of Glenn Veterano

Jon Corzine (Governor)

Atlantic County Democratic Organization


Townsware Computers
(In kind contributions $750 website development and maintenance)

Total NACO Expenses: $78,000
Standard Publishing
NE Blvd
Vineland NJ
Standard Publishing

Standard Publishing

Total Printing Costs


Legislative Conference  Washington DC

Marriott Wardman

Marriott Wardman

NACo Registrations

Total Leg Costs

National Conference – Nashville TN

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

ATM- Nashville for Expenses (Food and Materials)

Southwest Airlines

Total Natl Costs

Royal Printing

SMG Design and Consulting

Cumberland County Democratic Organization (Loan Repayment)

Mail and Federal Express
7/21/07       The Mail Room                        $266.88

8/7/07         The Mail Room                       $96.74

8/3/07         The Mail Room                       $48.00

08/21/07       The Mail Room                       $174.35

11/13/07      The Mail Room                        $137.50

11/14/07      The Mail Room                        $106.31

Federal Express  3/21/08                           $511.64

Mail total                                         $1341.42


Travis Horne                   11/19/07                                              $210.

Laura Gonzales               8/8/07                                                 $287.95
Laura Gonzales               9/4/07                                                 $52.71
Laura Gonzales               3/13/08                                                            $500.

Liana Cope                     8/24/07                                                            $400.
Liana Cope                     8/3/07                                                 $120.
Liana Cope                     8/13/07                                                            $50.

Staff Total                                                                                                                           $1620.66



32 Responses to Complete list of lou’s NACo donors and expenses

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Amazing… Landis Theater is out begging for money… so they can turn around and give it to lou maggazzu.

  2. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    …And the Cumberland Co. Democratic Committee “loans” lou $10,000.00? Isn’t lou the chairman? How convenient.
    What exactly is the interest on that loan? And why should any Democrat donate money to the committee to help elect Democrats in the county, when the money is really being used to further lou’s pet projects and career? Until the loan is paid back, that’s ten grand less we have for the Democrats to use.

    Tell me again that it’s not all about lou.


  3. abondroit says:

    A big three cheers to Matt Dunn of The News. It looks as though Lou has taken money and used it for his personal gain. This is blatant “Pay to Play.” Sen. Sweeney should have known better. Look at the firms doing business in the county. Triad should have known better. Fast Eddie Salmon should have known better. Who is SLRD Co. of Mullica Hill? Could that be Brian Horne who fought so hard defending himself against Lou over MART about five years ago? Look at Goodman Properties who wants a tax break from Millville yet gives Lou $5,000. Gov. Corzine a gift of $5,000. Look at the Engineering firms and their gifts. There’s a smell of corruption right here in Cumberland County. G.R.I.P.

  4. DEEP THROAT says:

    All those donations in 07 & 08 do not appear on ethics discloser forms. All donations, gratuities, and honorariums over $400.00 required to be on form. Lou shows $0. Illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Curious says:

    Who gave the “legal opinion” to Louie that it was O.K.
    to take donations from vendors as long as it stayed under the $5,200.00 pay to play law. Which of course is related to campaign donations for public office.
    Has nothing to do with money for personal use.
    Sounds like good old Judge Wodlinger.
    Did he hit up his client Goodman Properties for the FIVE GRAND??????
    Naturally immediatesly prior to becoming a judge selected by Lou!

  6. Why is Landis Theater, a non-profit, donating money to a politician for his personal campaign?

    Is Lou working against the Levoy Theatre, trying to cause it to fail?

    Did the Republicans ask Bobby Romano to leave the party? I suppose he is the sort of traitor that Lou embraces.

    And WHY all of the contributions from developers and architects? tit for tat? Quid pro quo? They bribe – sorry, donate to Lou’s personal campaign; is this to get political favoritism afterward?

  7. gorgon says:

    ATM- Nashville for Expenses (Food and Materials)

    You forgot one dollar bills. Thank god for ATMs

  8. SalarySam says:

    Townsware Computers
    (In kind contributions $750 website development and maintenance)

    Anyone know if this is the company that does the County’s website?

  9. SalarySam says:

    Triad Advisory Services
    309 W. Glenside Ave
    Glenside PA 19038

    Arent’ these the folks who work with Tri County all the time?

  10. SalarySam says:

    Where are the registration fees for the Nashwille Conference. The National had $4,410 in registration fees. Who paid for Lord Lou’s entourage? The County?

  11. tryagain says:

    Guess Sam has troubel reading or with reading comprehension or selective memory. Magazzu has already stated that County monies (other than the $400-$500) dollars he agreed to pay back that ALL other expenditures were from his own fundraising and he has now reported the sources of those loans. No other County money used by anyone.

  12. I don’t see ANY accounting for LAST YEARS numerous trips or campaigns for NACo.

    I don’t see travel accounted for other than the Nashville trip. What about the Washington trip with almost the entire Freeholder board there?

    I really think that ELEC needs to dig into this deeper. What right does Lou have to loan himself $10,000 from the country Democratic treasury for his personal campaign?

    If I had contributed to get D’s elected, I would be a bit upset that Lou was using that fund as his personal piggy bank!

    THAT -s the REAL story here.

  13. How many of these contributors to Lou’s “personal” campaign have been rewarded with county business?

    This is purely a way to evade state pay to play laws.

  14. Calhoun says:

    To show I may have a future in politics, I am breaking my promise of not directly commenting. Eyes, the state’s (and counties’) “pay-to-play” laws are a joke, even without Lou’s ethically-challenged NACo slush fund (aka “PAC” aka “professional trade account”). They’re a joke because of the loophole that exempts contributions to county political committees.

    Look at what Gary Wodlinger did. His firm, through his appointment, did ample business with the County. All during this time Wodlinger — now the “Honorable Judge” Wodlinger — was making contributions to the Cumberland County Democratic Organization, which Lou chairs. From 2003-2008, all of Wodlinger’s big contributions ($12,000 total) were to the CCDO. He never made contributions directly to any specific Freeholder campaign. From 2005-2007 Wodlinger did make smaller contributions to Assemblyman Fisher’s state campaign — the only time he ever contributed to candidates in the Third District, and this no doubt pleased Sweeney, who also represents this district as State Senator. This turned out to be money well spent by Wodlinger as Sweeney had to come in and help Wodlinger out when the Senate Judiciary Committee members were kicking Wodlinger’s ass over questionable comments he made, a lawsuit he filed against the estate of someone killed by a drunk driver, and a lawsuit filed against his firm by the widow of a former partner.

    What I find most troubling about the Wodlinger case is that he was not only using these donations to the County Democratic committee to allow his firm to “pay-to-play,” while remaining in compliance with pay-to-play laws, he could have been making these contributions as a form of “pay-to-sit,” his largesse eventually allowing him to be rewarded with a seat on the judiciary, at the recommendation of Lou.

    This “pay-to-play” and “pay-to-sit” pattern is deeply troubling. Matt Dunn, the report on Magazzu was good, but if you really want to blow the lid off of something, dig around sitting judges and their campaign contributions prior to being appointed. Also, what exactly do our county bar associations do if they allow this sort of crap to go on unnoticed? To me, Wodlinger’s campaign contributions are neither honorbale nor in good judgment (ethics wise), but yet they may have been what he had to do in order to get the “Honorable Judge” title. No wonder people despise politicians, lawyers and their professions.

  15. SalarySam says:

    Try Again:

    I am pointing out an inconsistency and problem with the report Lord Lou gave to back up his asserting no county monies were spent. What he says is not at issue. The issue is the accuracy and completeness of what he has put out in writing with names and (some) dates as the facts. Lord Lou showed where the registration fees for Washington came from. There was four or five thousand of registration fees, I presume, for the Nashville conference. Where, when and from what funds was that paid? Lord Lou took 30 days to complete this “report.” You would think it would be complete.

    Here’s another point for MATT DUNN and the other reporters reading this. Remember how Lord Lou said that he was waiting for his bank statement to come in so he could very issue the report? Yet he shows over $15,000 of expenses being paid on 9/4/200 – the day he released the report. One those was paying back the $10,000 loan from the County Dem. Commit. So until he was forced to provide this accounting he kept the money he had “borrowed.” I didn’t notice any interest expense either. Plus was he lying to you about the reason for needing 30 days and his waiting to get a bank statement?

    Final point. The report is VERY week on dates. Some contributions and expenses have a date but not all of them. I’m guessing that the ones that follow an item with a date have the same date until a new date is given for one. You shouldn’t have to guess.

  16. Deparego says:

    Triad is a consulting firm that has a contract or some kind of retainer with the county for – you guessed it – consulting and/or planning work. Hope the contract with the county followed pay to play laws.

  17. Watcher#1 says:

    Interesting! Reminds me of how a cat covers up his crap. Look at what Lou covered his up with….. I think things are going south for Magazzu and fast.

  18. vinelandvisitor says:


    Why didn’t you wear the pin-striped suit. You look so good in stripes. Maybe soon the state will buy you a nice set of stripes. If not,maybe you will look good in orange.

  19. Sell me a bridge says:

    Someone needs to ask Lou why he didn’t include the dates of these donations:
    Election Fund of Joseph Cryan

    Election Fund of Glenn Veterano

    Jon Corzine (Governor)

    Atlantic County Democratic Organization

    Is he giving them all a chance to add them to their next ELEC reports?

  20. tryagain says:

    Obviously there won’t be ANYTHING to satisfy these haters of Magazzu. NO MATTER what he does it will just be constant criticisms. He has answered the questions but it will NEVER be to this forum’s satisfaction. If only all you haters would devote so much more time and energy to checking all the school baords, municipal elected and appointed officials, and other professional staff who REALLY quietly use tax dollars to go on conventions, workshops, seminars, etc. and see what they charge to taxpayers you would be amazed. Most of these items are quietly built into their budgets using OUR tax dollars. It is ridiculous!! Atleast Magazzu’s trips and expenditures came from donations by a vast majority and DIDN”T cost the taxpayers. If you REALLY are so concerned with your and ours tax dollars just check out your elected officials and their budgets for travel, conventions, personal expenses, etc.! You will be amazed, maybe start with CANDYMAN Wymbs. Wonder when Matt Dunn will begin a REAL investigation into that money trail and HOW Wymbe came to power. A real investigative story into the inner workings of the CCIA and their expenditures and giving away of OUR tax dollars could be a Pulitizer Prize winning article!!!

  21. SalarySam says:

    A vast majority? Of who? County contractors or wannabees? You have a freeholder director soliciting personal gifts from people who provide services to the county. These engineering firms were lying awake at night not being able to sleep until they gave Lord Lou thousands of dollars to help him satisfy his personal goal of being 2nd VP of NACo – a group no one outside of government never heard of? And those gifts were not reported to anyone.

    The purpose of the disclosure was to see what happened. What happened stinks. Do you really expect that anyone anywhere, let alone here, is going to say, “Well, Lou has now told us that he was strongarmning secret and unreported “gifts” from county contractors – let’s give him an award. There are other names for “gifts” like that but I’ll leave those for others to say.

    The story herr, my friend, is what Lore Lou did. He’s the one sitting in the Freeholder’s seat and he’s the one running for office and he’s the one casting stones at others. Yes, there may be abuses elsewhere and a close look at how others are also wasting time and money on trips may be down the road BUT you don’t ignore the tip of the iceberg when it’s sitting in front of you. Your defense of Lord Lou’s indefensible conduct amounts to a childish, “Everyone else was doing it.” Well, Lord Lou is supposed to be a leader, not a follower. Is his defense everyone else vandalized the school so why are you picking on me?

  22. tryagain says:

    And you know what they say about the tip of the iceberg Sam? That’s why it’s so important for Dunn to do a THORUGH investigative report on thr inner workings of the CCIA beginning with Wymbs and who is he? where from? who recruited him? then FOLLOW the money and the “perks” perhaps given by the vendors there? Could be the BIGGEST story yet?

  23. This web sight gets pretty interesting and loaded with good information.tryagain why do you always try to change the subject in question.They aren’t talking about the ccia they are talking about the Director of the Cumberland County Board of Choosen Freeholders.If all this information is correct then we have a real big problem in Cumberland County.Now that alot of these pratices have come to light will the 3news papers follow up and report the facts.Next will be mud slinging at it’s worst to try and cover up the facts.As someone sad before letters will be made up by you know who and have people in the community sign them thinking they are doing the wright thing.But they will just be bringing Cumberland County lower in the muck.

  24. SalarySam says:

    You’re the one saying look at all this other stuff. Look here. Look there. Those are the things that are out of sight. The one thing in sight is what Lord Lou has done. Hence the metaphor of an iceberg. What is visible is the tip — what Lord Lou has done. The unknown is what, if anything, lies beneath.

    You can’t ignore what has been disclosed. Sure you have to go after the rest and what Lord Lou has done may call for changes elsewhere. But it is a pipe dream to think that doing all of that should take precedence over the investigation of what Lord Lou has done.

  25. Sam is correct. The “vast majority” that contributed to Lou’s secret war chest, made public ONLY because we did not let the subject drop, are all INSIDERS. Why is a rabbi from Brooklyn contributing to Lou’s NACo campaign?

    Most disturbing of all is why all the developers and architects? This is obviously an end run around Pay to Play laws. They contribute to Lou in exchange for county jobs.

    For instance, one of the donors is Townsware, owned by Sam Buotros. Boutros is a commissioner at the Cumberland County Utilities Authority.

    Townsware does the site for Nehemiah Coalition, founded and led by Al Kelly. Nehemiah is an organization that has had money funneled to it by Louis, sometimes forgoing the open bid process in violation of law. Lou funnels the money to Tri-County (where Kelly also gets a chunk of it) and to Nehemiah where – Al kelly also gets a chunk of it.

    Tryagain – do you see how this game works? Lou only gave us MORE QUESTIONS, not any real answers. This NACo stuff is a real can of worms. Actually, it is more like a Bridgeton McDonalds full of worms…

  26. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Forget me…look at Wymbs! Over there! Wymbs is bad! Look! Look! Look! Not at me…Over there! Don’t look at the unemployment numbers! Or the teenage birth rate, or the poverty! Look over there! Forget the Courthouse! Don’t look at the state of the County Seat! Over there! Wymbs is bad! Stop looking at me…Over there!

    As far as I’m concerned, if a county organization is doing something wrong, and all the Board members are appointed by the Freeholders, then it’s the Freeholders who are ultimately responsible. You know louagain, the buck stops here. You can scream “Wymbs” from the rooftops, we are still going to dig into your record of doing absolutely nothing for Cumberland County, except use it as a piggy bank.

  27. tryagain says:

    Afraid of what you may find at the CCIA? Seems like Candyman Wymbs as you guys in his pockets too? Millions of dollars with little if any accountability being spent over the years. Certainly this deserves a VERY VERY close look at NOW!! What’s the problem Matt? What’s the problem Magazzu Bash, afraid that your HERO Candy man Wymbs may be even worse than whta you claim Magazzu to be? Seems some of the same players you attack and love have veru close connections to CCIA? Can’t handle 2 things at once? Afraid the shining of light onto the “wonderful” CCIA may embarass some of the current “independent” candidates? This deserves as close a look as Naco and it desreves it now!! MUC MUCH more taxpayer money involved at the CCIA so it should be a priority!! As they say follow the money, it may lead to some real stinky trash?

  28. SalarySam says:

    These attempts to divert the inquiry are sad and pathetic. We’re interested in bringing light onto Lord Lou’s machinations. If you were truly interested in doing that with Steve Wymbs you would not have waited until Lord Lou’s pants were catching fire. The issue is Lord Lou, not Steve Wymbs. Try to remember that. If you can’t do it easily, TryAgain.

  29. We are getting quite a few comments from people that are not willing to post directly to the site.

    “From one loyal reader: I wonder about SMG Design& Consulting that came up with a huge $5,100 contribution to Lou weeks after he lost the election and on the very day he released his figures..

    “SMG Design and Consulting

    “They are based in Hillsbourough NJ. Who told them give Lou Magazzu $5,100. And why that odd number? Why not $5,000?”

    We, too have to wonder. Why would a consulting firm donate money to a personal campaign WEEKS AFTER Lou lost the election?

    This is clearly not a case of a supporter donating to support his election run. It certainly reeks of a pay-to-play end-run. We will certainly keep our eyes open to see when Lou rewards them with a no-bid contract for their generosity.

  30. A reader writes: “You realize that Lou was accepting contributions in clear violation of pre-amendment Ethics Code since 2007.”

    He is entirely correct. Back in July we wrote about the February changes in the county ethics code that would allow freeholders to campaign for their own personal agenda and gain. (

    Lou received thousands upon thousands of dollars in contributions for this personal campaign from political entities and private business that the county deals with well before the ethics changes were approved.

  31. SalarySam says:

    So I guess it’s time for the other freeholders to censure Lord Lou. I wonder what the ethics code has by way of teeth for enforcement.

  32. AMUSED says:

    Hey Guys, I believe if these clowns take the time to think they’ll stop with the Wymbs thing(except for “tryagain” he simply doesn’t have the ability to control himself). Do they really want to start on the CCIA? After all it’s not a one man show! Where would they like to begin? How about Miller (Lou’s pick after ousting a longtime competent board member who refused to play his games)? I’m sure there are alot of interesting stories about his CCC days (wink). Hey Veight, any illegal apts. for rent? Still carrying your trunk full of money? And we all know about Mr. Kelley. So boys, do you really want to go there? Better try to get tryagain back on track! We’re not talking about the CCIA. Enough with the diversions away from the true issues here!

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