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Lou Magazzu at NACo on the taxpayer dime

Lou Magazzu at NACo on the taxpayer dime

This photo was taken in Washington in March of this year.  It appeared in the NaCo County News, April 6, 2009 issue.

We have to ask who paid for Austino, Rainear, Whelan, Thompson and Pepitone to assist in Lou’s campaign for NACo on this expedition? Do you see the banner behind them? This was clearly a campaigning activity, and not county business.

It must be nice to have the county coffers and the Cumberland County Democrat Organization campaign war chest at your disposal for personal campaigning.

The taxpayers are STILL waiting for an accounting of LAST YEARS NACo campaign, How much of the expenses for those trips has Lou reimbursed the county for? Does he even intend to ever reimburse the county for this misappropriation of funds?

Partial repayments are not acceptable. Lou was elected to represent the county’s best interests, not go gallivanting across the country on personal campaigns, at taxpayer expense.

Of course we never expected the sheriff to be honest. Any man that can call a press conference and blatantly lie and misrepresent court documents that he is holding cannot be trusted at even a menial job. However, we did expect much more out of Whelan.  Is there even one ounce of integrity in this group?


20 Responses to NACo County News

  1. DEEP THROAT says:

    Four of seven freeholders attending the NACO convention. Whenever they gathered to campaign, eat on Lou’s dime etc. : they were in violation of the New Jersey OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT.
    No ethics here.

  2. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Sounds like a quorum. More laws flaunted by lou magazzu.

  3. vineland voter says:

    wouldn’t SAGO be interested in this??? where’s sheena when you really need her? if she thought barse was corrupt, lou makes him look like a toddler stealing candy.

  4. Nononanet says:

    What is Surrogate Rainear doing there? What is a Surrogate doing accepting a free gift of a trip for someone’s personal political campaign? Seeing a photo of four freeholders, a surrogate, and a sheriff traveling together outside of the county should send up red flags of warning that there is more here than meets the eye.

  5. tryagain says:

    Don’t understand the problem you all are trying to create. No laws broken here. No violation of Sunshine Laws or OPRA unless County business talked about. No political affiliations involved in running for NACO office or any other public organization office as long as it’s not politcally partisan to my understanding. Some people should think or at least investigate befor they shoot off their mouths when they have no clue as to what they are talking baout. In fact I would presume those involved or not involved could use County money for conventions and or seminars just as school boards any numerous agancies do all the time. Think even Salary Sam would find it a stretch to find wrong doing in this picture of elected officials attending a convention. And if us taxpayers didn’t foot the bill so much the better!!

  6. tryagain says:

    After all these are ALL elected County officials at a County Association convention!

  7. Elected officials CAMPAIGNING for Lou4Naco. This was a campaign effort to get Lou elected to a position for personal gain. This had nothing to do with Cumberland County business. Read the banner they are standing in front of.

    They are free to campaign for Lou for anything they desire. But I don’t want MY tax dollars paying for the effort.

    Instead, they should be representing the residents of Cumberland County, as they were elected to do!

  8. I’am wandering why Bob isn’t smiling for the photo shoot maybe he is thinkig the samething all of you folks are thinking except for tryagain.

  9. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    So, louagain, after being proven to be a liar over and over again, we are to except your word that no county business was spoken about? At all? Not once?

    If you believe that, I have some swamp land I can sell ya.

  10. Watcher#1 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO county business was discussed? Lou, who are you trying to kid? What else would a quorum of freeloaders talk about? Your ever-expanding belt sizes?
    Or maybe your head size?

  11. tryagain says:

    These elected officials have every right to attend this Naco conference even at taxpayers expense! Check with elected officials budgets and I’m sure you will almost always , if not ALWAYS find a line item for travel and conference and personal expenses. The FACT that Magazzu paid the expenses for the trip except for a few hunderd dollars is ABSOLUTELY FINE with me and should be withlogical thinking and rational taxpayers. HE saved us thousands of OUR tax dollars. As far as OPRA violations, I think you are way off base! All elected officials gather in some way at various times with more than a quorum and are NOT in violation of sunshine,OPRA laws. Gosh in some municipalities like Deerield you have 2 of the 5 committee people living together. You don’t think that more than3 or 4 elected officials sometimes get together for unofficial reasons or just happen to be in the same spot or sometimes go otu to eat together. THAT in itself is not a violation of OPRA!!! After all how could they all possibly even go to that BIG shindig in Atlantic City every year where all NJ officials attend and the public is not invited. You guys are barking up the wrong tree on this one!!

  12. SalarySam says:

    It’s the Sunshine Law Tryagain, not OPRA.

  13. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    LOL. Everything that lou has done is fine with lou.

    You’re a fun guy there louagain.

  14. tryagain says:

    OK sunshine law but the facts remain the same. No violations of the Sunshine law. Sunshine Laws apply in the bedrooms? What about the BIG Atlantic City gathering? How about dinners? What about public events?

  15. Lou – I mean tryagain – you are treading on thin ice – coming close to libel. You are making statements accusing Steve Wymbs of criminal actions but providing no backup or evidence. Besides being a transparent ploy to take the focus off of your – I mean Lou’s – questionable campaign and funding practices, you are opening yourself up to a lawsuit. If we are subpoenaed for our logs for IP addresses, etc, we will cooperate with authorities. Just because you are hiding behind a fake name does not protect you from the law.

    So, IF you have evidence of wrongdoing, by all means continue posting. But provide sources, as we do, for the information. Your venomous attacks on Wymbs is hateful and malicious. It is intended to assassinate his character, and you refuse to provide any reason or back-up other than you said so.

  16. tryagain says:

    Just asking questions my dear Blind Woman, just asking questions! Shouldn;t we be able to know the answers of Candyman’s background and how the CCIA doles out OUR tax dollars? And you of all people should utter a single word about venomous attacks!! Where and when did you see or read statements accusing the Candyman of criminal actions? ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!!!!! Just questions and more questions!! Seems like others are claiming Magazzu and friends broke sunshine laws and not questioning but claiming they did!! Maybe that is grounds for a lawsuit by several others since there is a REAL charge of breaking the laws!!! You know what they say about a can of worms, don’t you? Try rereading Deep Throat’s and your comments on this issue on this page!!! Mine were merely questions and requests no claim of any wrongdoing unlike you and some of your friends!! Can of worms my friend, can of worms!

  17. millvillemagnus says:

    Am I hearing now that Lou paid for the NACo expenses for the other freeholders plus Austino and Rainear? If so, isn’t that a gift? I thought there were restrictions on receipt of gifts by public officials.

  18. SalarySam says:

    Is it true that _____________ was caught in a turnpike male prostitution sting?

    Just asking a question. “Just asking a question” is NOT enough when there is no basis in fact. The Sunshine Law violation question was asked in the context of a picture of a quorum of the Board at a sort of political event.

    What is the context of your questions about the CCIA? Have you asked the CCIA to produce Wymb’s resume? Have you asked the CCIA about their policies on conventions or for copies of their expenditures? Or are you just “asking questions?”

    Is is true that _______________ is being investigated for kiddie porn? Just asking a question.

  19. AMUSED says:

    WOW! Has anyone really looked at Magazzu’s face? The only time I’ve ever seen an expression like that was in the bedroom, not a convention hall. Guess we now know what REALLY turns him on. What a hoot!

  20. Byelou says:

    Lou, I mean Tryagain, your behavior at these NACO conferences goes far beyond the issue of who paid for
    you and all of your cronies to go to Nashville. It has to do with all of the lying and deception that is going on, and your apparent ability to dip into the Democrat cookie jar whenever you need a few thousand bucks.
    I know you’re lying. I saw your lips moving…

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