Is Lou bringing North Jersey corruption to Cumberland County?

We found this article dated 2004. It reports on the connection and criminal lobbying for Touro (Golin was on Touro’s board) to build a medical school, sound familiar? by Golin Cipel to James McGreevey, and names Kushner, and disgraced former senator Torricelli  – well read the article.


(Touro’s) board members include politically connected developer Charles Kushner, and other prominent New Jersey developers and businessmen…….and plans to build a medical school in Livingston and enlisted former Sen. Robert Torricelli as its consultant on that project…….. Golan Cipel was helping Touro with its medical school plans, and now federal investigators have made Touro part of their probe into the sex-and-blackmail scandal that last week all but ended the political career of Gov. James E. McGreevey.

The FBI is reviewing allegations that Cipel’s attorneys asked McGreevey’s administration to help fast-track the Manhattan-based college’s application to open what would be the only private medical school in New Jersey.

Touro’s attorney yesterday said college officials “are confounded” by the allegations and disavowed any role in the scandal. “Those statements were never authorized and we were unaware of them until we read them in the newspapers,” said the college’s lawyer, Franklyn Snitow.

In addition to Cipel, the medical school plan has brought together Kushner and Torricelli, two other controversial figures in Democratic politics.

Kushner, who has been charged with obstructing a separate federal investigation, is a Touro board member. He also had arranged with Touro officials to largely bankroll the creation of the medical school in his hometown of Livingston and, in return, hoped to see the institution named after his mother, Rae, who recently died………………

Torricelli, who did not seek re-election after being admonished in an ethics scandal, is representing Touro in its push for a medical school. Snitow said Torricelli was enlisted as “we prepare ourselves to go through the process.”

Torricelli aide Sean Jackson said Torricelli is “providing general advice, fund-raising strategy and advice about opening a medical school.”


10 Responses to Is Lou bringing North Jersey corruption to Cumberland County?

  1. tryagain says:

    Just another loooong stretch to attempt to embarass Magazzu !!! Obviously the Blind Woman will stop at NOTHING in her attempts to discredit Magazzu! You really should consider some serious counseling Blnd Girl(gave you a deserved demotion). You seem to have some very serious “hate” issues. Bad thing for the human spirit to have. Feeling sorry for you and your family!

  2. tryagain says:

    By the way saw some of the billboards endorsing the Magazzu team. Not bad supporters with quotes from Senator Van Drew and Former Assemblyman Ed Salmon. Thought Salmon was afriend of Lookabaugh Swift and Christy? Maybe he knows something about the REAL reasons they are running and the type of people they TRULY are!! Of course anyone with half a brain knows their REAL reasons for running. Just plain personal hatred and some jealousy that Magazzu gets things done!! Of course Peterson just angry he wasn’t rewarded with an undeserved high paying taxpayer job! He should stay in Deerfield or Upper Deerfield, wherever this ungrateful back stabbing renegade is!!!

  3. vineland voter says:

    ed salmon?? maybe this hack of a political boss wants to ensure his son-in-law (kba architect) continues to get county work since thats the ONLY way he can get work. did lou help kba get the motor sports park job? the bridgeton high school stadium funded by the ccia? did he support kba when they tried to STEAL the levoy by billing hundreds of thousands of dollarss for no work? ed salmon is only a friend of someone who can make him more money.

  4. AMUSED says:

    Oh tryagain, still pouting because your little plot to buy Peterson off with a job (again, one that still does not exist)! Get over it! Peterson has too much brains and credibility to have fallen for that one. You really should have known better.

  5. AMUSED says:

    Het tryagain(Lou), gave you a chance to tell the voters why they should vote for you in Nov. a few pages back. You continue to brag that everyone is jealous because “Magazzu gets things done” but I haven’t heard what that is yet! Sure seems to me the only things you “get done” is lining your pockets and boosting your inflated ego.

  6. DEEP THROAT says:

    Salmon’s son in law needs some land that the county owns. Freeholders put the land up for sale. Just to make sure Salmon is O.K. they give his son in law a contract to design a chapel and he gets his money back. County offers land at an appraised price. Salmon son in law wants to buy it for less.
    Freeholders readvertise for sale and allow themselves to sell it for less than the appraised value.
    Land is only valuable to Fast Ed”s son in law in this real estate market.
    Salmon gives Lou $2,000 for his NACO run.
    Fast Ed Salmon usually only gives $500 to county dems.
    Wonder why Salmon is on billboard?

  7. rockie722 says:

    Is Lou bringing North Jersey Corruption to Cumberland County?

    I don’t know the answer to that question, however over a month ago, i read on this board that Millville Commissioner Quinn VOTED to give a local auto dealer $ 500,000 UEZ money and then the car dealer signed a contract with Quinn Broadcasting for advertising, is that legal? I guess so, not one commissioner has ever questioned this infraction of the law,if it is.

    When Mr. Quinn was Mayor in the City of Millville, how many of Quinn Broadcasting Clients had contracts with the City? Conflict of interest? Guess not.

    I mention this because Mr. Quinn is part of Magazzu’s circle of friends and it seems anything goes within the click.

    Does anyone of you experts know if the statements made by some folks in the community that during the last election, Lou and Doug Rainear pressured a local radio station to fire two of their show hosts for highlighting Art Marchand’s accomplishments and not Rainear’s.

    So, does the above message give a hint that some North Jersey Corruption is already in Cumberland County? or Is it called using their power on the small guy? or Is it intimidation of people in their way? or Is it an abuse of power in the office they hold? You tell me.

  8. Nononanet says:

    I think you’re beginning to catch on.
    I heard Magazzu has offered Quinn the same Public Works job he tried to get Peterson interested in. (But Magazzu couldn’t trick Peterson.) How many county jobs would that make for Quinn? Add to that his health benefits that the UA is paying for. Is this true? Why isn’t the City of Millville paying his health benefits? If they are, that’s called double-dipping.

  9. tryagain says:

    Now this is beyond ridiculous!!! What a dream world you must live in!! Peterson to smart to be tricked by Magazzu into taking a 6 figure taxayer funded County job (that Peterson wanted and has basically admittted he had interest) and Quinn isn’t? Ed Salmon needing Magazzu’s help? Magazzu and Rainear having people fired from the local radio show? What a bunch of crap!!!! Maybe, just maybe you should check out your stories. Difficult to find a shread of truth in these lies!! Yeah Peterson didn’t want a six figure job to boost his pension to probably somewhere around $50,000.00 a year I imagine. That’s almost funny even for Amused!

  10. AMUSED says:

    Like I said Mr. Magazzu…Peterson isn’t as stupid or corrupt as you would have liked. That’s been your problem with him from the beginning, I understand. This job you’re talking about, does it even exist? Seems to only exist when you want to use it to reel someone into your camp! Beware Mr. Quinn!! And I don’t think it would be too difficult to prove nononanet to be pretty accurate with their comments. I also don’t find any of this funny. Your pathetic behaviour is an embarrasment to the Democratic party. SHAME!

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