The “Brooklyn Connection”

Tony Danza, the developer that bought Newcomb Hospital building on State St. Vineland is doing business with Touro College.

The connection to Danza and Touro Colleg is contributor to Lou’s secret NACo fund, Mordechai  and Alice Neustadt.

Lou is supporting the idea of expanding the Cumberland County Vocational School to the Newcomb building.The overall concept is a good concept. A teaching school for doctors can only be a good use for the building, and good for Vineland, which is good for Cumberland County.

Our problem is with the political machinations behind the scenes. Secret back room deals and contributions to non-political secretive bank accounts give us pause. This is not the way the taxpayers want business done in Cumberland County.

We ask: Did Mordecahi Neustadt give a donation to Lou’s secret NACo account so that Lou could expedite Tony Danza bringing Touro College to the newcomb building? Would that have a negative impact on CC College? Hmmm I wonder….


5 Responses to The “Brooklyn Connection”

  1. SalarySam says:

    People often think they need to grease the wheels of government regardless of the merits or not of the project. I’m glad to see you cede the point that the project may be good. That of course begs the question of why did Brooklyn based Mordecahi Neustadt give Lord Lou money for his NACo run. How did he ever even hear that Lord Lou was “accepting donations?”

  2. Sam, read the new article we posted concerning Touro, and the McGreevey/Cipel/Kushner/Torrecelli affair about building a medical school – the concept is the same, and some of the players are the same, but now they have targeted south Jersey.

    And the Brooklyn connection makes us wonder – is there ANY relation to the same cast of characters recently arrested for trafficking in human organs?

    We are digging more than ever right now!

  3. tryagain says:

    Digging yourself a hole to climb in you pathetic hateful human being! Project is a GOOD thing for Cumberland County BUT your hatred may kill an important project especially for young people!! You are truly pathetic Blind Girl!!

  4. tryagain says:

    Or should I say Blind Jane C.?

  5. WaterLou says:


    Do you mean a project like the full time VoTec that you damn near single-handedly scuttled yourself????? The parents of the kids YOU screwed with will get their say on election day, and you can bet they will not be voting for you.

    Why don’t you crawl back under the rock you slithered out from under?

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