Another one of Lou’s supporters

Here is some dirt on another one of Lou’s supporters, T&M Associates  (Engineering Firm) that donated $5,000 on 02/26/2009. A July 28 article in had this to report:

Mercer County Freeholder John “Hop” Cimino has a new job: he’s been hired to do “sales and marketing for both the public and private sector” for T&M Associates, engineering firm that has done work for Mercer County and other public entities.  That means Cimino will be able to use his contacts as a county official to drum up public engineering contracts for the firm – not a bad gig.

In 2005, T&M acquired another politically active engineering firm, JCA Associates.  A year earlier, the president of JCA and two senior executives pleaded guilty to filing fraudulent tax returns that concealed illegal campaign contributions.

“John’s joining us is a reflection of his enormous expertise and of our commitment to hiring the best and the brightest,” said T&M CEO Kevin F. Toolan.  One Mercer County Democrat found that funny, suggesting that if they want the best and brightest, they would have hired another Freeholder, Daniel Benson.

5 Responses to Another one of Lou’s supporters

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Isn’t T&M Associates the firm doing the work for the Landis Theater? Seems to me I’ve read that somewhere.

    I still want to know why any private would donate to lou’s campaign for a private organization.

  2. Calhoun says:

    T&M also contributed to the 2009 Millville City Commission campaigns of Joe Derella, Dale Finch and Jim Quinn.

  3. vineland voter says:

    land dimensions did the four corners including the theater.

  4. DEEP THROAT says:

    JCA was the firm Lou was railing against a few years back. He claimed they were unethical. Seems the louder he screams against a company, the more he can hit them up for “donations”.
    He has a talent of publicly attacking those he wants to work over for cash.EXTORTION.

  5. DEEP THROAT says:

    Then there is the MART saga. Remember the attacks by Lou on this company in the Vineland Industrial Park?
    The person in charge of MART at the time was Brian Horne. Now he runs a company in Mullica Hill that gives LOU $10,000.00 for his NACO run.
    See the pattern?

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