NACo-Gate heats up – unanswered questions

This from today:

In light of the NACo-Gate controversy Cumberland County Republican freeholder candidates Rick Tonetta, Tom Sheppard and Sam Fiocchi said Lou Magazzu has some important questions to answer.

“On August 20th Lou Magazzu tried to disrupt the release of our ethics reform package with a failed attempt at dragging the names of two prominent attorneys through the mud,” GOP freeholder candidate Rick Tonetta said. “With Magazzu’s recent release of the names of contributors to his failed attempt at elective office in NACo it appears he may have his own problems.”

“It took pressure from the Cumberland County Republican Party to get Lou Magazzu to keep his promise with regard to releasing the names of those who contributed to his NACo campaign,” GOP freeholder candidate Tom Sheppard said. “That fact alone should raise questions regarding Magazzu’s ethics, but add to that the fact that many of the names he released are of businesses and individuals doing business with or trying to do business with the county it appears Magazzu may have a real ethics problem.”

“According to ELEC records reports submitted by District Council 711 and New Jersey UAW PAC contributions to Magazzu’s failed campaign went to Magazzu for NACo,” Republican freeholder candidate Sam Fiocchi added.

Fiocchi asked, “What is Magazzu for NACo? Is it a political action committee? Is it a non-profit organization? Is it a corporation, an LLC or a sole proprietorship? Did Magazzu get an Employer Identification Number for this account or did he use his own social security number?”

“Because nobody can go to the bank and open an account without providing an EIN or a social security number, not even Lou Magazzu, he needs to answer these questions or someone of a higher authority will make him answer, the choice is clearly Lou’s,” Fiocchi said.


4 Responses to NACo-Gate heats up – unanswered questions

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    And the hits just keep coming.

    So where are the investigators? Anyone? Buhler?

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    Very good questions. How about some answers Lou?

  3. rockie722 says:

    My question is… in the world is it legal for the LANDIS THEATER COMMITTEE, in Vineland, to donate money to a political campaign? They are non -profit aren’t they? Experts,Explain to me. I am disappointed in the committee for getting political, instead of working for the City of Vineland Developement.

  4. They have skirted the law by donating to a private entity that is not political, despite the fact that he is an elected official as well as head of the local party, not to mention the fact that he is driving public money to the project in Vineland.

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