How Big is Lou’s War Chest?

One of Lou’s close associates, who has been rewarded well for his loyalty to Lou, told me that the only thing that really matters in a campaign is money.  Now, I hate to be cynical, but I’m wondering if he was not correct.

What can money buy?  Billboards, flyers, people to write letters, people to canvas on the telephone and in person, probably much more.  I think of this in the context of this comment from an earlier posting:

Lou has retained a Washington DC political group called Kennedy Associates. They are strictly Democrat spin masters – and they are adept at creating mud-slinging campaigns.

Money buys consultants to conduct market research, fashion a message, define a public persona (one that may have no basis in reality), and to portray the opposition as Satan’s surrogates.  Lou may have retained a Democratic firm; the Republican firms or no better and, in the opinion of this Democrat, maybe worse.

But where does the ability to buy these image-makers and masters of public manipulation leave us voters?  Are we so susceptible to fabrication and spin that all it takes to be elected is enough money to buy the services of an expert PR firm?  What should we expect out of Lou’s spin-machine?  Interesting how letters are appearing conferring various degrees of sainthood on old Lou.  Are they genuine or signs of his paid PR experts warming up?  If this high-powered firm has a game plan for him, what are we in store for?  In the last election, Lou’s people rode in on Obama’s coattails with the help of some very ugly politics of personal destruction fomented by Lou.  Somehow, I don’t believe this campaign is going to be any better.  Hold on, we’re in for quite a ride.


10 Responses to How Big is Lou’s War Chest?

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Funny, I heard the same thing about the size of the war chest from Perry Barse’s campaign in Vineland. I guess that’s why Barse is still mayor.

    Hey… wait a minute…

  2. I understand that Lou and company have been meeting at Kavanaugh’s offices in letter writing parties. They fabricate the adulation that others seem to be heaping upon them. The fact is, according to some insiders, they could not get anyone to write letters on their behalf, and so are doing it themselves.

  3. dddddd says:

    I find it hard to believe that with all the “friends” Lou has accumulated, that he can’t find anyone to write letters for him. Although, the thing about the letter writing parties is spot on.

    The Republicans and the Democrats both are bottom-feeding mudslingers. I hate election time.

  4. I’ve always said that HONESTY is the best policy.Just think they would not have to spend all this money on PR firms to put a spin on things.Once you tell a lie and try to cover it up it just snowballs.That means your credabilty went down the toilet and anyone with any smarts would stop and smell the roses.Why?If you were a honest person would you want this type of behavior to rub off on you or back someone that would drag you down.Besides would you want your childern or grandchildren to be in involved with this type of behavior.I don’t think so.

  5. tryagain says:

    Guess if you feel that way Dragotta then perhaps you should turn in your Republican membership card? Let’s just start with weapons of mass destruction and then we can move on to the fabrications of your GOP in this year’s races. Should be real proud at the SC congressman’s outburstthe other night during the President’s speech or even Swift’s recent letter to the newspaper?

  6. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    louseragain, I’ve seen you try and redirect every thread, but this last attempt is just ridiculous. The topic is the Democratic Party (louser) spending crazy amounts of money on a Washington PR firm. Even these high priced guys won’t be able to spin the mess you’ve made into anything positive.

    Writing letters and pretending they are from real people? For shame. But let me guess, George Bush made you do it.

  7. Matt Dunn says:

    The Republicans spent a lot of money a few years ago to hire a big name PR guy to oversee Jim Rocco’s reelection campaign. What the Democrats are doing is nothing new.

    Matt Dunn

  8. WaterLou says:

    No Matt it is nothing new, the question is WHO is paying for the PR guru. Ed Salmon? Steve Sweeney? George Norcross?

  9. gorgon says:

    Fran Reilly told the News that he directed/encouraged his clients to donate to Lous NACO non partisan election bid. Did Fran put his hand in his own pocket or are his letters to the Editor his contribution? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. Curious says:

    Just his loyalty oath as Fran waits to get Steve Wymbs job. Real traitor to his party is Magazzu giving a top post to his republican sleaze buddy.
    The independents are not loyal according to Lou.
    What is the freeholder director & county chair when is giving the keys to the kingdom to his republican friends?
    Yes. it is good being republican in cumberland county.

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