Lou still refuses to come clean on NACo accounting

This was in our inbox this morning:

Freeholder Magazzu’s disclosure of a partial accounting of contributions and expenses for his NACo related activities have some gaps.  Freeholder candidate Sam Fiocchi has said, “Freeholder Magazzu’s recent disclosure of contributions and expenses of his NACo slush fund oddly omitted five dates.  While dates were given for every other “contribution” and expense, no dates were given for five items.”

The items being referred to by candidate Fiocchi are:

Election Fund of Joseph Cryan                           $500.

Election Fund of Glenn Veterano                        $250.

Jon Corzine (Governor)                                      $5,000

Atlantic County Democratic Organization             $500

No date was given for the repayment of the $10,000 “loan” to Magazzu (or Magazzu for NACo) from the Cumberland County Democratic Committee.

“While the dates of the contributions should certainly be provided if only for completeness,” said candidate Tom Sheppard, “withholding of the date of the repayment of the “loan” is only generating unnecessary questions, suspicions and speculation.”  “There are enough questions concerning the appropriateness of the authorization, documentation and issuance of the loan but we don’t know why there should be a question as to when it was repaid,” Sheppard concluded.

Mr. Magazzu provided dates for all of the other items,” Freeholder candidate Rick Tonetta said, “I’m sure he’ll provide dates for these items as well.”


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