Lou wants NACo-Gate to go away – it refuses

The Daily Journal ran two articles today regarding NACo-Gate, probably embarrassed that their boy is being called to account for shady dealings in his campaign for NACo.

The first article outlined the Republicans insistence that Lou provide complete details for certain contributions where he omitted dates.

Cumberland County Republican freeholder candidates called today for Democratic Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu to fill in “some gaps” in an accounting for a non-political fundraising committee he has.

The National Association of Counties fund paid for expenses related to Magazzu’s campaign to become the association’s second vice president.

Magazzu has been criticized for having to reimburse a convention registration for one county employee, although county records indicate was done before it became an issue in the campaign.

The director, since releasing the financial data, has been criticized for taking money from individuals and companies.

“Freeholder Magazzu’s recent disclosure of contributions and expenses of his NACo slush fund oddly omitted five dates,” GOP freeholder candidate Sam Fiocchi said. “While dates were given for every other `contribution’ and expense, no dates were given for five items.”

The next article was a follow up where Lou responded.

Magazzu listed the donation dates as May 18 for the Atlantic County Democratic Organization, July 20 for Cryan, July 24 for Vetrano, Aug. 24 for Corzine and Aug. 28 for the Cumberland County Democratic Organization repayment.

Lou lost the NACo bid on July 28, as reported first on MagazzuWatch. A few prominent Democrats gave us hell for reporting that news, claiming that there was no way it could be true! However, our sources are rarely incorrect. They would know, they were there!

A few questions arise. Why would Governor Corzine contribute $5,000 to Lou for a campaign when he already lost? The good hearted Jon Corzine wrote a check for $5,000 a month AFTER Lou lost his NACo bid. No wonder Lou had to wait a month to report his expenses. He had to wait for money to repay his questionable secret loan to himself from the Cumberland Democratic Organization before he reported that he took the possibly illegal loan. If that loan from himself as chair of the organization was not illegal, it was certainly unethical.

Isn’t it time that Cumberland County begins to clean up its act by cleaning up the Freeholder board?


One Response to Lou wants NACo-Gate to go away – it refuses

  1. Well Lou? says:

    How come Lou and his minions have kept silent on this post? They seem to freely engage elsewhere. I guess this is too hot to touch.

    Also, look up the history of George Norcross, JCA Associates and a botched investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General and you’ll see how money buys power in this state.

    A whistle blower has voices on tape but the power brokers silence them.

    The real power of the people is with informing ourselves and pushing back from the bottom up. Don’t look to Anne Milgram for help, she’s in Corzine’s pocket. Go higher! Follow the money!

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