“The dog ate my homework…”

Why does Louis Magazzu refuse to come straight with the public? Lie after lie, excuse after excuse. His latest excuse is to blame his son for the failure to inlcude important dates on his NACo disclosure.

Magazzu, who was out-of-state last week and had his son compile and release the information to the media, responded by releasing the missing data.

The contributions include:

* May 18, 2009, a $500 donation from the Atlantic County Democratic Organization

* July 20, 2009, a $500 donation from the election fund of Joseph Cryan.

* July 24, 2009, a $250 donation from the election fund of Glenn Veterano.

* August 24, 2009, a $5,000 donation from the Gov. Jon Corzine

I thought they were there. They must have been cut off when (my son) cut and pasted the information,” Magazzu said Thursday.

Out of state? How is Lou taking care of county business when he is rarely IN the state? Someone suggested that he might have been selling electricity in the mid-west. I think they were serious!


2 Responses to “The dog ate my homework…”

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    I’m surprised lou didn’t blame Steve Wymbs.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    I’ve been watching this just because it’s funny seeing Magazzu on the ropes but to blame his own son is just pathetic. I know crazy things happen in politics, but blaming his own son crosses more than one line. I’ve lost all respect for Mr. Magazzu after this one.

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