Lou – we have banks that provide personal loans

This was in PolitickerNJ.com today:

The latest Republican release questions Magazzu’s loan of $10,000 from the Cumberland County Democratic Party, which he runs.  Magazzu today released the date on which he paid it back: August 28th.  Republicans let loose a host of questions, including what the term of the loans were and whether there was any interest paid.  GOP freeholder Sam Fiocchi questioned why it was made two days after the party filed its ELEC report.

“I talked to the campaign manager, the Millville chair, Brendan Kavanagh, and let him know I was doing it. I said listen Brendan, it will be paid back in a month, and he said ok,” said Magazzu, who added that the donation will show up on the October ELEC report, when more people are paying attention.

The bothersome thing is that Lou does not see anything ethically wrong with him giving himself a loan for personal use from the county Democrat coffers. That money was donated by citizens for the purpose of electing Democrats to public office, not for zero-interest personal loans.

Cumberland County has dozens of banks where Lou Magazzu could go for a personal loan. This issue is scary, as it shows insight into Lou’s thought processes. Lou thinks that anything that personally benefits himself is okay, ethics apparently play no part in his decisions.

Further on in the article Lou lies to the press:

Magazzu, for his part, said that the Cumberland County Democrats are energized, and pointed to a well-attended $350 per head fundraiser they held last night in Centerton as evidence.

Magazzu estimated that the party cleared over $100,000 from the event, which was attended by most party insiders.

An insider says that Lou’s estimate is about 75% off. Most of the people that attended were comped, and after the freebies are accounted for, maybe 40-50 people paid. Half the seats were empty. Seven out of eight former Democrat Freeholders that served with Lou didn’t show – a definite indication that Lou has succeeded only in splintering his party.

Lou doesn’t discuss the hangers-on, people that contributed to his secret personal slush fund and who have benefited from his largess in county assistance in public projects. Turncoat Republican Mayor Bob Romano and his wife were among the attendees, and we have to wonder what back-room deals have been discussed and what Lou promised him instead of the thirty pieces of silver.


15 Responses to Lou – we have banks that provide personal loans

  1. old time dem says:

    Lou is back to to his fuzzy math.
    I remember when my party would fill the room with Dems willingly paying to come to our annual dinner.
    Now that Lou is the leader, each year there are less former freeholders and other past elected officals. Lou has been driving them out for years.
    Now that he is sinking, he is sucking up to them.It will not work this time.

  2. tryagain says:

    Poor Blind Woman, so much hate, so much partisan! Really give counseling some consideration, it may just make you and yours so much happier. The venom and hatred just seems to flow so easily for you. Preoccupied with having EVERY Republican press release sent to NJPoliticker and then posted on this highly partisan site. Oh I know you have a few Democrats that post BUT let’s be honest. This site is nothing more than a Republican election tool and propoganda at this point. Should be called the REPUBLICAN Magazzu Bash. Getting really boring with the same old same old. Can hardly wait until November whenMagazuu wins AGAIN and you can get back to whatever it is you hate other than Magazzu and friends. Really I do feel sorry for you and your family

  3. tryagain says:

    Who (other thean you and your handful of haters and renegades) really care that Magazzu borrowed and REPAID $10,000 from the Democrat coffers where he serves as County Chair. Not too many people if any! Moveon.org?

  4. We do care that you, I mean Lou borrowed money from an account that he oversees. that money is NOT for personal loans, and his actions are unethical. The fact that he tried to cover it up is just more proof.

    Of course Republicans are having a heyday with it. But many Democrats are shocked at this misuse of money that was donated to put Democrats into public office, NOT to get Lou a private job!

  5. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    As a life long democrat and occasional poster here, just let me say that I will never donate to the CCDC as long as louser is in control. I donate to see that true democrats are elected to promote the Democratic platform, not to creat a personal slush fund for Little Lord louser. You can be sure that I will tell anyone fundraising the reason I am not donating. And I know I am not alone.

  6. What about Bill? says:

    I’m suprised he didn’t squeeze Whelan for a loan. I guess the banking regualtions about personal loans were too restrictive for him to borrow.

    In addition, I’m shocked that a man with such community stature (Bill) aligns himself with maggazzu. Emphasis on little m…..

  7. ignatz says:

    quote…”I talked to the campaign manager…” What does that mean??? I thought there was a committee and a process to approve expenditures out of that account? Who signed the check??? How many signatures are required or is it one real and another stamped? Or did he just withdraw $10,000 in cash…WOW!!!

  8. Deparego says:

    I most certainly DO care that a $10,000. loan was used from the County Democratic Party to finance a Lou run for a national organization. Can I borrow $10,000. interest free contributed from other politicians and self serving interest groups to finance an Alaskan cruise. I will pay if back if it is noticed…I promise.

  9. rockie722 says:

    Come on fellow board writers, Mayor Romano is the Mayor of Vineland ,for all the people,so why not attend an affair with alot of influencial people present. Was ex-Mayor Barse there? My only question would be,”who paid for his tickets?” Taxpayers,himself,or the Democratic Party? $ 700 (for two) is alot of money, our money ,if it came out of his mayor’s activity fund. I do not want my tax money going toward political events.

  10. gorgon says:

    Romano may be the Mayor of Vineland but this was a DEMOCRAT fundraiser, not a public barbecue. It’s a sure bet Romano was a guest. I don’t think he pays for anything what with being Mayor and all and having so much influence. Hey wait a minute, why was Romano there again?

  11. Curious says:

    You can be sure that Lou has hooked up with Romano to line his pockets. He and Fran Reilly sure dumped Barse their best friend in the world the second he fell from power.
    No more money to pick from the taxpayers and businesses with Barse gone.
    No time to waste, get on the Romano train their best friend in the world.
    Look out Vineland. They have a new game to fleece you.

  12. tryagain says:

    Whine, whine, whine. Yeah I/m sure that the Rev. actually ever contributed money to the Dems! If she did guess he can keep his dollar now to buy a small cup of coffee. Much whining about nothing rom the haters. You really should get out of your little circle and only then will you see that the average voter could care less about a repaid loan. Try and get some sort of life whiners!!

  13. Tryagain people in Cumberland County don’t care about repaid loans.If they did The Rev. would have not been elected to The Cumberland County Board Of Freeholders last year.I think the new moto for Cumberland County should be (Loans Gone Wild).

  14. Unfortunately, the people of Cumberland County don’t even care about taxpayer funded loans that were NOT repaid. They are more than willing to elect a freeholder whose irresponsibility cause his non-profit to fail to meet its obligation to the taxpayers. And yet Lou has no problem continually dumping even more tax dollars into these non-profits that have absolutely no check and balance, nor oversight, and no accountability.

    What is even more disturbing is that the voters don’t care about the severe ethical lapse in judgment for a party leader to write himself a check for personal purposes. Didn’t we just toss into jail a member of a local sailing club for similar actions? Didn’t we recently arrest a youth leader for stealing money from his football league?

    But Lou call’s the same thing a “loan” and pays back ONLY AFTER he has been caught red-handed with his hands in the cookie jar!

  15. tryagain says:

    Hey Blind Woman at least thanks for interpreting Dragotta’s crazed rant that made ABSOLUTELY no sense. Glad at least you could understand what he was attempting to say and clarify it for everyone. His rants are as crazy as that Sorrow( Sauro) character. You know the ” I find it fascinating” clown!

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