Comments on Dem Fundraiser

This is some great commentary in the Ben Column this morning:

“Comments from Wednesday night’s county Democrats fundraiser:

“You can feel it in the air. We have a 50-year history of serving the people of Cumberland County, and we stand united tonight in continuing that record of public service.

– Nancy Sungenis

“What a record to boast about:

“1. Highest rate of unemployment in the state!

“2. Highest rate of teen pregnancy.

“3. Poorest county in the state.

“4. No federal stimulus money this year. None! Zip!

“5. Lowest performing schools in the state.

“6. County taxes doubled in the past 8 years. How much more are we going to take?

“When Democrats win in New Jersey, senior citizens win. When Democrats win, children win. When Democrats win, teachers win. When Democrats win, working families win.

– Celeste Riley

“1. She’s a teacher collecting 2x state pay checks, working on 2x pension, and has 2x health insurance.

“2. Riley is exempt from making most Assembly meeting because she is a teacher. If she attends one, we the taxpayers pay her salary for not teaching that day and pay for a substitute to do her job.

“3. Not one constructive idea to help Bridgeton in her two and half years on city council. She could not even get her own brother, who is on the freeholder board, to help Bridgeton in any way.

“4. I’m still looking for the strings to make her mouth move. Who is the puppet master?

“The Democratic Party works to make sure the present is good, but that the future is even better.

– Wade Sjogren

“This poor guy last year was a Republican; now he has seen the light. It must be green. Enough said.

“This is our Dynamic Duo.

“They’re always here for us to fight for Cumberland County and South Jersey.

“We really can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done to stand up for us when the rest of the state seems to forget that we’re here.

– Lou Magazzu,

on Sens. Steve Sweeney and Jeff Van Drew

“I guess a drowning man will grab anyone he can to stay afloat, but, what has this duo done for Cumberland County that wasn’t already preordained by the state of money to be divided up between every county.

“No federal stimulus money in the poorest county in the state. Great job, Lou and the boys!

“No accountability, no track record of accomplishments, unless you are for doubling taxes, lowering education, highest unemployment, poorest county in the state.

“Oh, you have four or five prisons; what accomplishment that is.

“Give us your hard-core criminals, and we will house them.

“Wake up Cumberland County. You can do better and it starts with throwing out these career criminals, sorry politicians.

“Oh, Jack, by the way, I might be nuts, but I can smell your bull a mile away and so can everyone else. Stick that in your pipe.

– Carrie Smith


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