R.D. Owens: “Why won’t anyone contribute to my PAC?”

Here is a gem that we found on R.D. Owens blog. He continues to question the ethics and veracity of Lou’s public statements concerning his secret slush fund, private loan to himself, and misuse of county resources for personal gain.

Last Saturday I started the Bob Owens NECC Fund.  NECC is the National Educational Computing Conference.  Next year it will be held in Denver and renamed ISTE 2010.  My fund has not been as successful as Magazzu’s as no one has contributed to it.

Wry, tongue firmly planted in cheek, Bob hits several pertinent points. We are posting some highlights, but trust me, you have to read the entire article. It is a hoot! In exploring the possible reasons why nobody contributed to the Bob Owens NECC Fund, he explains:

Perhaps it’s because I can’t do as much for others as Freeholder Magazzu can.  As The Man in Cumberland County, he could help out others with contracts, jobs, etc.  Although, doing so would be political.  Magazzu’s fund was supposedly for non-political considerations.

There’s the rub . . . there is absolutely no separating Magazzu the politician with Magazzu the citizen when it comes to accepting cash from others.  Even Magazzu can’t separate the two.  He claims because of NaCo, Cumberland County prospered by enrolling in prescription card discounts.  Magazzu touts that in political advertisements.  Magazzu touts his NaCo board member status on his taxpayer-paid freeholder page.  Magazzu used his taxpayer-paid photograph on his NaCo campaign page.  There is no distinction between Lou Magazzu the Cumberland County freeholder and Lou Magazzu the candidate for second president of NaCo.

Bob discusses the interest free “non-political” loan. He questions why. He bemoans the fact that multi-millionaire governor Corzine didn’t contribute to his own fund, while writing a generous check to Lou:

Multimillionaire Governor Corzine contributed to Lou’s pursuit of the NaCo position.  Passing money around is how the governor has gotten things done in this state.  To date, Corzine has not contributed to my NECC fund. :(

Bob’s blog is always fun reading. We don’t always agree with him, but his blog is worth bookmarking.


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