Open Letter to County Democrats

This is in today’s Bridgeton News:

To the Editor:

You may have seen the list of donors to Lou Magazzu’s campaign for NACo printed in the Web site and in the local newspapers. You probably noticed that it contains many people who do business with the county.

Were you surprised to learn that you loaned Lou Magazzu $10,000 from the party funds? Were you asked if you thought it was a good idea? Did you sign an authorization? Do you know who signed the check? Did you vote on it?

We hope you have better luck finding the answers than we did.

According to Lou, the loan was made on July 19, 2009, just days before he took his friends to Nashville in his failed NACo attempt. Did he ask you to go to Nashville? Or does he see you as just one of his campaign workers?

Have you ever asked to borrow $10,000 from the Democratic Party and been given the money?

In his expenses, he lists the loan repayment. Do you know if it was repaid?

THIS IS WHY WE LEFT THE PARTY! We were never informed of how Lou used the money or what deals he was making.

He has placed the other freeholders in a dangerous position. They have accepted gifts (trips to D.C. and Nashville) in return for their votes as freeholders. This is entirely unethical and states so in the Cumberland County Code of Ethics.

During the past few years, several of us have tried to get him to step down as county chairman, but without success.

Many of you have already contacted us with concerns and we have welcomed your suggestions and friendship. Please feel free to contact any of us personally or through our Web site: www.independent

Jennifer (Lookabaugh) Swift
Bridgeton Candidate for Freeholder


15 Responses to Open Letter to County Democrats

  1. Question Motives says:

    Take a look at the names in this story by a Gannett newspaper. The power hungry money gubbers want to leak into our counry for what? Control of the financial windfall known as the CCIA? It certainly isn’t because the poorest county in the State needs help. Oh and try/lou/knotu, please TRY to stay on point and not make futile attempts to misdirect.

    We don’t want this type of political machine in our county!

  2. RIchard says:

    hat’s a great article! We should all be concerned about outside interests controlling our elected officials. What we can do about the unelected who have sold us out?

    Check out this video. Be sure your sound is on. Be advised that it does contain some profanity.

  3. JC says:

    RIchard, welcome back! I’m glad your wife let you out of the time out corner.

    That video is outrageous! I wonder if Yosemite…err..I mean…Salary Sam will understand it?

  4. WUU59X says:


    Love it! Now here’s the challenge: Come up with a song in which Magazzu rhymes with Corruption. Wait. Never mind. I just looked up Corruption in the dictionary and Lou’s picture was there. You are just a little late.

  5. AMUSED says:

    Hey Richard…Clever but you’re on the wrong website. In case you didn’t realize, this is Magazzu Watch not CCIA Watch! If you want to chew your PERSONAL BS about the CCIA start your own watch.

  6. HENRYJ says:

    Rich, calm down. You may not admit ito yourself.
    You were fired for just cause.
    So get over it.

  7. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    So, Henryj, you are saying RIchard is just an employee Steve Wymbs fired and now just has an axe to grind? And here louser thought he had a supporter. lol.

  8. tryagain says:

    Seems many people have an ax to gring at the CCIA!! Hmmm, wonder why? Heard some even live in Deerfield and still work there. Problem is it’s more than just an ax to grind!! It’s the operation of the CCIA by the Candyman!!

  9. Lou the Liar says:

    No comment on lou being a liar to three newspapers with the same information? No comment on lou being connected to norcross and his Camden County politics? Come on try/lou/knot…. live on the edge and comment on that. I DARE you…

  10. RIchard says:

    Higgs says:

    “And here louser thought he had a supporter. lol.”

    Higgs, old buddy, I called Lou’s office today to verify that he has a supporter. He told me that he does, and that he wears it on your face. lol.

  11. JC says:

    Richard, you’re killing me man! I had Diet Coke spurting out my nose after your last post.

    Ex CCIA, huh? I guess that explains your anger with Wymbs. Lord knows there are a bunch of you guys. Wymbs pretty much cleaned house when he took over. Quick way to make enemies, for sure.

    I enjoyed your video. My question is, who is Tommy Contravo?

  12. RIchard says:

    I’m glad I made you laugh, JC. That was my intention.

    Your question about Tommy Contravo is not a simple one to answer in the context of the video. It might take a bit of time to explain. Hopefully an explanation will also allow me a retort to Henry J, too…..Aw crap, here she comes. She has a pair of handcuffs and a whip, but she isn’t smiling. Looks as if I’m NOT getting lucky.

    I’ll post a response to your question later, if I can.

  13. SalarySam says:

    JC. Did you do this? It would be great to have that talent in cumberland.

    It’s just too bad there are actually no issuey type issues on the CCIA. Making fun of a gov’t body for making money and then distributing it in accordance with its rules might only be newsworthy in NJ.

  14. tryagain says:

    What rules for distribution? Are there any? Have you seen them? Who makes the decisions? What is the criteria? Anyone check for conflicts? Any contracts signed? So many questions about the operation of the CCIA. One could go on forever asking the Candyman Wymbs? What is his connection to Renegade candidate Jenny Swift? Where did he come from? Background? Hopefully Dunn may do a great story on his meteoric rise to King of Trash.

  15. vineland visitor says:

    What are YOUR qualifications Lou? Who trained you to be such a corrupt freeholder? Who is SUPPOSED to make the decisions for the board? What is YOUR connection to George Norcross? What are your conflicts? Be careful LOU – you are living in a glass house.

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