NACo-Gate Day 15 – who signed the check?

This just found in our email in-box:

NACo-Gate Day 15: Did Lou Magazzu Sign The $10,000 Check To His NACo Slush Fund?

Will Magazzu allow the Cumberland County Democrat’s treasurer to release loan documents and cancelled checks?

Millville – Lou Magazzu’s NACo-Gate controversy has reached its 15th day due to his refusal to be completely honest and open with answers to questions revolving around his NACo slush fund and junket to Tennessee. It appears the only time Magazzu tried to be honest throughout the NACo-Gate controversy was when he released missing dates and even then Magazzu blamed someone else for missing information.

“It’s time for Lou Magazzu to be completely honest and open with the voters of Cumberland County,” Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Robert “Bob” Greco said. “No more spinning, no more hiding behind relatives and campaign managers, just straight answers because that is what the residents of Cumberland County deserve from an elected official.”

“Lou Magazzu has yet to tell the voters of Cumberland County who authorized a $10,000 no interest loan from the Cumberland County Democratic Party to his NACo slush fund,” Greco continued. “Sure, he claims to have discussed it with a campaign manager, but one would think the organization’s treasurer is the person he should have talked to about a loan and his claim tells no one who approved the loan.”

“It’s time for Lou Magazzu to answer the important questions,” Greco stated.

Greco asked, “Why would Magazzu discuss a loan with a campaign manager rather than the Democrat’s treasurer? Did the Cumberland County Democrat’s treasurer sign the $10,000 check? Did Lou Magazzu sign the $10,000 check? Did the Cumberland County Democrat’s treasurer sign a loan agreement? Was a loan agreement written and who drew it up? Why is Lou Magazzu afraid to answer these questions?”

“Since Lou Magazzu refuses to be honest about the details of the $10,000 no interest loan to his NACo slush fund, it’s time for the Cumberland County Democrat’s treasurer to answer the questions pertaining to the loan,” Greco said. “The organization’s money is the treasurer’s responsibility, surly he will be able to provide answers and copies of the check and loan documents.”

Come on Lou, no more stalling. Maybe it is time that ELEC get involved. Maybe the state attorney general? Nah, that won;t work, Corzine appointed her and he is implicated himself with his questionable gift to you a month AFTER you had already lost (if you can call never being in the running in the first place a loss).


13 Responses to NACo-Gate Day 15 – who signed the check?

  1. Bill the Banker says:

    Whelan is a finance guy. Why would’t maggazzu go to him and ask about perosnal loans. I’m sure his advice would have been against loaning money without the proper procedures and paperwork being complete.

    After all, he is a Democrat. I’d like to think he would have spoken up about the potential improper lending practices if he had knowledge of any. If he had knowledge and then said nothing, it would be a shame. It would be a case of stand up people doing what’s politically expediant. And these are OUR neighbors???

    These Freeholders are supposed to be professional people. A Doctor, a Lawyer, a Banker, a Realtor. These are people in our community that we would go to for proper advice and we trust that what they tell us is in our best interest. Carry out your terms with OUR best interest in mind!

    And why do we have a Freeholder Director? He’s nobody’s boss. The Board is a group of elected people who are supposed to carry out OUR business and keep our interests in mind, not tell US what is good for us. If they want to have a voice, label the person a spokesperson.

    I say we as voters ABOLISH and PROHIBIT any postiton that puts any INDIVIDUAL Freeholder over another on the Board. As far as I’m concerned, they are equal!

  2. Curious says:

    Well said Bill. The freeholders are all equal.
    The director simply chairs the meeting and signs documents for the board.
    It is abuse of power to make it more than the law allows.
    The newspapers also continue to treat the position as if the freeholders were operateing as a strong mayor form of government.
    It is not. It is a committee form of government .

  3. tryagain says:

    Some obvious confusion but what would one expect on this forum. The loan from the County Democrats had ABSOLUTELT NOTHING to do withthe Freeholder Board. At least try and get the SIMPLE FACTS correctly!! Much ado about nothing!! The above topic was NOTHING more than a REpublican press release probably by Bobby Greco. You know “gutter time” Greco from Cape May?

  4. tryagain says:

    Naco- Shmaco, who cares? Not the general public that’s for sure!! They care about taxes and quality of life issues. Site starting to become rather boring. What a non campaign the Republicans are running!!

  5. biggassbass says:

    Mr. Tryagain. I think it all matters. We elected and voted for individual Freeholders not for a KING.What about the 10K. I am a Democrat and I care!

  6. NJELEC says:

    This was taken from the 2008 Northeast Regional Conference on Lobbying. Does lou fall into this category? After all, he said he had a PAC and took some “friends” to NACO and paid the freight AND recieved a $10,000 gift that turned into a loan. I’d say this bears watching….

    A lobbyist (the statutory term is “governmental affairs agent”) is defined as a
    person who receives over $100 for lobbying in a 3-month period, who “holds
    himself or herself out as” a lobbyist, or who incident to regular employment
    “engages in influencing legislation, regulations, or a governmental process such
    as contracting, permitting, penalizing, or rate setting.”

    4. Benefit passing includes: meals, entertainment, gifts, travel, and lodging.

  7. Sell me a bridge says:

    Voters do care. Democrat, Republican, Independent they all want elected officials to be held to a higher standard, and they should. NACo, if this stuff is true, is an issue. Political Junkets have brought down many a politician and no matter what way you look at it IF Magazzu’s NACo campaign paid for anyone’s trip this was a political junket which then makes the NACo campaign a major issue because you have freeholders accepting gifts and the gifts were given by Magazzu.

    So tryagain you can continue to say “Greco, Greco” every time you read stuff about Magazzu and NACo but the sad fact is Magazzu is doing a terrible job getting out in front of this.

    Tryagain you are obviously a Magazzu supporter (if you aren’t Magazzu himself). Mr. Magazzu would be better served by you if you would stop crying “Greco, Greco” and talk about a reason why any voter should vote for a guy who apparently lacks the ethics an elected official should have.

  8. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Other than miss direction, what does louseragain have to talk about?

    The huge increase in county spending?

    The highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the state?

    The highest poverty rate in the state?

    The highest unemployment rate in the state?

    The increase in gang related crime in the county?

    All the cronies that are now on the payroll?

    The mess at the Courthouse?

    See, if he doesn’t scream Greco-Noto-Wymbs, louser has nothing left he really wants to talk about.

    Say….what happened to all those debates louser wanted…haven’t heard anything in weeks.

  9. Sell me a bridge says:

    These Republicans just won’t give up, press release on “Lou Magazzu needs to allow his treasurer to answer the questions revolving around the $10,000 no interest loan to his NACo slush fund,” Greco said.

    What gives Magazzu? You going to let the treasurer speak?

  10. tryagain says:

    Just more politcal fluff and garbage from the NO plan Republican ticket and Greco’s gabrbage release. Taking a page from Chris Christie who also has no plan. Talk about deflection. If you think anyone really cares go out on the street and ask the first 100 people you meet what they think about Magazzu getting a 10k loan. Most if not all will look at you like you ‘re crazy and will have no clue. People care about FAR MORE IMPORTANT things intheir lives and in their elected leadres than this issue. Keep it up because it helps the D’s claim victory in Nov.

  11. vineland visitor says:

    NO PLAN??????????? HA – The PLAN is to get rid of corrupt elected officials LIKE YOU as a starting point. You can’t fix your screw ups until you clean out the garbage.

  12. Sell me a bridge says:

    Tryagain, as a voter I must admit you are correct, voters do care about things other than a loan of 10k. However voters also hold their elected officials to a higher standard, and they should. Since Magazzu is an elected official and he gave himself a 10k loan with no interest that loan now becomes an issue if for no other reason than it doesn’t look right.

    The appearance of impropriety is what hurts Magazzu here. If it didn’t hurt him you wouldn’t be rushing to his defense on every post on this blog. It is obvious that you care, and if you care there are many others who care.

    The Republicans are smart to keep beating the drum on this issue. It may not be a huge issue now but throughout American history many a political scandal has been broken because of what looked like a small side issue of the time.

  13. Byelou says:

    I was at the NACo conventions. I saw what went on, and Lou invited everyone up to his suite for what Lou is good at,drinks with a side order of bull****. When it came time to vote for him, NOBODY did. The general consensus of his peers, the elected officials from every county in the USA, was that Lou was not to be trusted. For the voters in his own county to trust him for anything, after his peers immediately saw through his BS, is bewildering. Get this guy out of there before he hurts your county in a big way.

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