Will Magazzu’s Treasurer Speak?

NACo-Gate Day 16: Will Magazzu’s Treasurer Speak?

Magazzu’s apparent gag order on the Cumberland County Democrat’s treasurer

Millville – Lou Magazzu’s NACo-Gate controversy continues to drag on and Magazzu continues to tell half-truths or have others, such as County Administrator Kenneth Mecouch, give answers for him. The only exception to this trend is the apparent gag he has placed on the Cumberland County Democrat’s treasurer.

“Here we are, day two of waiting for Magazzu’s treasurer to tell us who signed the $10,000 check for the no interest loan given to Magazzu’ NACo slush fund,” Cumberland County GOP Chairman Bob Greco said. “It’s really not too difficult to produce a copy of a cancelled check. I don’t understand what the hold up is unless Magazzu simply isn’t allowing his treasurer to talk.”

Greco asked, “Could you imagine the front page headlines if I gave myself a $10,000 no interest loan from the Cumberland County Republican Organization?”

“Even with Democrats from across the county asking the same question about the no interest loan to his NACo slush fund Lou Magazzu believes he has gotten away with it,” Greco added. “What Magazzu fails to realize is this thing is far from over and we will fight to get the answers to the questions because the voters of Cumberland County deserve honest answers from their elected officials.”

“Lou Magazzu needs to allow his treasurer to answer the questions revolving around the $10,000 no interest loan to his NACo slush fund,” Greco said.


9 Responses to Will Magazzu’s Treasurer Speak?

  1. tryagain says:

    Give it up Bobby G! The general public could care less about this issue!! It is nothing mor ethan politcal hype. Sounds like the Chris Christie driving record. No one really cares except politcal junkies. How we doing with the fund raising fight? Friends from Cape May in or out?

  2. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    I guess when you have no real job and a mansion in the swamp to pay for, you just takes what you can gets, right louser?

  3. tryagain says:

    Greco busy talking about a repaid loan. His candidates can’t speak for themselves so they let him write press release after press release talking about Magazzu. They (Republicans) have NO PLAN!! Guess he doesn’t get it that the general public cares about REAL issues!!

  4. vineland visitor says:


    that’s not what I am hearing on Landis Ave. EVERYBODY is asking what you are hiding.

  5. Louser Lou says:

    Guess who made Politicker NJ Winners & lousers list again…. Just put out this morning….

    Yep…. good ol’ lou. So people aren’t talking huh?

    Ha Ha Ha!

  6. vineland voter says:

    im talking everyday and people are listening, Lou is living in fantasy land if he thinks his dollars are going to win the election this year.

  7. Sell me a bridge says:

    Greco does have a point, if any other party chairman gave himself a loan from his party’s bank account this would be all over the front page. Makes you wonder what’s happening here, maybe some sort of legal investigation, or maybe it’s as simple as lazy reporters. Either way people are talking.

  8. Nobody cares about “a loan”. People DO care about corrupt politicians taking money that doesn’t belong to them, simply because they cannot qualify for a personal loan at a bank.

    I have sat on boards and been chair of non-porit organizations. In NOT ONE of those organizations was the chair allowed to write themselves a check, let alone write ANY check.

    In some the chair was not even allowed to be a signatory on the check.

    Did the treasurer write the check to Lou? I understand the treasurer is not even allowed to have the checkbook.

  9. Ranting Rocket says:

    Beyond just the democrat party funds, there appears to be no controls at the county level. Lou seems to go to the cashier and ask for money. I would think that before money gets dispensed to any freeholder, the entire board should approve it at a public meeting. Check with your local school board to see what controls have been placed on their expenditures and the penalties they would receive if they did not follow them.

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