Are Dems deserting Lou?

Have you noticed that Matt Milam and Nelson Albano have been absent from Lou’s campaign activities? If Louis is around, the Assembly candidates are nowhere to be found. What’s up with that?

Someone told us that Jeff Van Drew approached Lou and told him to keep his distance from the Assembly candidates. Are the higher-ups in the Democratic Party beginning to see Lou Magazzu as a liability?


4 Responses to Are Dems deserting Lou?

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Everyone sees louser as a liability. That’s why all the Democrats are running as independents.

  2. Ranting Rocket says:

    Even the rats would leave a stinking or should I say SINKING ship.

  3. gorgon says:

    “Are Dems deserting Lou?”


  4. cryagain says:

    the only ones deserting are the ones that aren’t being paid. how many dems are not receiving a dime? let’s start by naming 1…

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