Jane Christy: “vindictive and vicious style of government”

On Friday, Sept. 11, I was told that one of my county freeholder campaign opponents has threatened to “bury” me. When someone in the funeral business hears a threat like that, it can mean only one thing, and, believe me, it is not taken lightly.

Remembering 9/ll last Friday, and what happened when the terrorists attacked the United States, gave me a solemn, almost numbing feeling.

People are vulnerable in ways other than attacks to human life — economic downturns, natural disasters, accidents, illnesses, unemployment and cuts in benefits, and mortgage foreclosures are a few. Loses can threaten and affect us in many ways.

The threat to me was that someone said he wanted to bury me. What should I do after hearing something like that?

I’m not the only one who has been threatened by this same individual candidate. In fact, this is the second time he has threatened me. The first time was during a public freeholder meeting when I was told he would destroy our family business, the Christy Funeral Home.

Others,who have gone up against this freeholder candidate, or have gotten in his way, or who have written negative articles about him have become victims and been told he would cause them to either lose their homes, their jobs, and/or their businesses. There have been several.

It’s critical for the voters of Cumberland County to realize the awful vindictive and vicious management style of government that is taking place here.

It is frightening to think that an individual like this could have anything to do with Cumberland County government. This particular candidate is mean-spirited and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, which is complete control. His arrogance goes beyond measure.

Like all people of his kind, he can threaten to crush us, but he cannot destroy our value. Nothing that happens can diminish our worth. The funeral business has taught me that when family and friends say their last goodbyes, they know the value of the departed lives on. It has to do with love, which is God’s greatest gift. Our love for the deceased lives on and never dies. We merely have to look to Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and other noted, worthy people of history to know this is true.

I’m asking my friends to vote this most disruptive person out of office on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I’d like to be around to watch it happen.

Jane Y. Christy
Independent Leader
Candidate for Freeholder


16 Responses to Jane Christy: “vindictive and vicious style of government”

  1. biggassbass says:

    Way to go Jane. So well-said. We can not afford 4 more years of this!!
    I am praying that there will not be a split and then Lou sneeks in

  2. Jersey Bares Knuckles says:

    This is EXACTLY the type of politics that unaccountable Camden County Democrat Boss Norcross takes ownership of. We DON’T want this type of government through intimidation going on here.

    Again, we need to set the Freeholder Board straight and make ALL postitions equal. We don’t need a Director. We need free thinkers who call BS when they see it. I believe the first order of business for the new Board should take up such a proposal and PROHIBIT any future attempts to name ANY sort of leader. Appoint a spokesman so they have a voice but that’s it!

    I will again direct the attention to this style of politics by referencing this website:


    You can’t make a movie that would be this realistic!

  3. tryagain says:

    Surely this has got to be a JOKE!!! Or has Jane finally just totally lost it?? May be either BUT does anyone Really think using the old expression “burying you ” in this context as a threat? Even the most out of touch people realize that this is nothing more than a phrase used in competetive events( perhaps albeit a poor one)! Coaches of midget football teams , high school teams of all sorts, even casual card players have used the phrase “i’m going to bury you or let’s bury those guys(or gals) when referring to competition!! Have even heard it used in girls field hockey!! It means NOTHING in a threatening manner! Just a way of saying “let’s crush this team” ! Certainly doesn’t mean to literally crush someone. If Jane C. is so offended by this remark how should Magazzu feeel when Jane C. verbally attacks him at the Courthouse and says, “F— you Lou!!!” Does that mean she wants to do that to poor Magazzu? Certainly not something either of them would even contemplate would be my guess! Can’t believe she would perceive a poorly used phrase as a real threat. Get REAL Jane. Guess she candish it out but wants to cry “don’t pick on poor little old me” when getting a little razing back?

  4. Ranting Rocket says:

    Anyone who has taken the time to look at the freeholders meetings on TV has seen Magazzu’s tirades. He is vindictive, nasty and without a shred of common decency. The only people he is civil to are those who kiss his butt. I believe Jane way over Lou.

  5. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    I don’t remember Jane Christy ever lying to me. On the other hand, lou magazzu has been caught lying several times just on the NACo scandal alone. Why should anyone believe a proven liar?


  6. DEEP THROAT says:

    Lou always known for his lack of class.
    When asked how he was not long ago said “great ______ ______ is still dead. The blanks being one of his past political enemies who had passed away several months earlier.

  7. tryagain says:

    Still think Christy may be losing it for sure if she thinks this was a real physical threat. Reminds one of the story of her going to a Millville City Commission meeting years ago when we were in the middle of a severe drought and Corson Pond was drying up. She actually thought it would be a “good” idea if all the students at the high school brought a bucket of water from home and dumped it in Corsons Pond it would solve the problem!! Scary scary woman.

  8. tryagain says:

    PS: What do you think Magazzu should do the next time she tells him ” F— You!” Should he take it as an offer or an insult? Same type of rationale she uses with the “bury em” comment!

  9. gorgon says:

    Sounds like somebody is concerned about the threat being actionable.

  10. biggassbass says:

    I KNOW for a fact that when a person I know wrote a letter critizing Lou for his record for teen pregnancy. They were threatnend with a lawsuit and a week later, the county tax assessor made a unscheduled visit.This is ABUSE of power Lou and you KNOW it!!

  11. tryagain says:

    You’re drinking the Kool Aid my friend. Yeah sure saying “i’m going to bury you” in competetion is actionable!! You must be kidding!!! If that’s the case EVERY athletic coach in the world would be being sued or in jail! Gimme a break! What if Christy says “I’m gonna bury you” should someone sue her? Christy’s paranoia is scary and laughable.

  12. Newbie says:

    “tryagain” it appears that YOU are displaying a great deal of paranoia yourself. If you are not Lou Magazzu, you certainly are in love with him. I cannot imagine how that could be, as there is only enough room in Lou Magazzu’s heart for one person – Lou Magazzu himself. Of course, there is a bit of room up Lou Magazzu’s butt, if you ask Doug Rainear and Nelson Thompson to move over just a bit.

  13. tryagain says:

    Think Jane C is either A) Paranoid or B) Clueless or C) Delusional D) Out of touch or E) All of the above? Could be a poll for you Magazzu watch?

  14. WaterLou says:

    Lou is A) Asinine, B) Bonkers, C) Corrupt, D) Dictatorial, E) EGO, F) Frustrated) G) Greedy, H) Hypocritical, I) Insane and Insensitive, J) Jerk, K) Knothead, L) Loser, M) Maniac, N) Norcross-lover, O) Out of here, P) Perplexed, Q) Quantum leap backwards, R) Ridiculous, S) Slime ball T) Tyrannical, U) Unethical, W) Waste, X) eX Freeholder, Y) Yesterday’s news Z) ZERO

  15. gorgon says:

    You forgot Chubby.

  16. tryagain is says:

    Try/Knot is Miles Jackson…. the crappy repoerter who can’t hold a job and dresses like a bum! No wonder he can’t get interviews!

    And we now know he’s the Dem PR guy beacuse Matt says so. He is a left wing extremist and will say anythingto keep his job.

    Miles, they’ll throw you out just like every other paper did when they were done with you.

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