Votes For Lou

This one’s under Rumors. We hear that Lou is in the process of chartering buses to bring voters to the polls on election day. Or maybe one of the organizations receiving his largesse (e.g., Tri-County) is doing the chartering on his behalf.

If true, I find this depressing beyond words. The implication, of course, is that those boarding the bus have marching orders on whom to vote for. They are rewarded directly via gifts, free lunch, whatever, or perhaps less directly – a relative has a job with the sending organization.

I really don’t know if this is going on in the county. If it is, and the tactic is successful, Lou indeed may be sitting in the freeholder director’s chair once again next year. Judging from the response to this website and conversations we have, it seems as if many people are joining us in seriously questioning Lou’s fitness for office. But all may come to naught if those who really care about the county’s governance are outnumbered by those Lou is reportedly shipping to the polls.

In an earlier post, I noted that one of Lou’s well-rewarded friends told me that all that matters in an election is money. It sounds as if this could be another instance of how money buys votes. We have a short time left before election. I beseech those who share our concerns to spread the word, get your neighbors, relatives, and friends interested, and turn Lou out of office.


3 Responses to Votes For Lou

  1. WuLi says:

    Several years ago – it was a presidential election, I was working the polls as a volunteer in Millville. Lou Magazzu’s campaign bus pulls up after picking up a load of “voters” from the Delsea Gardens projects, and parkes onthe street directly in front of the polling place.

    Most of the people had never voted before. How do I know? Many of them said, to the effect, “I never voted before, and I was told to vote for so-and-so. How do I do it?”

  2. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    This is SOP for luser magazzu. Even with his busing and his cronies, I don’t think louser has anywhere near the votes to win.

  3. Ranting Rocket says:

    The bus thing is an OLD Don Rainear tactic. Lou uses any trick he can and this time it won’t work.

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