An insider emailed us this tidbit today:

Donald Olbrich was not appointed as head of the Cumberland County Health Department but the Supervisor of Roads. He has much experience as a former banker and trailer park owner. He was not given that title as per resolution because it was currently held in the county, but given the title of Dept. Head. What department? What head?

at a salary of $90,000 per year. Where are the meeting minutes?

The American way at its finest…

thank you


6 Responses to

  1. Ranting Rocket says:

    Just 4 Words:


  2. biggassbass says:

    Ask Matt Dunn or anyother reporter

  3. tryagain says:


  4. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Looks like he might be heading up the Cronyism Dept. Someone needs to keep track of all magazzu’s cronies on the payroll. After all, magazzu can’t keep track of all these cronies by himself.

    Why, he can’t even keep a job.

  5. Newbie says:

    Ranting Rocket is CORRECT – EVERYONE should read “The Soprano State” to see just how neatly Lou fits in with his cronies. Someday soon there will be a chapter dedicated to him.

  6. jeff rammel says:

    Hope that Don Olbrich’s experiance in the trailer park can provide the instruction and safety the road crews deserve. I doubt it. These men need to get home safely to there families. But Lou is a lawyer, more work for him and his cronies when things happen and the county pays the settlements…..

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