NACo-Gate continues to nag Lou

It is the issue that will not go away. Now we have the Democrat leaders in the county signing a letter that is a blatant lie, defending Lou despite the fact that it is easily proved that the accounting as they outlined could not have happened.

They claim that Lou asked a campaign manager for approval of a personal no-interest loan from the county party coffers a full one and a half months before the campaign manager was appointed.

Lou Magazzu is now  refusing to publish the canceled check to remove the suspicions that he signed his own check.

Most recently, the question being asked by Republican Organization Chairman Bob Greco is, “Who signed a check from the county Democratic organization, of which Magazzu is chairman, giving a $10,000 loan to Magazzu’s NACo campaign?”

Kavanaugh is lying to cover up, and downplaying the importance of our leadership in the county having ethics.

Brendan Kavanaugh, Millville Democratic Party chairman and campaign head for the Democratic county campaign, disagrees that “NACo-gate” is a serious campaign issue.

“It insults the public,” he said. “The public cares about the real issues of Cumberland County, whether it be crime or jobs or what have you. All the Republicans continue to do, both the Republicans and the independents, is show their disdain for Mr. Magazzu.”

We have to laugh at Kavanaugh pretending that the Democratic leadership really cares about the “important issues”. Under their leadership, Cumberland County has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state. Mississippi laughs at us. We have the highest poverty levels, highest unemployment, and all Lou can do is funnel public  jobs and public money to his cronies.

Lou refuses to oust Todd Edwards from his position at the CCUA, even though Todd collects a salary, but has consistently refused to show up to the board meetings.

It is this sort of waste and abuse that is rampant in the county under Lou’s leadership. And these are the real issues. The time to vote for accountability and ethics is now. And voting for Lou’s team is a sure-fire way to ensure that we have no ethics or honesty in government for a long time to come.


5 Responses to NACo-Gate continues to nag Lou

  1. Ranting Rocket says:

    If Kavanaugh thinks this issue insults the intelligence of the people of Cumberland County, I suppose that Watergate was also a non-issue. And Todd Edwards needs to be tossed out on his lazy butt for and never given another job in government. We have plenty of people who will do the job as expected, however, the only thing most folks would balk on is kissing Lou’s butt. There’s at least one or more Lou butt kissers on every board in the county.

  2. SalarySam says:

    Can a campaign manager approve using the County Organization’s money for the benefit of an individual? I doubt it. Doesn’t the county organization donate money to the various campaigns and only then does the campaign manager have the ability to spend money?

  3. DEEP THROAT says:

    Tou are so right Salary Sam. It is so obvious that the newspapers ignore it. Lou thinks since he is chairman that it is his personal money. If it had been the Boy Scouts, Little league, or any other organization he would have been arrested and charged with theft.

  4. Byelou says:

    Lou says that he did the county a big favor by bringing a NACo-sponsored prescription drug program to Cumberland county. I suppose the 3 seconds it took to pick up cards off of a table in the hallway at the convention center justified the cost of the trip, but Lou didn’t do a thing to help the citizens. Any idiot off the street could have done it off the NACO website.

  5. WUU59X says:

    I agree with Byelou. This is Lou at his MO – steal an idea, present it as an original by Lou, watch the turmoil it creates, back away from it, blame someone else for the calamity. Sorta sounds like Lou’s destruction of the full-time school at CCTEC, doesn’t it?

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