Second Strike Against Reform: The Press

Of course I know no one involved in a controversial issue is ever satisfied with the press.  Let me preface my observations by recognizing theirs is a difficult job.

However, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the inclination of the local press to treat Lou much more favorably than they do his opposition.

A few posts I ago I reported the rumor that Lou is lining up buses to bus in people who will vote for him, perhaps being rewarded for their votes.  The responding comments suggest that this is not off base.  In fact, I’ve heard the payoff may be as little as a carton of cigarettes.

If busing in paid-off voters is strike one against political reform, I’m thinking the lack of press support may be strike two.

I’m referring specifically to our local papers, the Daily Journal and the Cumberland News.  While the Daily Journal has some good reporters, it seems to want to stay above the political fray, so hasn’t been as vocal on the upcoming freeholder election as the News.  Sadly, the Daily Journal is becoming increasingly distinguished by its online forum, a cesspit polluted by some of the county’s premier wackos.  Anyone trying to hold a serious conversation on the forum is soon shouted down by the crazies.

That leaves the News as a potential venue for evenhanded exchange.  While the News tries, I believe, to appear neutral, that’s not what is coming through.  This rant is especially stimulated by today’s paper.  The Democrats are so desperate at this point that they are digging up ancient news and trying to pin Peterson with a bad decision.  (See commentary on today’s News article in an earlier post).  Their charges are splashed center front page, with a big photo of Peterson.  Underneath, you might see there is also an article on the Republican’s continued questioning about NACo-gate.  Even with much less visibility, the article has at least half of its content devoted to Lou’s rebuttal.

We were earlier bothered by how quickly the Republican’s news conference aimed at pointing out serious concerns with the county budget was so quickly abandoned by the press in favor of Lou’s hastily-called (and clearly competitive) news conference rehashing old news.  In an earlier post, Matt Dunn explains why he attended Lou’s conference, and we have no argument with his explanation.  But still…why have the Republican concerns about the budget not been better publicized? (I am not a Republican and will not vote for the Republican candidates).

So think, reader, where we would be without the Internet?  This blog gives us the freedom to raise issues the press ignores.  We understand the limitations of the press and can’t fault them for adjusting to realities such as paid advertisers and the need for access, which requires remaining on the good side of those in power.  And we acknowledge that the informed person will not accept everything on this site as gospel and will delve further into the issues on his or her own.  (We do, however, value truthfulness and distinguish between fact and rumor).  We also have the freedom afforded by anonymity, which it the case of Lou is important, given his record of vindictiveness.  He will go after you in any way he can.

If you share our concern that the only way of getting the truth out about Lou is through this blog, and that the lack of support on the part of the press may be strike two against reform, we urge you to forward our url to those you know will be voting in the upcoming election.


32 Responses to Second Strike Against Reform: The Press

  1. Get a winess says:

    “In fact, I’ve heard the payoff may be as little as a carton of cigarettes.”

    If someone knows of this kind of behavior and has proof I suggest you report it to the Board of Elections IMMEDIATELY! It is illegal! And lou is NO LEADER of anything other than his own ego!

    Dig for the dirt! Someone will talk especially if it’s a bribe related to voting! Get someone on tape making the statement about who told them to vote etc. This is too big to keep quiet.

    The media better watch this! Cumberland County may be poor but we’re no third world country!

  2. mango says:

    There are a thousand ways to explain the connection between filling up buses to help people exercise their right to vote (a good thing, on the surface), messages they hear weeks before about who the “good guys” are on the ballot, and a “thank you” at the end of the day. I doubt the deal is as crass as you assume. (“Go and vote for X, and you will get Y”.) The pressure is probably much more subtle. It is probably legal, if not ethical. If it is s direct bribe and therefore illegal, why do you think someone will talk? People are shot at on the streets of this county’s cities, and there’s never a witness, even when there’s a big reward.

  3. tryagain says:

    What a pure BUNCH of CRAP!!! Just another RUMOR circulated by the REpublican machine!! Both parties provide transportation to the polls!! That’s it, Nothing more , nothing less!!! They have both done it for years and even advertise a number to call for a ride to the polls. Talk about wackos on the Jounal blo, you clowns beat them hands down!!

  4. mango says:

    If this is true, I would like to know more about it. If I live in heavily Republican area, will the Dems send out a bus to take me to the polls? Or do they just target areas amenable to Democratic influence?

  5. Bus Rider says:

    Rides to the polls are one thing. Targeting neighborhoods and conducting round ups still another. Lou and his team have been doing this for years. They have 2 types of transportation to the polls. Yes, they publish a phone number if you need a ride to the polls and if you call it an have a few hours to wait, they will pick you up. The other “transportation” type is one in which they charter buses, hit neighborhoods in poor sections of the various towns, coax people out of their homes, hand them a list of candidates to vote for and take them to the polls where they are coerced into voting only one way – Magazzu and his cronies. Not at all the same as free rides to the polls.

  6. rockie722 says:

    Did you hear,in last year’s election, two voting districts reported to the sheriff’s department that young workers were paying $ 25 to each person who would vote straight Democrat when voting? When the sheriff’s officers showed up, the workers left the area unnoticed. I hear that this year, an independent group of people will man the polls in certain areas with cameras,tape recorders and decoy voters to catch the violators. I hope they catch them this time.

  7. Coming soon:; a safe place for all the Democrats who are afrais to speak out against Lou to send all the dirt they want. Together we can take Lou down!

  8. biggassbass says:

    We need folks to take the day off work and be at polling places. Maybe we can all meet at a “undisclosed location” with ward maps. Maybe the creators of this site can get this going. Its almost November and its soon gonna be time to get off the computer and hit the streets. Sign me up. I am taking the day off or 2 days off. This is way too important to sit on the sidelines

  9. tryagain says:

    Wow sounds like you guys live in some third world country where the elections are all riggeed. Sounds as if you want to keep eligible citizens from exercising hteir right to vote! Real Americans don’t try to intimidate people to keep them from voting but rather encourage them to vote regardless of race or income level. Cameras videoing people way out there!!! Magazzu and Co. have every right to encourage them to vote for them as much as the other side has the right to do so. We should be encouraging everyone to vote not trying your intimidation tactics. Of course more crazy rumors from rookie722 about some nonsense about paying people $25 per vote. He/she shows a REAL lack of understanding elections! That is completely idiotic talk!!

  10. SalarySam says:

    You don’t have to look to third world elections to find blatant vote fraud. Try Atlantic City. A couple of weeks ago another person was indicted for arranging for ballots to simply be thrown out if they were “wrong.”

  11. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    I understand there may be something in the works. Did anyone here see any of the ACORN stings? It doesn’t take much for an enterprising soul to “get on the bus”.

    After all, everyone knows where the buses start (campaign HQ), where they go for pick ups, and where they end up, at the polls.

  12. rockie722 says:

    Fryagain says that everyone should encourage citizens to vote regardless of their race or income level, which i agree, we should. However I never talked about race or income level in my comments, and as a female ,African-American, I resent being called an idiot for expressing my views and opinion on this board. If you read The Atlantic City Press after the last election,comments were made in that paper concerning the $ 25 pay to vote, by a reporter. Also, Quinn Broadcasting was getting calls on a Saturday Night music/talk show, talking about the money being given away for votes by callers to the show. Last election,I was working as an intern for a newspaper, home based out of this county, and I interviewed “TWO” people who were offered money. One was not registered to vote and the other had warrants for child support and did not want to go public. This was at 6 pm in the evening ,so imagine what went on all day Neither side should be paying people to vote. My opinion.

  13. tryagain says:

    Yeah sure rockie722 and you didn’t report any of it to the authorities or even in the papers. Hope you didn’t make journalism your career. Sounds like you would be better suited writing fiction!! Don’t write idiotic stuff and then you won’t have to worry about it. In the meantime if you can’t see what those complaining about taking people to the polls and who they are talking about you are living in a fantasy land!!! Ask some of the minority community about Republican intimidation and attempted voter suppresion. Happens more often than you think!!

  14. Sell me a bridge says:

    People should be encouraged to vote AND video cameras should be encouraged to ensure no one is pulling any kind of monkey business. If everyone is doing everything above board no one will care about the cameras.

  15. Calhoun says:

    Rockie772, you are smart. Keep telling it like it is.

  16. Lobster Claws says:

    Rockie sounds like a liar.

    The only paper based in Cumberland County that has interns is the Daily Journal.

    Interns at the Deej have never done election coverage. If you had gotten that gem, it would have been a bombshell. I have trouble believing you kept it to yourself or that the editors stifled it, regardless of their lust for Lou’s body.

  17. Curious says:

    Lobster Claws take a chill. rockie722 said a home based newspaper. She also said it was out of this county. Did not see where she claimed that her editor stifled her. Let us see what else she has to say.
    Never heard of $25.00 per vote in this county. We are poor. More like a pack of smokes.

  18. tryagain says:

    Gosh even Calhoun and Curious have doubts about the insane Rookie722 post. She has obviouslycompromised priciples or just lives in a fantasy world. Twenty five dollars a vote is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!! Abd then she didn’t report this to the authorities! What a bunch of Crap her post is. NO NO CREDIBILITY!!! Sure hope she didn’t become a REAL reporter. Writing childrens fairy tales may be her calling?

  19. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    I wonder how the CCDC writes off all those $25.00 payments. Outreach? Capital Investment? The Transportation Fund?

  20. Matt Dunn says:

    The funny thing in all of this is that I just received an email this morning from Miles Jackson, former DJ reporter and current Democratic PR guy, accusing us of bias. Seems like no one’s happy.

    My opinion? All this whining about bias from both the pro-Lou and anti-Lou camps is being done so that, on the chance either side loses in November, they’ll have someone to blame.

    Your designated scapegoat,

    Matt Dunn

  21. WaterLou says:

    Matt, take a deep breath and do your best. Lou is what Lou is and your editor is the one with the Lou – love, not you.

  22. Curious says:

    What’s a priciple?

  23. Deep Throat says:

    That is like asking Lou to know what a principle is.

  24. Miles Jackson Is says:

    Thanks Matt!

    We all now know who the Try Again and Knotyou names are. They are Miles Jackson the liberal left wing extremist reporter of the old Bridgeton Evening News and lives(d) in Sea Breeze. It’s all coming together now! No wonder why that place is even still on the map and not washed away! I thought he went away for good….

  25. biggassbass says:

    Who is Miles Jackson? Is he paid by Big Lou?

  26. Washed Up In Sea Breeze says:

    Miles is a washed up wanna be reporter. He was at the Bridgeton Evening News in the 80’s. A real loser and terrible reporter. Back when Eileen Bennet was the Editor and they has SOME credibility. The Shcofields owned the paper back then.

  27. millvillemagnus says:

    I heard the Miles Jackson name floated when knotu first came on this blog. It was proposed by one of Lou’s opponents who knows what’s going on. But there was more — maybe something about him being fired and then rehired by Lou — I’ll try to find out.

  28. Sell me a bridge says:

    “The funny thing in all of this is that I just received an email this morning from Miles Jackson, former DJ reporter and current Democratic PR guy, accusing us of bias. Seems like no one’s happy.”

    No one is ever going to be happy. Both sides want to see a hatchet piece on their opponents.

    Personally, I think Magazzu deserves a hatchet piece with all the information the Republicans have put out there, I just know it will never happen.

    This is not a reflexion on you Mr. Dunn. As a reporter it is your duty to put both sides of the story out there. I like to see everything though. The release the Republicans put out today does have a good question. Why is Magazzu hiding behind a lawyer?

  29. Lobster Claws says:

    Matt Dunn’s hair style needs to be updated. Only then will I consider anything he says.

    Leave the grunge movement behind, Matt!

  30. tryagain says:

    Dunn should do the real digging on the Candyman Wymbs and the contracts they have given out over the years for example the Cumberland County Marketing campaign that included tremendous expenditures for advertising campaigns. Perhaps to see any innner connections between the Independent slate(Traitors) and their personal hatred of Magazzu. Pulitzer material maybe?

  31. tryagain says:

    Het Matt at least you have hair!

  32. WUU59X says:

    Lou, get off the Wymbs thing. If you have something, fire him; if not shut the hell up. The issue is MAGAZZU or can’t you remember how to spell it? I bet you even endorsed the interest free loan from the democrat party “tryagain”

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