Who has the time machine?

There is an interesting letter in the Daily Journal signed by Lou’s top leadership, including the very honest Todd Edwards – do you remember him? Todd was caught riding around with a gangbanger in Bridgeton in possession of a CDS. This is the sort of leadership we need in the county.

Is Brendan Kavanaugh risking his law license by signing this blatant lie? The letter says in part:

During the final weeks leading up to the national convention held in Nashville, Lou approached Millville chairman and campaign manager Brendan Kavanagh and indicated the he was going to loan his NACo campaign account $10,000 from the Cumberland County Democratic Organization and would have it repaid in about a month after he received the balance of contributions to the NACo account. Brendan said it was fine. The money was lent and has been repaid in full as promised by Lou.

There is a big problem with this statement. It is a lie. Lou took the loan on July 17, 2009, according to his own accounting of the NACo expenses and receipts. However, according to the Atlantic City Press, Brendan was selected September 1, 2009 to manage the campaign.

So, unless Lou has access to a time machine, this entire letter is a blatant lie, easily rebutted by the facts. And to boot, the entire leadership in Cumberland County has signed on to it.


One Response to Who has the time machine?

  1. Ranting Rocket says:

    Another Lou Trademark Move –
    Sweeps it under the rug,
    Covers it up with lies
    Gets someone else to lie for him or tells the lies himself and
    Attributes those lies to someone else

    The man does not have a modicum of integrity.

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