Magazzu hiding behind attorney-client privilege?

NACo-Gate Day 20: Is Magazzu Hiding Behind Attorney-Client Privilege?

Magazzu’s responses to NACo-Gate continuously come from attorney Brendan Kavanagh

Millville – As Lou Magazzu’s NACo-Gate controversy continues to grow a new pattern has emerged, Lou Magazzu has fallen silent. First he tried to hide behind County Administrator Kenneth Mecouch after that didn’t work he dispatched Millville Democratic Chairman and attorney Brendan Kavanagh to do his bidding.

The Magazzu camp has tried to pass Kavanagh’s being front and center in the NACo-Gate controversy off as the campaign manager speaking. Unfortunately, for Magazzu’s camp that argument has fallen on deaf ears because Kavanagh is directly involved in a no interest $10,000 loan Magazzu gave himself from the Cumberland County Democratic Organization’s coffers a month and a half before Kavanagh was named campaign manager.

Cumberland County Republican Chairman Bob Greco said, “It’s interesting that when we started asking questions in August Lou Magazzu spoke for himself but has been hiding behind Brendan Kavanagh, an attorney, for the last two weeks.”

“Where I come from you don’t hide behind an attorney unless you’ve done something wrong,” Greco added. “What does Magazzu think he did wrong?”

Greco asked, “Is it the $10,000 no interest loan he gave himself? Is it the $5,000 contribution from Jon Corzine to Magazzu for NACo a month after he lost his NACo bid? Were there emails between Magazzu and Corzine regarding the $5,000 contribution? Did Magazzu shake down the county contractors that gave him contributions?”

“These are all fair questions,” Greco said. “Obviously Magazzu is hiding behind an attorney for a reason. Magazzu can voluntarily tell us why he’s hiding behind an attorney or the voters will force him to tell us but one way or another the truth will come out.”


3 Responses to Magazzu hiding behind attorney-client privilege?

  1. Sell me a bridge says:

    Hey Lou, that is an excellent question, why do you have a lawyer doing all your talking? And my follow up question is do your lips move when the Millville chairman talks?

  2. Curious says:

    Hey Kavanaugh smells the $800,000.00 in billings Wodlinger got to stick the taxpayers for last year.
    He will sure keep his lips moving for that payday.
    Should keep him in Mercedes S500S.

  3. KenNozzle says:

    Ken is just a pawn in the game. Hopefully Captain Lou will fall hard

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