Response to Lou’s Mudslinging

Here’s the full version of the Lou mudslinging referred to in the previous post.  Below are a letter from Lou’s minions and a response from the Independent Leaders:

Recently you may have received a letter from Jennifer Swift, Jane Christy, and Bruce Peterson who have abandoned the Democratic Party and are running as spoilers in this November election against the candidates supported by the organization and who won the primary.We wanted to advise you that Mrs. Swift is the former Jennifer Lookabaugh who has remarried and is Jim Swift’s stepmother. You may know that Jim Swift is the Millville Republican chairman who ran a vicious campaign against Democrats Doug Rainear, Bob Austino, Bill Whelan, Jane Jannarone and Jim Dunkins last year. Evidently Jim Swift’s step mother is now trying to do what he could not do this year and that is help the Republicans defeat Democrats for county office.We particularly wanted to respond to the half truths in the letter by Swift, Christy and Peterson regarding a loan made by the Cumberland County Democratic Organization to the recent campaign Lou Magazzu conducted to be Second Vice President of the National Association of Counties. Had Lou been successful he would have been a national voice for counties and would have been a source of pride for all of us in Cumberland County.During the final weeks leading up to the national convention held in Nashville, Lou approached Millville chairman and campaign manager Brendan Kavanagh and indicated the he was going to loan his NACo campaign account $10,000 from the Cumberland County Democratic Organization and would have it repaid in about a month after he received the balance of contributions to the NACo account. Brendan said it was fine. The money was lent and has been repaid in full as promised by Lou.Lou could have received an actual donation from the Cumberland County Democrats but he wanted the entire funds of the organization to be available for our county campaign.We are fully in support of Lou as our County Chairman, our Freeholder Director who leads the party and the county. We find it ironic that after a combined 27 years as Freeholders, this is the only time that Swift, Christy and Peterson have ever written to the Cumberland County Executive Committee.We have not forgotten the lack of respect they demonstrated to Democrats from Cumberland County when they served as Freeholders. We will also not forget that they are now traitors to the organization and its ideals. We hope you do not forget either.Respectfully, Nancy SungenisVice Chair Cumberland County Democratic OrganizationJose B. VelezNew Jersey State Democratic Committee memberMaribel RodriguezChairwoman Vineland Democratic OrganizationBrendan KavanaghChairman Millville Democratic OrganizationTodd EdwardsChairman Bridgeton Democratic Organization

Sounds like some pretty fast tap dancing to me.  Here’s the Independent Leaders response pointing out how Lou “owns” each of the signers of the above letter:

The signers of the letter to the DJ (“half truths”) who proudly proclaimed that it was fine for Lou Magazzu to write himself a $10,000 check (and, in fact, suggested he didn’t have to repay it ) from the Democratic coffers, have a very vested interest in being nice to Magazzu. Together, this group receives thousands of dollars from their loyalty to Lou. Nancy Sungenis earns her keep as supervisor of the board of elections and also as chair of the Cumberland County Utilities Authority. Each job has its salary and a costly benefits package! Brendan Kavanagh receives his “incentive to write letters” money from the various contracts Lou doles out to his law firm,which amount to thousands of dollars. Jose Velez was stopped from receiving two salaries from political appointments when Jane Christy called him on it. A judge ruled Christy was correct, and so Velez was left with only one well paying job, complete with benefits. Todd Edwards, in return for his support, was given an appointment by Magazzu to Sungenis’s Cumberland County Utilities Authority. However, even though receiving $3000 a year and $24,000 in benefits, he has only attended one meeting this year, and Sungenis and Magazzu remain silent on this issue. But then, it’s your money, not theirs. They have theirs. All of this purchased loyalty is paid for by the taxpayers. If elected, we will appoint the most qualified individual for the position without regard to party politics. We expect nothing in return, but a job done with the best interest of the citizens of Cumberland County foremost in their mind. Our ideas for the future of Cumberland County appear on our website: www. and will be the foundation of our campaign.


9 Responses to Response to Lou’s Mudslinging

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Time to clean house. Get rid of the lousers.


  2. biggassbass says:

    I agree. We must move from talk to action. We must get all voters out. We know that Lou will get the buses out, so we as Dems and Republicans must work together and get out the vote. If Lou gets in it will be tough to look in the mirror.

  3. cryagain says:

    Funny thing about this letter…is that some of the people named as ‘writing’ it actually had nothing to do with the response. From what I heard, some of them even objected and it was sent without their approval! How’s that for diplomacy?

  4. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    This looks more and more like one of those letters from the “Late night magazzu Letter Writing Parties” at Brendan Kavanaugh’s office.

  5. Newbie says:

    This is Lou Magazzu SOP – Write letters, sign the names of anyone he THINKS will impress the recipient and send the letters off. He and his other mouthpiece, Rainear have been doing this for years. I hope someone who he signed for this time will have the guts to publicly demand an apology and a retraction. But, alas, most likely that won’t happen out of fear – fear of his infamous temper tantrums.

  6. gorgon says:

    “During the final weeks leading up to the national convention held in Nashville, Lou approached Millville chairman and campaign manager Brendan Kavanagh and indicated the he was going to loan his NACo campaign account $10,000 from the Cumberland County Democratic Organization and would have it repaid in about a month after he received the balance of contributions to the NACo account. Brendan said it was fine.”

    Who wrote this letter? I can’t believe Brendan admits that he was told and didn’t object to it. He is a lawyer isn’t he? He wasn’t the City Chairman then and even if he was, is it proper for Brendan to be the one to decide if loans are made? I bet if Brendan “borrowed” 10k from his trust account the state would have his license, even if he returned it!
    Not good Brendan. Time to step back from the ledge.

  7. Deparego says:

    I find it very interesting that the Independent Democrats are called spoilers and traitiors to the organization in the open letter to the editor as described above. This is what the men (and women)who founded this country were called by the King Of England. The individuals who signed this letter to the editor should be embarrassed and ashamed. They owe either their employment, their paid appointments, some of their business dollars, and their self-perceived “status” in this county directly to Mr. Magazzu. There are 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence – they turned their backs on their “leaders” also. We all know that not one of the three independents would have been chosen by Mr. Magazzu to run on his slate. Please do not lecture me about the committee who chooses the candidates – pppffttt. I am sick and tired of the mud slinging – stick to the issues. I would like to know how the repairs will be made to the Courthouse. I would like to know what is going on with space for county offices. I would like to know what is going on with housing in this county – not low income projects – but using existing housing stocks- and what resources can be tapped into – the resources are out there. I want to know how and what infrastructures are planned and how they will be maintained. What companies can be brought in for viable jobs with decent benefits to encourage and entice our best and brightest to remain in this county.- what do they need to locate here? I would like to know about the quality of life in this county – not just a fishing tournament sponsored by the county – but what can be done to engage families and young people in events. Look at Mercer County Park system – they have many sports tournaments and festivals for all residents as well as out of area people. How about taking some of the funding just given to these non-profits with the big salaries and use it to pay for all youths to be able to play in sport leagues – so many cannot afford it yet the kids are left out because of lack of money. Now there’s an idea-use it for the youth to be involved – just give it to the leagues for the amount of kids they have sign up for free. There is no need to run it through a non-profit – let the finanace office of the county track it and dispense it. I want to know about having projects ready so this countyu can take advantage of left over or unused grant money for this county. i want to know why Camden County donations are coming into this county – they wouldn’t just hand it over to us for nothing. Please, give people here some credit for intellect. So, let’s go back to being sick and tired of the mudslinging. That action will get this county nowhere, just further and deeper into the mud. Each and every citizen has the right to run for and express their opinions as guaranteed by the documents written by the founding fathers to do so. 56 brave men signed the Declaration of Independence – 25 were lawyers, 11 were merchants, 9 farmers, 1 teacher, 1 musician , 1 printer and 7 more brave traitors to the Crown. 5 of these men were captured by the British and tortured by traitors, 9 fought in the war and died from their wounds/hardships faced, 2 lost sons in the Continental Army, 2 has sons captured, at least 12 of the 56 had their homes pillaged and burned. There are many hardships they faced for their principles and beliefs. So, instead of having nonsense written by the self-served, please address issues directly and honestly. Answering questions directly wouldn’t hurt either NACO-gate will not go away until the questions are answered and canceled checks provided to the press. By the way, we watched the Freeholder taped meeting last evening and were appalled that it was used for political grandstanding by the candidate for Clerk who described how she has already contacted other counties and how political the discussion was in giving Mrs. Noto extra funding for the voting process. Shame on the six of you and on Ms. VanEmbden. It appears equal time should be given to the Republicans on that matter.

  8. PiLamBro says:

    I agree with Deparego…
    When the framers of the constitution conceptualized a new, republican system of government, they would have scoffed at the idea of a “Boss Tweed” or a “Doce of Cumberland”, as I feel Lou perceives himself. There figure would have been no better than the absolute monarch they rejected when they signed the declaration in 1776.
    If the Doce were looking out for the good of the citizens of Cumberland County, he would be working for those people, not himself and his future, national profile. Cumberland County already ranks terribly in almost all demographic and economic data possible. Aren’t these the questions we should address? Logic would say yes, but sadly, Mr. Magazzu would prefer to spend his time seeking support in NACO.
    At this point in its history, Cumberland County’s opportunity level is at an all time low. As a former resident, following my college graduation, I wanted to return. Sadly, however, our elected leaders have not worked hard enough to develop out county to retain a new generation who would be vested in improving the county. Instead, we go elsewhere for opportunity. And, for the record, working at one of our many low-paying Walmart/Targets or the Racetrack does not equal a living wage.
    Based on these facts I again agree with Deparego, isn’t it time for a change?

  9. PiLamBro says:

    I apologize for the grammatical mistakes in my post.

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