Who has issues?

I was investigating the websites of the three main groups running for Cumberland County Freeholder. There are several independents running, but some did not have websites that I could find. So for this discussion I will limit my commentary to the Republicans, the Independents, and the Democrats.

The Republican candidates have a website called Cumberland Answers. The Independents website is Independent Leaders. The Democrats have Team Magazzu.

Typically, Lou Magazzu doesn’t run on issues. He runs a campaign of filth, mudslinging, gutter politics and character assassination. If a person brings up an issue, Magazzu attacks the person rather than answer the question. And it seems that his campaign this year is not about issues. But then again, what would he run on? He has been largely ineffective as a leader.

The Republican website addresses many issues that affect county residents, such as high property taxes, out of control county spending and the highest unemployment in the region. They provide solutions. They discuss what actions they would take. They want to make county government transparent, something that has been lacking under Lou’s tenure. They were forced to place the county budget online because Lou refused to make this document public. The Republicans say that there are many places to cut waste.

The Independent Leaders, all Democrats, have tried to work with Lou in the past, but he refused any compromise. They finally had little recourse but to break ties from him and run as Independents.

They address creating an open space plan, scoffed at by Lou. They talk about creating economic growth in the county. They want to address the lack of ethics that seems to permeate the county government. And they especially want to restore civility into county government, so that citizens do not have to worry about being verbally abused by the freeholders if they choose to speak at a freeholder meeting.

And Lou’s website? he calls his opponents names!

Responding to the renegades’ half truths

Recently you may have received a letter from Jennifer Swift, Jane Christy, and Bruce Peterson who have abandoned the Democratic Party and are running as spoilers in this November election…

If you read the entire article, it is one big, convoluted lie. They lie about the dates and timeline. That has been addressed on this website and elsewhere, so I won’t bore you with details.

However, if you care about the county, regardless of your political orientation, there are choices. If you are die-hard Republican, the choice is clear. If you are a Democrat, the Independent Democrat candidates seem to want to support your ideals.

If you are Independent or Undeclared, then you have the chance to read about all of the candidates and their platforms on these websites. And besides the three teams, we have former Vineland committee-person Sheena Santiago running as a solo Independent. 

You are on this website, so you can read all of the reasons NOT to vote for Lou Magazzu. Please be an educated voter and discover the reasons to vote for your choice for Freeholder.


16 Responses to Who has issues?

  1. Newbie says:

    Thanks for the links. And you are CORRECT! Lou is running his campaign as a mudslinging dog. Voters are sick of his kind of politics and he will soon be on the outside looking in, unless the Attorney General gets a shot at him and then he will be on the inside (of a cell) looking out! Hope he meets Bubba.

  2. tryagain says:

    Just more BS from the HATERS! The renegade traitor have NO shot at winning but are willing to destroy their former party just out of personal hatred of Magazzu. Republicans loving very minute of it and will use them to cost the Democratic Party not only Magazzu but the future of the party in the County. Hope they all switch parties because they are done with mainstream Democrats. Now they have resorted to attacking Sungenis, how pathetic. All the people that helped get them elected at one time are now being attacked by these ungrateful haters! Good Bye and good riddance to Baby Peterson, Crazy Jane, and What’s My Name Swift!!!!!

  3. WUU59X says:

    Lou must feel GREAT about what HIS actions have done to cause a split in the party. Don’t blame the people who got fed up with Lou’s BS (that’s BS as in BACK STABBING), his micromanaging, his sidebar deals, his control mania, etc for trying to make a positive change. Why not blame the author of destruction for HIS actions for once? Oh, I guess that’s not possible if you are Lou – The EGO in his own mind.

  4. Sell me a bridge says:

    “Just more BS from the HATERS!”

    What BS?

    Is this guy really Magazzu? The more I visit this site the more I beleive it is.

  5. tryagain says:

    The TRAITORS have now even turned against their old friend Nancy Sungenis. Doesn’t seem to matter to these Benedict Arnolds who they used to get elected and now are trashing. Christ, Peterson and Lookabaugh-Swift are a disgrace not just to Democrats but to ALL decent people everywhere. With friends like them who needs enemies? Peterson and Chrsity ought to be particularly ASAHMED of criticizing their olf and former loyal friend Sungenis!!! Who’s next Gary Simmerman, Charles Thomas, Jim Quinn? Heard Quinn is even a relation of Peterson’s? Nice move by this family member!! How disgusting!! He should be ashamed at the next family reunion!!!

  6. Newbie says:

    Traitors is a word only you would use Lou. If they don’t go along with you, they are traitors. You are the SUPREME TRAITOR – You have turned your back on everyone who has worked tireless for this County – not for themselves but for the COUNTY. You have trashed them and now its YOUR turn. You mention Nancy Sungenis…..What about Todd Edwards? You do not mention him. Strange – doesn’t his lack of attendance Bother you in the least bit, Lou? If not, why not hire me and I will attend the meetings of the CCUA without benefits. What do you say Lou?

  7. rockie722 says:

    I recently meant Christy and have known Lookabaugh-swift and Sungenis for about 3 years. I think they are all great women and pure die hard Democrats. Peterson, I am told ,does such a good job in Upper Deerfield as Mayor, most hope he stays in office there instead of Freeholder. A real change from Rainear as Mayor,so they say. Isn’t the independent’s campaign chairman also an Democrat Ex- Freeholder?


    I was at a polling district 3 years ago when Todd Edwards was running for Bridgeton City council. and was trying to pick a fight with Mayor Candidate Begley. Real Class Act!
    I suppose i will be called a liar again, however this time there were about 15 witnesses. Ask the Mayor.

  8. tryagain says:

    If you just meant Christy here’s some advice for you, RUN!!! And make sure you don’t use any words like bury, crush,destroy, etc. around her or she willperhaps have to get a restraining order against you. She is OUT THERE!! Now she has resorted to attacking good old friends like Nancy Sungenis. Christy is pathetic!! So guess you will have to decide between Christy and Sungenis since Christy has trashed Sungenis. That ought to be a clue as to what type of person she is!! Lookabaugh-Swift is a Republican operative shilling for her stepson and former Republican loser Jim Swift who also is the Millville Republican Chair! Peterson is just a plain two face phoney of the worst kind who has angered most of the Upper Deerfield people by crying when he returned to office and is now abandoning those same people he supposedly cared so much about!! Not sure he can ever win re-election to anything at this point!!

  9. gorgon says:

    “So guess you will have to decide between Christy and Sungenis since Christy has trashed Sungenis.”

    That might be true if Sungennis wrote that letter. Maybe someone should ask her. (but not when Lou is around)

  10. amused says:

    Sungenis signed the letter..so she owns it and is fair game! The fact is she can’t stand Magazzu as most of his other cronies can’t either. In fact I have NEVER heard anyone say they liked Magazzu! So why are they kissing his ass? You figure it out! So if you kiss ass, you’re going to get a dirty nose STOP WHINING!

  11. CryinShame says:

    I wonder if she actually did sign it…did the press call all 5 people named on there? I doubt it…probably only the 1 who sent it. Eenie, meenie, minie …MOE!

  12. I heard through the grapevine that Sungenis not only didn’t sign it, but didn’t know about it until it appeared in the paper. Apparently Kavanaugh drafted it, lies and all. And word is that Sungenis “is extremely pissed” – pardon my French but that is how it was described to me.

  13. tryagain says:

    Dead wrong again Blind One!!! Don’t get excited Jane Christy, The “dead wrong” is just an expression and not a threat! Sungenis may be pissed BUT it is at Peterson, Christy, and Swift who have really used her over the years. Talk about getting it shuffed you know where!! Just ask Peterson how Sungenis helped him!!! They especially Peterson and Christy(and Lookabaugh Swift to some extent) are an absolute disgrace to the words of “loyalty” and “FRIEND”!!!! Don’t think these wounds will heal after the election! Shame on you Bruce, Jane, and Jenn!!! Friendship should be perhaps more important than politics and your obsession with “getting Magazzu at ANY cost!!”

  14. amused says:

    Tryagain (Lou) don’t use words you don’t know the meaning of. Words like friend! You’ve probably never had a true friend in YOUR LIFETIME. After all, you have to be a friend to have a friend. And how about how YOU have USED Sungenis over the years? Sungenis … wake up and smell the coffee! How long are you going to let Magazzu drag you through the mud with him? You’re better than that! Don’t wait until it’s too late to regain your integrity with those that have respected and cared for you. What you’re getting out of this can’t REALLY be worth it, can it?

  15. tryagain says:

    Yeah right! Who in their right mind would call Peterson, Christy, Lookabaugh-Swift friends after they have publicly attacked Nrs. Sungenis?? They are evil personified! She has helped each of those individuals tremendously over the years and then they write a disparaging letter to the editor about her!! Some friends!! Hope she NEVER forgets what they have done to her good name! especially her old buddy Peterson!

  16. Guess-Who says:

    Cry us a River will u tryagain.

    Here is a Place for u to Start Explaining the 13%+ Unemployment Numbers in Cumberland County and they are RISING Monthly

    The Highest TEEN Pregnancy in the State of NJ.

    The Lack of Foresight buy this Leadership with a Dictating Freeholder WHO thinks or likes to think their In-CHARGE of the County.

    I’m only going to say this one Time:
    The PEOPLE of Cumberland County (100,000+ Individuals)are WHO really makes the Final DECISIONS.

    It is Time to Totally CLEAN HOUSE at the County Level: NO If Ans or Butts about IT!
    L{.}{.}K around it is starting to become Clear isn’t IT.

    Is Lou being Supported by Norcross?
    It is a Simple YES or NO Answer!
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

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