Greco’s wife strikes back

In the Daily Journal today Carleen Greco tells it like it is.

By now, it should be no great secret to you, or many of the people who read this newspaper, that Cumberland County Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu stated publicly that, “Bob Greco lives in the gutter.”

Bob Greco is not only the chairman of the Cumberland County GOP, he also is a father and my husband. I was shocked when I learned that Magazzu referred to our home as a “gutter.” Even worse, every day since his words appeared in print in another newspaper and on the Internet I have heard about it nearly everywhere I go, even at work and the grocery store.

Mr. Magazzu’s public comment was a personal attack directed at my husband that also served as an insult to my family and me.

I do understand people say things out of anger, but Mr. Magazzu crossed the line when he chose to insult my family, our home and me.

These kinds of personal attacks have no place in county politics. Mr. Magazzu will likely try to spin his way out of it and claim the candidates who oppose him in November’s election are attacking him, and I will be the first to tell you that is untrue. What is true is the Republican candidates and the Republican Party have aggressively called upon Mr. Magazzu to tell the truth about the funding sources of his campaign for a national office.

Mr. Magazzu’s campaign for national office and the sources of funding for that campaign are fair game. Mr. Magazzu’s record in elective office is fair game. Cumberland County having the highest unemployment rate in the state of New Jersey is a fact and it is fair game. Everything the Republicans have said about Mr. Magazzu is fact.

Just because he does not like those facts is no reason for him to make this campaign personal. It’s certainly no reason for Mr. Magazzu to insult my husband and I, our children and our home.

Carleen D. Greco



22 Responses to Greco’s wife strikes back

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    When you have such a abysmal record to run on, the only thing let to do is call names and try to turn the spotlight away from yourself.

    That and write letters which you sign other peoples’ names at the bottom.

    Right louseragain?

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    Now that I think about it, it makes sense, Magazzu said Greco lives in the gutter, so he did insult Mrs. Greco.

    I should start my own website. I think I’ll call it

  3. Byelou says:

    There is an old adage in the legal profession:
    When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the Plaintiff.

  4. tryagain says:

    Hard to believe this letter. Sounds like the Good Wife or “Stand By Your Man” song. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

  5. tryagain says:

    How about that fundraising Boxing match Bobby? The masked one from Cape May?

  6. Sell me a bridge says:

    I’d love to see a Magazzu – Greco boxing match. It’s ashame Lou doesn’t have the guts.

  7. amused says:

    Tryagain, at least Greco’s wife has enough respect for him to come to his defense. Can you say that about yours? After all respect is earned. Better get writing that letter for her (that is if she’ll sign it)!

  8. tryagain says:

    Are you sure Greco’s wife wrote THE letter? RESPECT? Maybe something else was her motivation? Sometimes respect is not necessarily earned but given for other reasons!! Sometimes it’s not RESPECT at all but something entirely different!! Maybe you can figure that out?

  9. gorgon says:

    “tryagain Says:
    September 23, 2009 at 6:16 am

    Are you sure Greco’s wife wrote THE letter? RESPECT? Maybe something else was her motivation? Sometimes respect is not necessarily earned but given for other reasons!! Sometimes it’s not RESPECT at all but something entirely different!! Maybe you can figure that out?”

    Good Point Tryagain! I hear you, in fact I have figured it out thanks to your insight. Greco’s wife didn’t write the letter, you and Brendan did. It was intended for Lou’s wife but what with all of the crazy letter writing going on the names got switched. Never Never let the letters circulate in multiple copies. Lesson Learned !

  10. amused says:

    Are you speaking from personal experience, tryagain? I’ll bet there are some great stories here!

  11. bigtop92 says:

    “Stand by your man”, ha ha ,i don’t see lou’s wife coming to his aid like Greco’s wife. In fact i very seldom see her with him. Wonder why? She is a nice lady, i feel sorry for her, married to Lou. At least he is never home since he is always out meeting with his watchdogs and Rat Pack friends.

  12. tryagain says:

    Ahhh and Greco is such a nice and wonderful husband right??? And that’s why is wife supposedly wrote the letter and is “standingby her man”?? Hmmm maybe there is a story here to be told??

  13. James R. Sauro says:

    I don’t think it is necessary to bring in Lou’s wife. She is a good person and takes care of her family. What I notice is her family comes first.

  14. CryinShame says:

    Bigtop – Lay off Lou’s wife…that’s cheap. Good woman, good mother, good person.

  15. bigtop92 says:

    Mr. Sauro and CryinShame…….you got it!

  16. amused says:

    Yeah Guys, leave Mrs. Magazzu be. She has no-one to defend her. Her useless husband certainly won’t do it!

  17. Guess-Who says:

    Only the Issues that Cumberland County is Dealing with are the Topics that should be being Discussed in this Freeholder Race.
    There is no Need to bring anyone from the Candidates Families into this HEATED Debate.

    It is something that Does NOT need to be TOLD to Anyone.
    It is called RESPECT & I suggest that everyone should Use this Important Value in their Postings.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  18. amused says:

    You are absolutely right Guess-Who. Got carried away. I apologize folks.

  19. tryagain says:

    THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE HAS BEEN OVER THE TOP SINCE ITS VERY BEGINNING!!! And now you start to feel bad after attacking and ridiculing people for months? THE ORIGINATORS SHOULD FEEL BAD,VERY BAD!!!!

  20. tryagain, you are confusing us with Lou Magazzu.

    We have been coming out with pertinent news that the local media doesn’t pick up. So if we “ridicule” Lou for accepting money from organizations that are then given preferential treatment, please excuse us.

    If we point out that Lou gives his cronies positions on boards, such as pot-smoking Todd Edward’s no-show job at the CCUA for which he is compensated $27,000 a year, so be it.

    At least we don’t drag people’s families into it, as Lou has done.Lou actually tried to get the girlfriend of one of his critics fired from her job. Did you know that he approached Millville Mayor Jim Quinn and demanded that Liz Nicklus be fired from a city job that she didn’t even have.

    It is too bad he doesn’t do his homework before he embarrasses himself. However, if she was an actual city employee, one has to wonder if Lou would have succeeded in his petty retribution.

  21. tryagain says:

    And if this REALLY happened their would have been charges or at least substantiation of your ridiculous claims!! Think there is TOTAL agreement not tobring in cnadidates families BUT certainly fair to question The Campaign leadership of Mr. Morality and Ethics GRECO!!! He is totally fair game!! What about his “friends” from Cape May?

  22. You continue to harp about something in cape May. If you have proof, tell the forum, otherwise shut up with slanderous innuendo.

    You continue to make baseless statements that have absolutely no verification or back-up. You are alluding to something that, judging from your inability to deal with reality, is most likely a lie.

    Give us a link to a newspaper article, or post an image of a document that has been OPRA’d that proves your silly allegations, or stop talking nonsense and answer the real questions.

    Question ONE – is there a connection between Magazzu and the corrupt Norcross Camden County machine?

    You refuse to answer that question because there is a definite connection, and Norcross is going to OWN Cumberland County through Lou. That is the reason you continually change the subject to include someone who is NOT EVEN RUNNING!

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