More on Miles Jackson as Tryagain/Knotu

There was earlier speculation that Tryagain is Miles Jackson, a former reporter in the employ of Lou Magazzu.  It would make sense.  Lou probably does not sit at the computer to type responses to the postings here (although we hear he is obsessed with this site).  But he would certainly hire someone with marching orders to attack everyone who opposes him.  Here is the skinny on Miles from an informant:

Miles used to work for the Daily Journal.  He used to hate Lou and really went after him in a big way. Lou complained and complained and screamed at the Daily Journal.  So, the Daily Journal did what I thought was unheard of, they took him off the County news.  Newspapers are not supposed to do that.  When I questioned them about it they said they felt Miles was going overboard, or was obsessed about Lou.  Then, last year Miles appeared at the Democratic headquarters while the vote count was coming in.  It seemed strange to me that he was there.  Then we found out he had been hired by Lou to write for the Democratic party.  Even more strange.


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  1. Lobster Claws says:

    This is a pretty irresponsible post.

    All time time posters here complain about Lou making baseless accusations and hurting people with personal attacks. Here you are doing exactly the same thing.

    How does it feel?

    An informant? Please.

  2. traveler 99 says:

    Miles Jackson has had serious health issues. Lou did everything to get him fired. If he is doing any work,it is because he needs the income. I would not be too hard on him. He was a lot better than the reporters the papers have now. He really dug deep for the story. He was a very fair reporter.

  3. mango says:

    This thread was started in response to this comment by Matt Dunn:

    “The funny thing in all of this is that I just received an email this morning from Miles Jackson, former DJ reporter and current Democratic PR guy, accusing us of bias. Seems like no one’s happy.”

    Then “Miles Jackson is” added:

    “Thanks Matt!

    We all now know who the Try Again and Knotyou names are. They are Miles Jackson the liberal left wing extremist reporter of the old Bridgeton Evening News and lives(d) in Sea Breeze. It’s all coming together now! No wonder why that place is even still on the map and not washed away! I thought he went away for good….”

    Then Washed Up In Sea Breeze said:

    “Miles is a washed up wanna be reporter. He was at the Bridgeton Evening News in the 80’s. A real loser and terrible reporter. Back when Eileen Bennet was the Editor and they has SOME credibility. The Shcofields owned the paper back then.”

    These comments were all made under my “Second Strike Against Reform: The Press” post on September 19.

    Tryagain/Knotu has been a thorn in our sides on this blog since it began. He has been so assiduous in his responses that he has to be Lou himself or a close associate. I personally never felt he is Lou, although others do. We even had a survey on tryagain’s identity. Our biggest problem has been the very personal and ugly nature of his responses to writers on these blogs. He rarely addresses the issues, but consistently changes the subject to attack someone else.

    So this entry did not appear from nowhere; it was a follow up to these earlier comments. Actually, this entry does not malign Miles Jackson. It says he worked for the Daily Journal, hated Lou, was pulled off covering Lou because of that hatred, and now ends up as a writer in Lou’s camp. I do not see any of this as “baseless accusation” or “hurting people with personal attacks”. Where is the attack in recounting the man’s professional history? If there were any attacks, they were from the earlier posters. Unless Lobster Claws thinks that saying Miles is tryagain/knotu is a personal attack. Well, if so, I stand by it. From all I’ve heard, he’s the perfect candidate — a writer in Lou’s employ.

    As to why that happened, I have no idea. If indeed he is ill and his only means of income is to serve Lou, then I do feel very sorry for him.

  4. tryagain says:

    You are truly pathetic!!! You attack people CONSTANTLY and then act as if the “other” side is the EVIL ones!! You know what they say about people in glass houses? If you can’t take it maybe you shouldn’t dish it out so much!! This site EVEN ran down the outstanding Fralinger Engineering Company!! And practically every other company who has done business with the County! Hope you clowns can’t sleep at night!!!! Now attacking Miles Jackson because his opinion differs from your “always right and righteous attitude, how sad!! No wonder you don’t go to church on Sundays! You guys are the WORST kind of hypopcrites. You should be running the Independent candidates campaign because that is exactly what they are, HYPOCRITS!! Can you imagine Lookabaugh-Swift defending Wymbs? Chrsity and Peterson attacking Magazuu who got them elected in the first place.

  5. amused says:

    Magazzu getting Christy and Peterson elected in the first place? What a CROCK! Seems to me Peterson was on the Freeholder board first. He probably helped Magazzu get in. Unfortunately he did not know what a mistake that was going to be. And to have the nerve to critize ANYONE for attacking people. I’ve never seen such viciousness that comes out of Magazzu’s camp. So go bark up another tree tryagain, because you are the true HYPROCRITE!

  6. Calhoun says:

    I agree with Lobster Claws. It is hypocritical of the adminstrators of this site to defend anonymous posts and then spend a good deal of time speculating — through anonymous posts of their own! — who a poster is. When posts are allowed to be made anonymously all posters should not try to “out” anyone, which only defeats the purpose of the protections provided by anonymity. Tryagain/knotu has also been guilty of this as he too has attempted to identify some of the posters. We are oftentimes reminded to stick to the issue, which I assume would be county government and the upcoming elections, and not posters’ identities be they Magazzu haters or defenders.

  7. He, why not ask me?

    I did some hard-hitting reporting on Lou just as i did on Sauro and Sorantino. I’m a no-bias type of guy..

    As far as being washed up, I do have health issues, but I still can work and have a clean bill of health. I won’t go into detail about the DJ or BEN, but I’ve won every award a reporter in the state can win except the Pulitzer Prize. Matt Dunn? Well, I won’t talk about another reporter.

    As far as Lou getting me pulled off the county beat, that’s old news and was done because he represented a guy who hit me in a very serious auto accident in 1988. I said some things about lawyers during an 1990 deposition that made him feel uncomfortable. He had the right to complain. I guess the paper had the right to pull me off the beat.but that’s old news. Very old. Lou and I laugh about it now.

    As far as my work for the Democratic Party,it’s more a labor of love than one of financial gain. I don’t get paid much at all, just enough to cover expenses. And I’ve never belonged to any political party, leaning more toward the libertarian ideal of government.

    The Democrats certainly don’t live up to that standard, but nor do the Republicans. Each just has their own version of where they should get their fingers into a citizen’s life.

    With the Democrats showing concerned for health care, the economic well-being of the working classes and social justice for those who earned less than seven figures, my gravitation toward the Democrats should come as no surprise.

    And Louis Magazzu. Well, Louis is a piece of work. But, during my 18 years of reporting on Cumberland County politics, he’s achieved more in one year than any other elected official has in a political career. Jennifer Lookabaugh? Not even close. Doug Fisher? Well, maybe. Jimmy Sauro? I like the guy, but he really should have practiced more before trying to govern. Doug Sorantino? The last time I saw Doug, he was well into his cups and chasing me out of the North Italy Hall because he didn’t like me. Even with my bad legs, I was able to outrun him and his brother. Sorantino’s colors were shown for all to see during his tenure on the Freeholder Board. Nuff said.

    But back to Louis Magazzu. Yes, he can be irritating. Yes, he has so much energy that you wonder if he’s human or, as I started calling him while at the BEN, the Energizer Bunny.

    But the Freeholder Board his energies have assembled is simply the finest Cumberland County has seen during my career as a reporter. There’s more debate on that board, true constructive debate with results to show for it, that was ever present on a Lookabaugh Board where anyone with conflicting viewpoints was simply shut out.

    As far as me being a washed up reporter, maybe so. But I’ve done the work, come out with articles the exposed wrongdoing and corruption by Republicans and Democrats alike and I’ve won awards for my work in doing so. Can anyone from Magazzu Watch say the same?

    You guys are what were once called Know-Nothings. You slandered and wrote without researching your subject. You got reporting and editorializing mixed up. The result was and is predictable.

    But this is a Democracy, messy as that can be.. You have the right to wallow in the mud if you so choose. And you have the right to wonder why I’m working for Lou Magazzu. Just please get the facts right. I’m not that hard to find.

    PS: I’m not Tryagain or Knotu or whatever. When I write, I use my own byline. I have no reason to hide behind a phony name.

  8. If your looking for tryagain or klotu (or whatever) have you thought about Francis J. Reilly? Think about it. He’s a Republican, but friends with Lou. He’s a great writer and would be truly a thorn in your side.

  9. millvillemagnus says:

    Miles, written like the good PR guy you apparently are. Ignores all of the material presented about Magazzu, including his deals, vindictiveness, power-grabs, etc. There’s a good reason why he’s called King Lou, Cumberland County’s own autocrat.

    But as for you, good to hear you are doing so well and not in the sad straits some of the posters suggested.

    And to the others criticizing this post, it’s only natural to wonder who tryagain/knotu is, given his or her ominpresence on this blog. Maybe the people who think it is Lou himself are right. At least Miles has eliminated himself as a possibility.

    Ad as for trying to “out” posters, this has been a continual preoccupation of tryagain. The names he has called us all allude to his guesses as to our identity.

  10. Guess-Who says:

    Is Journal-Reader from the dj forums now at IT here in Magg-Watch as tryagain?
    One more Scoop for Old Times Sake!

    J_R has been missing from the dj forums for some time and this poster on here tryagain posts around the same time of the morning j_r once did.

    Thanks for pointing this out
    “If your looking for tryagain or klotu (or whatever) have you thought about Francis J. Reilly?”

    Miles, that is WHO you think Tryagain IS,Right?
    It’s WHO alot of DJ Forum Members considered was J_R

    What prompt u to tell this forum this juicy info about WHO tryagain might be or IS?
    That is the Question that will need to be Answered.

    Best to u & hope all is well in your endeavors.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  11. mango says:

    Fran Reilly is a fairly literate person, and a lot of tryagain’s entries suggest someone with a lower level of literacy. Early on, we discussed their being more than one person posting as knotu/tryagain.

    The truth is that tryagain has been an important factor in the success of this site. His posts rile people up and provide a compelling level of controversy. I really wonder if we would be as successful as we are without him. Maybe he is invention of the site administrators? You think?

  12. Another random thought, guys.

    In using terms such as “slush fund” and “junket” in describing Mr. Magazzu’s NACo trip, has anyone considered whether the use of such terms is warranted or true? Has anyone checked with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission? Do they think his activities violate state laws or ethical codes of behavior?

    I doubt whether you checked. (I did as any professional journalist would) Had you check you would have discovered that the commission says Mr. Magazzu and the county Democratic Party complied with all state regulations and haven’t violated any ethic codes in sending Mr. Magazzu to the NACo conference. If anything, they’ve been overly scrupulous in following state law and ethic coes. The party could have GIVEN Mr. Magazzu the money and not received a dime back and everyone still would have been within state law. The commission seems completely disinterested in the matter and apparently wonders what all the uproar is about.

    But checking with state authorities on when writing about charges of illegal or unethical activities is what good reporting is all about. You should try it sometime.

    But, by all means, keep on blindly hammering on the NACo issue. You’ve done nothing else of note so why stop now?

    and check with Fran to see if he’s tryagain or Kluto (or whatever). He’s a talented guy and although I don’t think he’d use the Kluto tag, the tryagain is just ironic enough to make one wonder whether the hand of Mr. Reilly is the thorn in your side you mention. God help you if he is. The man is really good at being a thorn and is smarter and more politically savvy that your entire crew. He doesn’t like me all that much, but I still have a great deal of respect for Mr. Reilly’s writing, political and rhetorical abilities. And, speaking from personal experience, being on the wrong side of Fran Reilly isn’t all that nice a place to be.

  13. Good try, Miles, but tryagain is not Fran. tryagain has an obsession with certain people that Fran, to our knowledge, has never met.

    tryagain is less articulate than Fran, a brilliant writer. And I personally cannot see Fran stooping so low as to call people derogatory names. he has more class.

    However, Lou always drops into the gutter whenever his actions are questions, attacking viciously rather than answering.

    Now, being the star reporter you are, have you checked into the link between Rabbi Mordechai Neustadt of Brooklyn NY and Lou. How does the good rabbi know Lou?

    Have you looked into the link between Tony Danza (not the actor), Touro College – you remember that scandal – the REAL reason behind McGreevey stepping down.

    You say we have done no real reporting, but we discovered the Touro link which ties into Romano and the teaching hospital at Newcomb – the same thing that got Touro in ethics trouble two times before.

    We also showed positively the correlation between donations to the Democratic Party and contracts awarded.

    Law firms, engineers and architects donate to Camden or Gloucester, Camden and Gloucester donate to Cumberland, and those lawyers, engineers and architects are hired in Cumberland.

    This is a clear case of skirting pay-to-play laws, which were written by politicians with these loopholes in mind so that they could appear to be doing something while doing nothing to end corruption.

    Follow the money, and you will see that Lou is in Norcross’s pocket.

  14. Can”t say I read any of kluto/tryagain’s postings. haven’t read most of the MW until I saw my name with all the factual errors about my association with the CCDO. Just like MillvilleMagnus makes a bunch of charges without chapter and verse about the truth behind what he (or she) says. Of course politics includes power grabs and other vindictive behavior. Is this news? what I want to know is if whatever is done is illegal, immoral or harmful to the people of CC. To my knowledge, the current county Board of Freeholder, Mr. Magazzu included, is the best thing that’s happened to the county.

    See all those cars driving to the msp? See all the hotels being built. And all within 15 minutes of one of the largest populations of Bald Eagles on the East Coast.

    This was accomplished largely due to the efforts of Louis Magazzu. the current freeholder board is far from a rubber stamp board. (you probably don’t know how far from a rubber stamp board it is because you probably haven’t been to two or three consecutive freeholder meetings in your life.)

    Did he irritate people or step on someone’s toes along the way? Most likely. Anyone who gets things done invariably steps on someone’s toes. In reality, anyone who is irritated by someone’s actions usually buts in behind them after a period of time because grudges don’t serve anyone in the long term. No one understand this more than Mr. Magazzu.

    When I was a reporter, I wrote about a few things Mr. Magazzu probably would rather I hadn’t. But he respects me for being truthful and asked me to do some writing for the party because he recognizes the talent.

    I took some time out of my hobby of selling old books and artwork (yes, CJ, I know what REAL art is) to lend the party a hand. There’s certainly no handout from the party. As I said, money pretty much only covers expenses, if that. But I do it because it’s good practice and adds to the resume. Nothing more and nothing less.

    You should take the same attitude toward this kluto/tryagain person. Who is it? Who cares. (If it’s not well written, then it’s probably not Fran Reilly, but I can’t say I’ve read any of kluto/tryagain’s postings.) Why is this person a ‘thorn in our side?” Someone who makes you think about your own position and makes you defend it is your best friend. You do want a variety of viewpoints, don’t you? If not, you do a great disservice to the the public and, mostly, to yourselves.

    Good day and good luck.

  15. amused says:

    Hey Miles…what’s in this for you? Gotta be something! This rhetoric certainly doesn’t sound like what I’ve heard coming out of your mouth in the past. Take heed Miles, when this is over he won’t need you anymore either. You’ll be trash like all of his other flunkies. Sorry guys, looks like we’ve lost another one to the devil.

  16. dipsy doodle says:

    i’ve been thinking about this and I think miles truly believes what he’s saying. why? because he’s the same guy who was able to find sympathy for a convicted pedophile during a court case here in cumberland county.

    years of living in places like seabreeze, experimenting with various narcotics, can do things to a person’s brain and, just like the case of the pedophile jonathan hutchison whose family miles grew close to during his trial, miles appears to have been manipulated into turning what used to be a hatred for magazzu into respect. the respect and new-found appreciation for magazzu he conveys is genuine, i believe.

    either that, or he’s a phony baloney liar.

  17. Lobster Claws says:

    It’s becoming more and more apparent that most of the contributing writers on this site are just like Lou.

    A lot of their “reporting” is spurious at best and when they get called on it, even from multiple posters, they act super defensive and throw more accusations.

    I know one person I’m voting for this election, but I guess I’ll just have to write in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy for every other position.

  18. Calhoun says:

    Lobster Claws is on the money again. MillvilleMagnus dismisses my concerns regarding all this speculation about TryAgain’s identity by saying it is only “natural” to “wonder” who tryagain is. That is correct but once you write it and post it you’re doing a hell of a lot more than wondering. MMagnus dismisses my concerns about outing people by claiming that tryagain has been doing this to them all along. I already acknowledged that in my original post; two wrongs don’t make a right. Defending one’s action based on the fact that “well gee so and so does it all the time” is lame-o. Sites like this live in a gray area between reporting and gossip. The more it tilts towards reporting the more respect it will have; the more it drifts toward gossip the less.

  19. gorgon says:

    Miles Jackson…..Didn’t he play for the tigers?

    Seriously Miles, that’s a crazy name, like “how far do you have to walk in my shoes to like Lou” answer, “Miles and Miles”.

    Reporting can’t be easy because everyone you talk to wants to dominate you and give you an opinion or slant. Good reporting is even harder because it takes skill and perseverance. Not every interview will produce a scandal and not every explanation will be true.

    Miles, what ever you do remember that in a few weeks your value to certain folks will drop off the scale and any allusions of a job will likely disappear with the misleading posters.

  20. mango says:

    If the sense is that it is idle to speculate on who are the people behind the handles we use on this blog, maybe that is correct. However, one value of this discussion was to bring forth a Lou supporter who is at least articulate, unlike tryagain. I’m thinking we need to go back through the questions we have asked over and over again about Lou. For the most part, tryagain’s response has been name-calling and personal insults. Maybe Miles Jackson will give us some straight answers.

  21. Guess-Who says:

    Could u explain this from your last posting;
    “Can”t say I read any of kluto/tryagain’s postings. haven’t read most of the MW until I saw my name”

    Why would u be reading MW? Is it really because ur Name was mention?
    Unless you are/were expecting to see something on Here.

    You know the other name is knotu & it is NOT kluto,
    continuing to make it sound as IF u didn’t/don’t know the other NAME tryagain Uses, this only HELPS the Cause & then to try and make it seem like the Incumbents Freeholder Campaign is NOT checking Maggwatch Hourly. This has lead some MW users to believe the Camp u Work for is Refreshing their Internet Devices every couple of seconds for the Latest Breaking News, Stories & Talk.

    Is This True?
    If so then just Admit ur crue is Paying Close Attention to the Websites that alot of PEOPLE in Cumberland County are using to Gather Information on some of the Issues that are Effecting or are going to have an Effect/Impact on Our Communities.

    Checks and Balance make this County a Better Place

  22. Calhoun says:

    There has to be a better way to bring Lou supporters into the discussion than by attributing posts to them that they did not make and forcing them to come on the site to prove their innocence.

  23. JohnnieB says:

    Man, I have not heard from old Miles in over a decade. Miles have you been to a freeholder meeting in 10 years? How do you know how Louie runs the meetings? Hey old Miles do youlive in Salem county?
    Sure there is enough things to keep you busy in your own digs. But, hey hey , It was good to hear from you for old times sake. Ahhhh the memories.

  24. mango says:

    Well, Calhoun, we certainly welcome your suggestions as to what those ways are. From the start of this blog, we have invited participation from the Lou camp, and all we got was tryagain.

  25. Wished you’d all use your own names. What you’ll got to hide? Some sound like old friends, others, like Mr. Seabreeze, sound like some of the old part-timers who lived there and didn’t like the full-time residents like me. Anyway, I haven’t lived in the’Breeze since 1996.

    But I have been to Freeholder meetings in the past 10 years even though I’m not a county resident. I’ve been to Freeholder Meetings for many of the past 18 years. Most of the Freeholder meetings of the past 18 years, actually.

    And I didn’t see Tom Sheppard, Sam Fiocchi or Ricky Tonetta at any of them. No candidate attended meetings until they were a few months from an election. And all of a sudden they were experts on what was wrong with county government. I see little has changed in that respect.

    You’ve also got some real misconceptions about my relation with Louis Magazzu and the Democratic Party and what I expect the little bit I do for the party.

    Your saying that I “hated” Lou and speculation on whats in this for me or that I’ll be discarded as trash after the election shows where ya’all are coming from.

    I never hated Lou just as I never hated anyone I covered as a reporter. I maintained a decent relationship with Lou for all but a short time as a reporter and, as I said earlier, that conflict has long been dealt with. Professionals with the best interest of constituents/readers in mind don’t have the time to hold grudges. You get over it and move on.

    As far as my future, I’ll go back to my hobbies after the election is over. I expect no job for my services to the party and am not likely to get one.

    Both the hate Lou/what’s in it for me aspects of some of these posts tip your hand. You hate Lou, ergo I hate Lou. You think politics is a game whereby those who volunteer for campaigns are in it for post-election employment, ergo I’m caging for a job.

    Wrong on both accounts. I expect no job and I doubt I’ll be disappointed. And I don’t hate Lou or anyone else I can think of, for that matter. Hate is a destructive emotion that poisons the mind and backs up in the body in the form of bile, which eats at the soul, stomach, heart and other internal organs.

    You’ll do better to get off this obsession with Lou and try doing something constructive. Get a hobby or get involved in community service. Take care of your own backyard rather than looking for trouble in the back yard of somebody else.

    I had a great run at reporting and, to the person who remembered those times, thanks for the memories. But that’s the past. The past is gone and unlike to resurrect itself. My future is of my own making, not of Louis Magazzu’s or anyone else. Probably hard for some of you to understand that, but that’s the unvarnished truth for someone whose always managed to find his way despite setbacks.

    A half-drunk driver broke my legs, back and other bones by hitting me head-on after crossing the double yellow lines? Find a way to use my head and one arm left unbroken to start writing. After a successful run at that, who knows what’s next.

    But it won’t involve wallowing in hate or expecting of a job in exchange for helping out with a campaign for people I really believe in. That’s a labor of love, not of self-interest. Again, a hard concept for some of you to follow, given the generally vituperative nature of Magazzu Watch.

    I could go into the nature of karma and the law of cause and effect, but I’d probably just be wasting my time. Look at yourselves rather than obsess with what Louis is doing.

    But my guess is that your future is even more precarious than mine. Watch your government, by all means, but don’t get carried away. What happens when Lou is gone? Who will you hate next? I remember when Jennifer Lookabaugh’s was the big, bad wolf during her tenure as county Freeholder Director. The Republicans spewed out some pretty ugly stuff toward her even though she really didn’t do much to advance the well-being of the county other than create the CCIA and put a bunch of her own people in political positions. And then she was gone. How soon we forget.

    Jennifer was a smooth operator, much smoother than Lou. But she didn’t get much, if anything, done as FH Director. I was there. For EVERY meeting. She marginalized Laura Pizzo and baited Gloia Noto into filing a bunch of lawsuits. Remember who set Gloria’s salary at the lowest level allowed by state law? Yes, the Freeholder Board under Jennifer Lookabaugh. We haven’t had a minute of peace since.

    And ecotourism, a motor sports park and hundreds of millions in new ratables? Jennifer talked a good game, but that was about all she did. All the rreal work came about after Lou took over. Now Jen Swift has changed her name and seems to have caught the hate bug ya’all been infected with. Sour grapes if you ask me.

    And was Ms Lookabaugh/Swift a paragon virtue as an elected offical?

    Again, go to the state Election Law Enforcement Division and look at who contributed to campaigns during her time a Freeholder Director. I’ll put the spoon in your mouth, but I’m not going to chew for you. Do the work yourself. But I’ll tell you your barking up the wrong tree when you talk about political appointments and pay-to-play. Look at the names of the contributors during the Lookabaugh years. And those appointed to local boards? (There’s only one county board other than the Freeholder board that pays and that’s the Utilities Authority. Backdate if you will.) Half of them were appointed before Lou was a Freeholder. And who created the CCIA? Where did Clair Miller and some of the others come from? Where did that $400,000 from burying the old county manor go? Need I go on?

    But you’ve got other fish to fry.

    I see you’re going to try to keep the NACo story alive by asking for the AG to look into it. Smart move. And you haven’t even checked with Election Law? Still a great way to keep the story alive.

    Keep at it. Please. Go for it. You’re really hitting pay dirt.

  26. Guuess who-please talk English and please don’t make me guess who you are. I can’t decipher what you’re saying and I can’t understand why you’re hiding behind a name like Guess Who. (a great group from the 70s is all I can think of.) It’s like a Knock Knock joke. Who’s there?

    This phony name thing is like a Junior High classroom note thing. If you can’t stand by what you say, what is the worth of your words?

  27. tryagain says:

    Way to go Miles and miles! Great information and sound advice to the HATERS that run this horrible site!! This site has unfairly and out of some very personal hatred of Magazzu been designed by those who will stop at nothing to bring him down. Not beacsue of the things he has accomplished but because or just pure personal hatred, ie. the slate of Independent Renegades who had every opportunity to continue serving as Freeholders(Christy and Peterson) but CHOSE to step down and are now running ONLY to “get” Magazzu for personal reasons! Both Christy and Peterson took advantage of his political skills they needed to run a campaign(fundraising efforts included) and now have personal hatred and a “get him” attitude. They are TRULY pathetic sorry individuals. Now they have both even resorted to ATTACKING longtime friend and Democratic stalwart Nancy Sungenis. There is nothing they won’t do to “get Magazzu”!! As far as Lookabaugh Swift you have given great information about her reign as Freeholder Director! And now she apparently has told writers of this forum she had nothing to do with Steve Wymbs aka Candyman being hired!! What a bunch of CRAP!! Seems many on this site have no problem dishing it out but are offended when someone else uses their tactics against them! This site has NEVER been about improving county govt. BUT merely based and mired in destroying Magazzu for personal reasons and costing him this election. I look forward to Election day when the general public will provide the FINAL say on this hateful and unscrupulous website.

  28. Guess-Who says:

    Miles Miles Miles,
    Just ANSWER the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ QUESTIONS if you CAN!

    No need for you to worry WHO is posting under this name(Guess-Who).

    Just myself Expressing a CONCERN for Cumberland County Politics.
    Is it becoming CUMBERSOME at HQ to the ones that have been at this for awhile as they know I don’t PLAY Games the same way they CHOOSE to do.

    Keep telling me to improve my English,
    I’m LMFAO as to this part of your comment.

    All kidding aside this Method of Never Answering the Questions Directly; the Public is/has been asking of the Incumbents & the Candidates.
    U think this will WORK, miles.

    We are in a New Era of Mass Media and the Information Available on the Internet is Incredible.
    Admit IT it has OPENED the Door & Let the Sun shine in.
    With more & more getting WORD of these Websites that are bringing News,Information & Facts to the PEOPLE of this Community here in Cumberland County.

    It is UNBELIEVABLE to think that an X-Journalist OPPOSES Today’s Technology as this is your Argument about this site;If I understand u CORRECTLY.

    ps:Remember their hit song,
    No Sugar Tonight
    Here is a Tune for the crue to Play the Night of Nov 3,2009(Bittersweet Symphony)
    If u need to know the Artist feel FREE to ASK!
    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  29. Lobster Claws says:

    It’s a shame Daily Journal retards are starting to post here.

    Go back to the DJ forums Reminisce, you uneducated troll.

  30. It’s the new Mother Nature coming at you, It’s the New Mother Earth coming down.

    Clap for the Wolfman, he’s gonna love to the day you die.

    There’s Monster on the loose, he’s got our head inside a noose, and he just keeps sitting there.

    Guess Who? May not have all the words right, but close enough. It’s the Guess Who. Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, etc. (hear their going to reunited for a one-concert or one-tour deal, but only in Canada.)

    So much for the sophistry. Back to why you won’t revel your name. OK, you typing in semi-literate twitter-speak. If you have no time to sit down at a computer, I guess you have no time and we’ll just have to learn to dechifer the letter jumble.

    But certainly you can reveal who you are. What’s the deal?

    The problem I have with such pernicious anominity is that is allow the writer to say things he/she wouldn’t normally say-mostly half truths or untruths, without fear of being called on it.

    And that’s what Magazzu Watch seems to be all about. Baseless charges and undisguised hate for a man who, like him or not, has dedicated a lot of his time to and errot in making County County a better place.

    What blew me away about Lou is that I though he was just another politico who was biding his time, waiting for 22 years of service waiting for the “top off,” the big, six figure salary that gives someone who never earned more than $37,000, in the case of a state Senator, or $15,000 in the case of a CC Freeholder, the big pension. Ed Salmon did it. I wrote as part of an award-winning statewide story for a former employer that Salmon earns two-and-a-half times the pension he gets as a retired full time teacher with a PhD as he does for his pension as a Millville City Commissioner, CC Freeholder, state Assembyman and Senator, topped off with four years on the state Board of Public Utilities. Just like Nick Asselta. The “top off” is a non-partisan cluster screw of the taxpayer, but both parties play the game.

    Except Lou Magazzu has no job lined up. And he’s made so few friends in state government in his advocacy of Cumberland County that he’s unlikely to get one. I was speechless when a well-placed state offical told me Lou has no golden parachute in the way of a “top off” from his time as a lower-earning public servant.

    That in and of itself should tell you something. Lou isn’t in this for the money. And the power? the current Freeholder Board regularly tells him what the agenda is going to be and with strong members like Dunkins and Whelan, who is he to object?

    Yet he acts like a lightening rod for you guys so the rest of the Board can get something done. You’re so focused on Lou you can’t see anything else.

    NACo? a side show. You haven’t even bothered to call the state Election Law Enforcement Commission and now greco is asking the AG for an investigation? He’ll be told to go back to Election Law. But go ahead. find out for yourselves.

    With less than six weeks to the election, you’ve boasted no record of government reform or improvement, revealed no secret plan on how you’re going to reform a government you say is corrupt to the bone.

    And you offer no example of how that government is corrupt except “NACogate.” Well please continue. I’m not going to go into detail why I want you to continue although it should be crystal clear. Just please keep on it. Your doin a great job. All you need now is a source like Deep Throat.

    I’ve sat at my computer and ued my real name to subject myself to the tender mercies of Magazzu Watch. I’ve been called various names from flunkie, junkie and hypocrite. Yet no one has had the gumption to revel their identity while they call me these names. Guess Who? Dispy? And so on.

    Hey, Louis N. Magazzu can be a real pain. Anybody who gets things done usually is a pain. But they’re the ones who improve life’s lot for his/her constituents. and Lou certainly has done that. The county College is lightyears ahead of where it was under Lookabaugh. Ratables are up by the largest increase in county history. People got more than $400,000 in prescription relief from NACo’s pilot program. And Cumberland County has the lowest tax rate of any county in the state. But you don’t want to hear about it.

    Yes, New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation, but that’s due to a model of government based on municipalities spaced as far apart as a magistrate can travel by horse in a half day. So we have a bunch of small, inefficient municipalities that are duplicating services and generally causing havoc on the state budget as each one holds on to its power base, its municipal judge, its code official, its school district, so on and so forth. Texas has fewer school districts and fewer municipalities. Some states forced small, inefficient municipalities into larger metro areas. Read Allen Karcher’s ‘Municipal Madness” about the state’s perpetually inefficient form of government.

    And let’s not forget new jersey’s pension system bloated by those who ‘top off their pensions after years of earning slightly more than $1,500. Look at Nick Aselta , not Lou. Lou earns $15,000-a-year for his troubles.

    So don’t blame Lou. He’s the one thing we have going for us.

    No sugar for you tonight, indeed. It only seems to be sour grapes from your crowd.

    I see no further purpose of trying to reason with you folks, although I’ve read where some posters actually like what I’m writing. That should give you pause. People supporting Magazzu’s flak on a web site dedicated to tearing him down. There may be times when I can’t help myself, but for now, it’s good by and good luck.

    Remember the state Election Law Enforcement Commission. that’s the key to what you folks call NACogate. But don’t listen to me. Just keep hammering away. Great strategy. Really taking hold with the voting public. Forget about everything else Stick with NACogate, 24/7. We’ll see who gets sugar on election night and we’ll see who the Monster on the Loose really is. Guess Who? Either Randy Bachman or Burton Cummings. TKB, as Randy and the King once said.

  31. CryinShame says:

    Miles, do NOT drink the kool-aid. County taxes are horrendous. County boards are being obliterated, quality members are being ‘outed’ and replaced by rhetoric-spouting drones. The current freeholder board is immature, inexperienced, and under-informed. The Democratic party is splintered and for good cause.

  32. mango says:

    I understand your frustration at the anonymity afforded by internet blogs. In fact, that is what got us here – my speculation on the identity of the anonymous tryagain. I picked up on comments made in an earlier post bringing up your name as a likely candidate. While it is true that speculation as to tryagain’s identity has been rampant from the “knotu” days, I agree with the comments that I should not have pursued the issue in a post. Mea culpa. I fully understand the value of anonymity. I prefer to remain anonymous because in the past Lou launched a very serious threat against my personal wellbeing. It really frightened me, and I don’t want to expose myself to more of the same.

    Calhoun says, “There has to be a better way to bring Lou supporters into the discussion than by attributing posts to them that they did not make and forcing them to come on the site to prove their innocence”.

    Well, maybe so, but I get the sense that you haven’t had a problem coming on to the site. Clearly it has afforded you much more than the opportunity of proving your “innocence”. For one thing, it seems to have put you in touch with old friends from an apparently colorful past.

    But let’s discuss your comments about Lou. You are of the “Lou gets things done” school. This argument has been discussed here and in the press. It has been noted that just “getting things done” does not equate to good governance. One writer notes that Ghenghis Khan and Stalin got things done. As taxpayers, we deserve civility from our leaders. You simply cannot treat people like dirt and be a good leader. But even the claim that Lou “gets things done” is overblown. He asks for credit for any progress made in the county in the last 15 years. Wasn’t there a guy named Ender who had something to do with the growth of the county college?

    I say with all sincerity that I am sorry to hear about your accident. Even though we may differ in our perspective on Lou, I wish suffering on no one. However, on the road to recovery you seem to have had an epiphany that confers sainthood on Lou. If Lou is the person you portray, this site would not exist. Let me be clear that this site is not partisan. Its principals are both Democrat and Republican. This site began out of frustration at watching Lou running the county like a personal fiefdom. When we started, it was not with the intent of unseating Lou. In fact, given the numbers of people obliged to him for some handout or other, I’m not certain that it’s possible to unseat him even now. But we shall see.

    Miles, you sound like a nice guy, and I sincerely regret any unhappiness my focusing on you has brought about. But please don’t dismiss us as “haters”. Far from it. We are people who care about the county and believe we deserve the best governance we can get, and that’s not Lou.

  33. Mango-some history-Stalin got little done except to nearly destroy the soviet Union. Only WWII saved him from the wooden pony where many of his victims ended up. (the pony being a wooden device where victim kneeled through “trial only to be executed at end with bullet in back of head. pony was invented to prevent injury to bystanders from stray bullets) He was about to go down because people were about to rise up due to his mismangment of the economy and farms. But the war gave the Soviet people a common enemy other than Stalin. many said had Hitler embraced the Ukraine rather than occupy it, he would have won over its population and maybe defeated the soviet union. Instead, Hitler brutalized the Ukraine worse than, as bad as, Stalin. I’ve studied Stalin and Louis Magazzu is no Stalin.

    History gave Genghis Khan a bad rap. The great Khan was the only person to lead an army into Russia during the winter and win. His problem is that the Mongols never stayed in one place long enough. As Nomads, they just ran through eastern Europe like, well, a Mongol horde. but eh Great Khan himself was not, well, yes he was brutal. But you have to look at it in the standards of the times. the Mongols continue to be an historical mystery. They expanded in four directions for 200 years, something no other people have repeated, and then basically stopped. Look at the populations of much of northeastern Asia, Turkey and Central Asia and you’ll see the descendants of the Mongols. a much tamer group indeed.

    Lou also is no Mongol, destroying everything in his path as you say. You fear retribution? I’ve hammered Lou as much as anyone and I’ve suffered none of that fear and retribution. I was taken off the county beat, but that was my employers who did that, not Lou.

    You seem like a nice, smart person. What are you doing with this crowd. (Indeed what am I dong trying to deal with this crowd.) People have this idea that people are either all good or all bad. The folks at Magazzu Watch think Louis Magazzu is all bad. They’re wrong. During my 18 years, he and the Freeholder Board he serves with is simply the best I’ve seen. that’s a subjective assessment, but one I stand by. Is Jen Swift/Lookabaugh a bad person? No. Just not as effective a leader as Magazzu. and, despite her protests to the contrary, she’s avoiding talking about what she and Wymbs did by burying the county manor after it was destroyed by fire and then failing to tell the public that they were planning to use about $400,000 saved by Mr. Wymbs’ very clever solution for purposes outside of the public view. Is Mr. Wymbs a bad person? No, he’s a very capable public servant and a smart person I used to enjoy talking to on a regular basis. He runs a heck of a landfill and should have some sort of job security, although his present contract seems a little airtight. I miss his conversation, but since i went to the DJ, he sort of cut me off. I guess working for the Democrats isn’t going to do me any better in returning our relationship to an active one.

    And Louis Magazzu isn’t a bad person, either. he’s a fine public servant who has completed many of the projects that seemed stuck in limbo before he ook the director’s seat. Yes, he gets things done. Yes, he pushes people to get things done. Yes, people sometime resent being pushed.

    But we’re not talking about makin widgets here. We’re talking about the lives of our county’s citizens. Louis is passionate about making sure everyone has an opportunity. I thought hs motives were selfish in that he wanted to be looked upon as the great savior. I’ve found that’s not true. he’s willing to take all this abuse from Magazzu Watch just as long as the public is served by his role as a lightening rod. Imagine having kids and seeing people call you a crook and all sorts of names, including the amazingly immature Mr. Magoo.

    No, Louis magazzuis far fro a bad person.

    I once wrote, long before he was elected to any office, that Cumberland county was going to have to learn to eal with Louis Magazzu one day. He was then viewed as an upstart who would tilt county politics toward Vineland. that neverhappened, but people still didn’t like his style or his unbridled energy. They fear someone who is willing to take some chances in moving Cumberland County from the bottom of all the wrong lists. and he’s well on his way in doing so. Cumberland County is New jersey’s new fronteir and Louis magazzu deserves at least some of the credit for that fact. If you don’t want to give that to him, if you want to fear Lou rather than get to know him, so be it. Just don’t abandon Cumberland County to perpetual poverty. have some faith and take a look at what’s happening. Progress is being made. Cumberland County is starting to show up on some of the right lists. Give Louis his due rather than demonize him.

  34. James R. Sauro says:

    Well I’ve read about enough. Miles you have made a tremendous about turn when it comes to Lou Magazzu. Let’s not go into all the conversations we’ve had about him, how you felt about him and so on. That being said Lou has done nothing for Cumberland County. He was not responsible for the empowerment zone coming to the county. He was not the only one who broke their backside trying to get the motorsports park here. He has bullied people, threatened people,and has divided people. I know for a fact people not getting reappointed due to their disagreements with Lou. Please do not give him credit for the increase in ratables. Developers found out that the land was cheaper in Cumberland County than any where else in south Jersey. That’s why they built here not because of Lou Magazzu. Lou Magazzu is a poor communicator. Never lets anyone know what he is doing. Prime example Lou orchestrated the no bid lease for the social service building that 5 other freeholder knew nothing about. The press conference about Rt 55 and Rt 49 where the city of Millville committeeman knew nothing about, and the resolution about the zoo where Bridgeton council people knew nothing about. When you have hours to listen let me know I’ll talk to you about all the close sessions and his attitude and how he talked to people. We are still on the top of the wrong list and progress isn’t being made. I’ll stop here but there is so much more. And by the way I sign my name. So don’t bring that up. Maybe Tryagain will one day sign his.

  35. Guess-Who says:

    You & Lou Hooked Up today I see to Draft these Short Stories, these are beyond the point of a RESPONSE.

    They are Very TELLING to the Mind Set of the Argument.

    Someone needs to OPEN their EYES
    Sooner Rather than Later.

    Anyone out there have Milk & Cookies,
    as this RHETORIC meaning these(Short Stories)are like a Fiction Noval.

    Hey Miles take the time while ur on the internet to RE-READ what I have Said; then LISTEN to some of the Music of the GUESS-WHO
    As you might want to Tune into (SHARE the LAND).

    I’ll still suggest you find that song I mention in the earlier post (Bittersweet Symphony)if u haven’t HEARD it before:Take the Time or Make the Time!

    Miles Answer this if u CAN
    Is Lou being Supported by Norcross?
    It is as Simple as a YES or NO Answer.

    Don’t try to Put WORDS in my Postings that are NOT there!

    Let ME be CLEAR on this I don’t take this
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Lightly with some of the Non-Sense that has been posted in this thread mentioning my Screen-Name.

    Tell z-Boss to Sit & Spin on This & if its NOT what He wants to HEAR or READ: TO _ _ _ _ _ _ _ BAD.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  36. Sell me a bridge says:

    Miles Answer this if u CAN
    Is Lou being Supported by Norcross?
    It is as Simple as a YES or NO Answer.

    Not any more, Magazzu is poison and the AG has to look into things now after reading the statutes Greco referenced in his letter.

    Not even Norcross is dumb enough to touch Magazzu now.

  37. Sell me a bridge says:

    Miles wrote “I did some hard-hitting reporting on Lou just as i did on Sauro and Sorantino. I’m a no-bias type of guy..”

    And the Atlantic City Press says, “Miles Jackson, a spokesman for the county Democratic Party.”

    This makes miles a giant douche bag for lying about being a “no-bias type of guy..”

  38. tryagain says:

    And just what did little tiny Jimmy Sorrow accomplish during his tenure on the Freeholder Board and as Director? The answer would be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! Unless of course you can count having county employees with guns holding other county employees against their will as an accomplishment!! What a joke !! Remeber the disasterous jail raid led by Sorrow and Sorantino? He has been by far the WORST Freeholder Director in the entire history of Cumberland County!! Magazzu has been one of the very best.

  39. Guess-Who says:

    Tryagain or anyone else from HQ:
    Is Lou being Supported by Norcross?
    It is a Simple YES or NO Answer!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  40. Guess Who (still love the group. No sugar tonight and all that.)

    I don’t really know. I think Norcrossis deeply suspccious of Lou, but that they’ve come to some sort of understanding so that it appears that there’s no open hositilities between the two.

    I do know that Norcross isn’t a big contributor, if a contributor at all, to the CCDO. And I do know that Norcross doesn’t call the shots in CC as he does in other SJ counties. You can thank Louis Magazzu for that. He stood up to Norcross and paid dearly for it.

    And to the guy who called me a d—- bag. Real classy. Perhaps I should have said “i was a no-bias sort of guy.” Jim Sauro and Jen Lookabaugh both said they were disappointed in my apparent bias now that I’m no longer a reporter. It hurts me to have Jim think badly of me, but I know that he does. Jim Sauro is a real stand up guy. He just wasn’t ready to take on the role of FH Director. Nobody would after one or two years as a politican. But people’s feelings get hurt. Sorry Jim. But your party has been taken over by mean-sirited folks who think that a request for an investigation to the AG is a conviction. How wyou have felt if your face, complete with booking numbers, was posted after an investigation by the AG was requested after your jail raid? A painful truth about just how filled with hate those on MW watch are. I hope folks read comments by Angelo Genova, longtime election law lawyer who spoke to reporters yesterday about the request for an investigation. Angelo knows more about election law than most AGs

    And ask Alex Dragotta about making charges of criminal behavior against public officials. He should know what the consequences will be.

    And to Mr. D—- Bag. I’m a flak for a political party. Of course I’m partisan. A real brain surgeon, this one.

    I gotta stop wasting time on the blog. Like shooting fish in a barrel. As I said from the first, Know-Nothings. As Teddy R. called them great Republican he was.

  41. Sell me a bridge says:

    I’m not a lawyer but I can read English and the statutes Greco quoted in his letter look pretty cut and dry to me. Though I did enjoy reading your veiled threat about “making charges.” It’s interesting the way that you can complain about what the Republicans say and then throw threats around.

  42. Guess-Who says:

    Who is doing the Name-Calling “I said from the first, Know-Nothings”
    Think About IT!

    I don’t Partake in these kinds of postings (Name-Calling), most that know; Know that I don’t circle the block a few times or go around & around.
    It is Straight to the POINT & I expect Truthful ANSWERS when a Question is Presented.
    Never Answering the Questions only will LEAD to More & More & More & More QUESTIONS.

    I will Debate anyone on the Issues that are EFFECTING this Community of Cumberland County NJ.

    A CHANGE is Coming to County Govt & Anyone WHO feels this is a Problem might want to ASK the Citizens what Happened in Vineland on the May 13th 2008 Election.

    Just because Someone posts a Comment/Opinion or a FACT on this website or any other website for that Matter that does NOT Attribute they are Affiliated with a Certain Political Party.
    So REMEMBER before u go GENERALIZING about Individuals on their AFFILIATION u just might WANT to get your FACTS Straight!

    Just letting u know my Fingers haven’t ever Warmed up Yet, These Facts are Stubborn Things.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  43. How no, you pure as the driven snow.

    but also not very knowledgible about the history of the Republican Party.During Teddy Roosevelt’s time, there was a group that actually called themselves the Know Nothings. I’m not calling anyone a name. I’m just referring the the less-than progressive ways of an historical movement.

    Yo really should read more about TR. One great Republican who changed the nation for the better in so many ways. there’s a reason why his face is carved in Mt. Rushmore with Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

    Shame on you for not knowing you Republican history and the party the Know Nothings played in it. Just so many more weasel words from you and your fellow MW cohorts. (see if you can figure out the weasel word historical footnote.)

    You folks have done the political system much harm by thinking that a legal contribution is a criminal act and treating it as such even though all you’ve got is a complaint sent to the AG. Lots of people ask the AG to investate stuff, but that doesn’t an illegal act make.

    I imagine you’ll be hearing from some lawyers of you own (imagine! a layer deals with criminals. Mr Genova will be delighted to hear that. It’s like saying Ed Jacobs is a criminal because he defends organized crime figures. But Ed Jacobs also defends cops. He’s a lawyer. He defends people charged with crimes and he advises law-abiding people about what is right and wrong to make sure they don’t run afoul of the finer aspects of our legal system that tend to get law-abiding people in trouble.)

    Mind you, you’ve charged that Lou Magazzu, who has never been charged with any crime, violation of state regulation or even a traffic ticket with some pretty heavy stuff. Hope you can prove it
    the budgets Mr. Magazzu put together for the county were such fine works of legality that the one year the Republicans had control of the county government, guess who they named as Freeholder finance Committee Chairman. Yes, Louis Magazzu. Would you do that to someone with such criminal tendencies as you ascribe to Mr. Magazzu?
    But the Republican majority of that year did run afoul of the law with their own AG investigation when they illegally held a raid on the CC Jail the county is just finishing payment of lawsuits filed by any number of people from that one and while the AG found no criminal wrongdoing, he didn’t actually let the Republicans go scott free. there were somepretty heavy recriminations contained in the report on the raid, ones that should make any Republican think twice before pointing the finger at anyone.

    You can ask fellow MW blogger Alex Dragotta what happens when someone speaks publically about slanders charges against a public official. There’s a part of the law that deals with that, one where people who think they an say anything about a public figure often run afoul of the legal system. But just ask Alex.

    I can’t wait to see h

  44. Sell me a bridge says:

    In response to – Miles Jackson Says:
    September 25, 2009 at 3:55 pm


  45. amused says:

    Come on Sell me, give Miles a break. He’s only doing what the Magazzu camp is paying him to do. I just hope he isn’t being paid piece-work (Oh that’s right, that’s illegal). But I must agree with you it’s getting to be some pretty boring drawn-out BS.

  46. Guess-Who says:

    Now your giving Me a History Lesson,
    Here is alittle Bit of Advice to U; Use the ENERGY elsewhere, maybe HQ will need u?

    The People of Cumberland County are Plain Tired of EXCUSES from these Incumbent Freeholders.
    It is this type of Politics that has Separated the County & Individuals in Our Communities.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

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