Question about salaries and the law

This was sent anonymously from one of our many fans:

I remember when the bill was passed that increased the salary of the Constitutional Officers. It was said at the time that the salary increases would be funded by an increase in the fees charged for services by those offices. I also know that the fees increased when the bill was signed into law.

If the current constitutional officers and the one who is trying to get elected all agree to work for less than the law permits, are those fees now being reduced?

Good question. Have those fees been reduced, or is Lou continuing to rip off the taxpayers by reducing salaries but keeping the increased fees associated with the services.

I believe that the wording of the bill stated that any excess collected by the increased fees was to be used towards tax relief. If the fees are still at the new rate, how is the excess being used?

Another good question. Since our Constitutional officers, in Lou’s eyes, are not worth as much as their counterparts in Atlantic, Salem and Gloucester counties, are our fees scaled down also? If not, how much of that money has been put towards tax relief? All we can see according to the budget that Lou still refuses to make public is increased spending in every department.

Is the decrease in salaries another way for King Lou to finance his pet projects?

Isn’t everything a way for Lou to finance his pet projects, or his OWN projects with money illicitly borrowed from a political campaign? You be the judge.


One Response to Question about salaries and the law

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    “Finance his pet projects”. Is that the politically correct way to say “Put more cronies on the county payroll”?

    Hey, Doug Rinear, how does it feel to have the money you are entitled to, going to a “Confidential Freeholder Assistant”?

    Looks like there’s one born every minute.

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