The News picks up the Linda Forbes story

The News apparently is watching our blog. They picked up the story about Linda Forbes being kicked off of the Human Services Advisory Council, allegedly in retribution to her outspoken activism that was at times at odds with Lou.

One of the most outspoken members of the county’s Human Services Advisory Council had her reappointment nixed earlier this month.

She believes that the decision to pass on her nomination has less to do with her past resume of social service work and desire to serve and more to do with her adversarial relationship with Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu and other members of the freeholder board.

Linda Forbes, a former United Way senior vice president who has served on the Human Services Advisory Board since around 2005 when she moved to Millville, said Monday that she feels having her reappointment denied was “payback” for going “head-on with Lou Magazzu” and his colleagues multiple times on a number of issues.

Linda explained to Matt Dunn in more detail than we covered why she thinks she was ousted:

In August, Forbes wrote a letter to the News claiming that the freeholder director “terrorizes people” and whose method is to “control, dominate and squash his opponents.”

“I had a big mouth and got involved in political stuff,” Forbes said Monday. “Certainly, this is what Lou does if you go up against him.”

As is his MO, Lou allowed others to take the blame for this move.

Magazzu directed questions Monday about the appointments to the Human Services Advisory Board, made at the freeholder’s Sept. 10 meeting to Freeholder Jim Dunkins and Riley.

Dunkins came up with spurious remarks. now remember that Dunkins is the same person that borrowed thousands of dollars of county money for his non-profit, at which he took an exorbitant salary. After paying salaries and overhead, and accomplishing nothing, he defaulted on the loan. He is no representing the taxpayers of Cumberland County.

“It was a full board vote. It was not something led by Lou Magazzu,” Dunkins said Monday. “Myself, (Freeholder Jane Jannarone and Freeholder Bill Whelan) made a committment when we were elected to look at all the boards and make sure that the boards were diverse and that there were new people serving. Out of the 12 appointments since we’ve been elected, most of them had been to put women or minorities on the board.”

So Dunkins, who owes everything he has to Lou’s largess, Jannarone that fawns and coos over Lou as if he were the second coming, and Bill Whelan who daily is proving that he has no backbone to stand against Lou even when it means he has to sign on to being fiscally irresponsible all acted on their own accord, with no direction from Louis. Right! Show me three times that this crew has voted AGAINST Louis in a freeholder meeting.  It is doubtful that anyone of these accomplices has a mind of their own.

And the video of Dr. Riley last December berating and publicly humiliating Linda, a private citizen who had the gall to stand up at a freeholder meeting and ask questions is downright appalling. It is despicable, inexcusable, there is no shortageof adjectives to describe this bully.This decision was not made by three people with independent thoughts. It was clear retribution, and proof that if you cross Lou, he will take action.

Hey rev’run, did you realize that Forbes IS a woman? Forbes has a resume to be proud of.  She has experience. Apparently the only requirement to serve on this board is to be a supporter of Lou (or at least have the sense to keep your mouth shut if you disagree), no experience necessary.


9 Responses to The News picks up the Linda Forbes story

  1. Lobster Claws says:

    Can you post a link to the video? I haven’t seen it.

  2. Deep Throat says:

    Who are the other more qualified people thay have put on the board? Pure bull______. Forbes brought the widest experience and talent of any member of HSAC.
    Most of the members are very upset about her replacement. Except those who are misuseing the grants thay have obtained.

  3. CryinShame says:

    Forbes was an invaluable asset to that Board. It’s interesting that Dunkins sites “fresh perspective” as a reason behind replacing her…wouldnt’ that ring true for replacing one Freeholder in particular?

  4. gorgon says:

    I can’t believe Dunkins would let Lou make him his bitch. I gave Dunkins more credit than that. Is he really lending his street cred to Lou after all of the stories have been exposed? Will his people trust him if this all goes bad? The good Rev should consider before he jumps off this cliff.

  5. Deparego says:

    Linda Forbes has been added to the women disparaged and taken out by Lou – Jennifer Lookabaugh, Donna Pearson, Jane Christy and now Linda Forbes. Democrat County Clerk candidate has lowered the glass ceiling even more in Cumberland County by vowing to take a pay cut for the Constitutional Officer’s job with the pay scale set by statute. Tsk, tsk, not a very good example for the talented young women in this county. Another sign of disrespect by the entrenched machine.

  6. DaveG says:

    How long have the other members been on the board?
    I hear most have served much longer than Ms, Forbes.
    Can anyone or any newspaper check the terms of the rest of the board? I would like to know if my elected officals are being truthful.

  7. mango says:

    The majority of the Council served longer than Linda Forbes. She started in September 2005 so, as that Council is concerned, was a relatively new member.

    I agree that this is another example of Lou tossing a hot potato to another freeholder. Dunkins is left to make explanations, and he doesn’t even know Mrs. Forbes.

    What is most amazing, however, is that this is the type of Lou news that gets on the front page. Who is Forbes, after all? A relatively recent arrival, not well established in the county. Why is the front page being used for this chickens*** article. Why not something about the $10K check Lou wrote to himself at no interest, following his $36K or so loan to the Democratic Committee at 8+% interest. I mean, there is so much more substantive news about Lou, or at least there could be, with a little digging. But no one in the press wants to go there. So they make a big deal about the Forbes thing. This is just a diversion; the press trying to make it look as if it doing its job. The Forbes thing is nothing compared to the serious stuff going on.

  8. tryagain says:

    Linda WHO? And she did what? Oh, nothing that’s right!!!! Mango is right! Who cares about Linda Forbes? Oh that’s right her dear “I’m afraid of Magazzu because he said he is going to bury me” CHRISTY. What a bunch of crap. WARNING: Rumor circulating that a county football coach told his team “we’re gonna bury those guys this Thanksgiving Day game”. Sure hope they have plenty of security at THAT BIG game this year!! What a joke Christy’s letter was and IS!! Think she has totally lost it? If she ever had it?

  9. Guess-Who says:

    Where is the County Football Coach Located?
    Could it be CAMDEN?

    Does anyone Think there might be of some INTEREST to have a look-see into this part of the Comment “Warning” that was posted 9/23/09 6:54am by Tryagain in this tread?

    The Residents of Cumberland County are being Short-Changed buy the Freeholder Incumbents that are serving Who or Whom,These Facts are Stubborn Things!

    13%+ Unemployment in Cumberland County NJ
    The Highest Teen Pregnancy Rate in the State,
    There is Plenty more to be Said about; Why this Area is the Butt of All Jokes throughout the State of NJ & the Mid-Atlantic Region.
    Our Local Politicians only ADD new Material to the Comedy Circuit.

    To Continue Electing Individuals more than Two Terms for any Elected Office or for any Appointed Position for that matter within the Govt.
    Serving more than 2 Terms is REALLY a Dis-Service to the Community.
    The Framers of the CONSTITUTION wanted New & Fresh IDEAS coming in to Advance this REPUBLIC!

    Checks and Balance make this County a Better Place

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