The Lou Magazzu Gutter Challenge

Who’s in the gutter?

In an insipid letter supporting Louis Magazzu, to be in tomorrow’s News of Cumberland County, the write accuses everyone running against Lou of slinging mud.

They are always sniping against him because he seems to know instinctively how to help this county. His opponents never tell us how they plan to help us. They just keep sniping at Lou.

These do-nothing people are always trying to accuse Lou of something. Whenever politicians start slinging mud, we get mired in gridlock and no progress happens. We have seen it happen in the past. Let’s not go there.

This writer is either lying, ill-informed, or signing their name to a letter they didn’t write. A quick review of the websites, and the few news articles about the challengers that do make it into the papers (the Daily Journal has REFUSED to cover Republican press conferences) will give many examples of the challengers addressing issues.

In fact, it was Mr. Magazzu that slung the mud, claiming publicly that Bob Greco (we didn’t even know he was running for anything) “lived in the gutter”. Magazzu’s website itself calls his opponents names, but doesn’t give voters a clue as to what his candidates would do differently than has been done the last 30 years to keep Cumberland County in last place economically and socially.

The Lou Magazzu Gutter Challenge

We challenge our readers to submit items from recent published accounts where ANY of the current candidates for Freeholder have slung mud, rolled in the gutter, or otherwise engaged in dirty campaigning. if that is too difficult – and we have not found any instances, then feel free to post where Lou took the campaign into the mud with name calling, lies and innuendo.


One Response to The Lou Magazzu Gutter Challenge

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Lets start this by saying,
    Lou u ready to DEBATE some IMPORTANT ISSUES that have Precedent in the Future of Cumberland County.

    Your non-sense & name-calling style of politics will NOT work this time.

    The County residents are paying attention CLOSER than the current Freeholder Board is aware of.

    Citizens throughout Cumberland County have had ENOUGH of this type of POLITICAL wrangling and will show PROOF of this Nov 3,2009.

    It’s just under 6 weeks until the Election
    Get ready FREEHOLDERS to answer the questions all the PEOPLE of this COMMUNITY have been WANTING & WAITING to have ANSWERED.

    I’ve posted here to ENSURE that Cumberland County Government gets its ACT together.
    Checks and Balance makes the County a Better Place

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