Savings? Lou just spent it!

On Sept. 9th, the freeholders held a finance meeting and decided to extend the county clerk’s hours in Oct for early voting each night and also at the mall.  Bill Whelan moved the resolution. Bill continues to disappoint us, following Magazzu’s every command.

On Sept. 10th, the board  informed Gloria Noto they would be passing a resolution that night at the freeholder meeting that would require this and said she could attend if she wanted.  No other county in the state is doing this.

The cost in overtime is more than the money Lauren Van Embden is willing to give up to be clerk!  We are not sure if the county is anteing up the money to cover the overtime. If not, they passed a resolution forcing Noto to violate the law. The County Clerk is not allowed to require overtime if there is not money in the budget allocated to cover salaries. There is not enough money to cover this absurd amount of overtime.

Lou dresses it up as a way to help people get out the vote. However, the state of New Jersey just passed a very lenient vote by mail law that allows anyone, for any reason to vote from the comfort of their own home. This is not a registration drive, it will be too late for people to register. the deadline to register is October 13.

This is just a way for Lou and Nelson’s union minions to round up mall shoppers and lead them in to vote for Lou.  I promise that we will be at the mall ensuring that they are not trying to illegally influence the vote. I can see it now, the booth with Lou’s photo as Freeholder Director. A blatant attempt to influence the vote.  If you think the buses are something, watch this one!


5 Responses to Savings? Lou just spent it!

  1. tryagain says:

    Sounds like you clowns don’t want certain people to vote! Certainly can read between the lines of your rantings? Get the bleach out Martha. Sounds like a decent plan to get participation in an election. Something we certainly need to improve. As for the money sounds like another Noto smokescreen. Sure she can find money in HER (OUR) budget. After all last week she was bragging how she sends money back each year from her obviously over inflated budget requests each year!! Go Van Embden!! Can’t wait for Nov. and the NEW Clerk to FINALLY be working for ALL the people of Cumberland County! NOTO HAS GOT TO GOGO!!

  2. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Someone sure seems worried about this election.


  3. SalarySam says:

    The clerk’s expenditures are constrained by budget allocations. She can’t simply use money she collects for recording fees to pay overtime. The money the clerk handles is not her money — she just handles it. All receipts have to be handled in accordance with procedures as do expenditures. I hope that Lauren V, if she wins, figures that out too.

    By the way, the money the clerk handles INCLUDES the increased fees imposed at the time of the salary increases mandated by the State to PAY FOR THE SALARY INCREASES. That means that all county residents recording land records are PAYING MORE in order to pay the clerk, sheriff and surrogate their mandated salaries but Lord Lou is grabbing that money. It’s a secret tax.

  4. tryagain, Gloria CANNOT, by law, use money for overtime that has not been allocated. You are advocating that she violate the law.

    The county has worked hard to get ballots to people’s homes so that they can “get out the vote”. This is a transparent scheme for Lou to use county money, OUR money, to campaign for himself.

  5. tryagain says:

    According to the paper Nuto both has the money in her budget and the Freeholders have money available to her. Seems she is quite content noto having a big turnout voting against her!! Go VanEmbden!

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