Crystal Ball

Lou's future?We contacted a local spiritualist, and inquired about Lou’s future. She said she saw a lot of numbers in his future.


13 Responses to Crystal Ball

  1. gorgon says:

    He looks happy.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    I wonder what the dinner conversation was at his home after the Republicans dropped this one on him.

  3. Hey Miles says:

    Hey Miles,

    Care to comment on the connection of Norcross-Magazzu and the Camden County political machine?

    You don’t have the balls!

  4. tryagain says:

    Just more of the same old political stunt from the Republicans!! Nothing done wrong here. Just more hype from the Greco gutter politics. Hurry up Nov. election when these uglies can crawl back into their respective holes! Magazzu wins!!!

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Tryagain or anyone else from HQ
    Is Lou being Supported by Norcross?
    It is a Simple YES or NO Answer!

  6. Het try/lou/knot says:

    Hey big mouth, or miles or what ever the hell you call yourself,

    Comment on the Norcross-Magazzu connection….
    If it’s nothing say so! Put it in writing! So far no one from your camp has said a peep. Afraid of something? Admit it! You’re connected lou(ser)!

    All you can do is hurl names. it’s no wonder coming from a bunch of BALL-less punks like yourselves. Hiding behind the lawyer skirts and washed up reporters. What is it that you can’t answer for yourself?

    And you know the good people of Cumberland County do not want that crap going on here!

    buy lou(ser)!

  7. Heytry/lou/knot says “ball-less punks” (sic) washed up “reporters”) and “connected louser (sic again)” and then, with apparent all seriousness, say “all you can do is hurl names.”

    Is that the heights of irony or what. It would almost be funny if the guy wasn’t serious.

    ps: sic doesn’t mean sick, although you could make that inference. It is not a name and means, it means, well, look it up in the dictionary.

  8. Sell me a bridge says:

    I know what sic means and it’s supposed to be written in brackets, like this [sic], not in parenthesis, (sic), like you wrote it. If you are going to make fun of people, even if you are throwing something back at them, at least do it right. Besides they say you were a reporter, you should have known better.

  9. tryagain says:

    Not to worry Miles. These clowns keep looking for some BIG conspiracy between Norcross and Magazzu. Do they really think Norcross cares that much about poor Cumberland County? They are quick to point out EVERYTHING wrong here with no suggestions. They sound like the Republican and Independent Freeholder candidates!! Now they are judge and jury and trying to be executioner too! Won’t work, even us poor dumb Cumberland type folk can figure out these poor pathetic tortured souls. Just a few of the crazies mostly from the Holly City! Holly NOT Holy! They need to get real lives but…..

  10. Both the Republicans and the Independents have well thought out solutions on their websites. Lou on the other hand calls his opponents names on his website. So who is coming up with solutions?

    Lou’s solution is to continue business as usual in Cumberland County – highest unemployment (and rising while neighboring counties decline), doubled spending in the past 6 years, almost doubled county taxes in the past 6 years, the funneling of money to no-show jobs such as Todd Edwards in the CCUA, Veight in the CCUA, the list goes on…

    The only thing we agree with you on, tryagin, is that hopefully the “poor dumb Cumberland type folk” can figure it out!

  11. amused says:

    Eyes.. veight on the CCIA, not CCUA.

  12. Guess-Who says:

    You said “between Norcross and Magazzu”;

    Here are the Questions Alot of Voters Want ANSWERED:
    Does or Has Mr. Norcross visit[ed] with Mr. Magazzu here in Cumberland County & Is there any Reason to Believe there is an Interest in Our County by Him?
    Be Honest About your Answer!

    Because if He has been Here to Cumberland County then he has SEEN with his Own Eyes why Our Community is the Laughing Stalk of the entire STATE of New Jersey.

    These Current Freeholders can Answer These Questions:
    When should we Expect to SEE JOBS that will Pay Cost of Living Wages?
    When will the Proper INFRASTRUCTURE start being DEVELOPED in this County & TRENTON to Help us Re-BUILD Our Communities here in South Jersey that will Attract the Brightest Individuals & Provide a way to Entice them to INVEST in Cumberland County as a WHOLE?

    L{.}{.}K around to SEE what is really going on in Our County.
    The UNEMPLOYMENT Rate is 13%+ & Rising Daily
    This Current Freeholder Board has NOT a CLUE as to what to DO about this Economic Situation here in Our DIVERSE Communities that make Up Cumberland County.
    The Incumbents (Freeholders) Time Served on this Board has Resulted in more Questions than Answers. It has Caused Tax-Payers Money to be Used to Pay for these MISTAKES.
    New Faces with Fresh Ideas to Lead this County into the 21st Century is NEEDED more than Ever Before.

    Ps: Tryagain:
    The Reference to “poor dumb Cumberland type folk”.
    Keep-ON THINKING that Way,It Shows your Out of Touch with VOTERS!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  13. Still no answers says:

    You idiots [sic] still didn’t answer the question about the norcross-magazzu connection. I see where the balls were left, in lou-sers pocket. Oh and miles, you still need a haircut. Maybe you’ll get one after the election sweep so it looks like you’re willing to clean your act up. And to defend try/knot/lou? So funny how your silence condones that poster’s behavior here. Hypocrite!

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