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Genova 1099s - Lou Magazzu pays his croniesWhat you see here are 1099’s for North Jersey lawyer Angelo Genova.  Lou Magazzu payed Genova’s law firm almost $65,000 in 2007 and over $108,000 in 2008.

Genova, close associate of corrupt North Jersey politicians under indictment, is also a close associate of Magazzu, apparently.

We have to ask just why Lou thought it necessary to pay a North Jersey attorney almost $175,000 over a two year period. Was this pay back to the corrupt Norcross machine? Was Lou not able to find even one competent law firm in the county?

Just why was it so important for Lou to siphon that much tax money to a North Jersey law firm? Is that law firm now representing Lou for free?

Lou cannot pay his electric bill, his fees to maintain his law license, monthly rent for that mysterious storage shed – how is he going to afford the exorbitant fees charged by this North Jersey lawyer? Or is the lawyer going to give Lou a break in his price? If so, isn’t that pay-to-play?


11 Responses to More Cammarano – Magazzu links

  1. Sell me a bridge says:

    Ouch! This one has to hurt.

  2. Okay Miles – it is time for you to chime in. There is no connection between Louis and North Jersey corruption, right?

  3. SalarySam says:

    Actual facts. Actual documents. Hard to spin that.

  4. tryagain says:

    First just because attornies may represent bad people doesn’t make the attorney bad!! If that was the case then I guess we can discount ANYTHING Defense Attorney Jim Swift says because he must be bad representing ALL those horrible people he represents in court!!!! So let’s not tarnish an entire law firm!! Seconly you act as if Magazzu ALONE has hired the Genova, etc. law firm? What a bunch of crap!!! But what else would one expect from this slanted partisan website!!!!! Do you EVER investigate the WHOLE truth? More pathetic attmepts meant to bring down Magazzu!! No need to spin the truth Sam! Genova firm hired by the ENTIRE Freeholder Board!!

  5. Lets try this again says:

    Answer the question miles or try/knot/lou:

    How is magazzu and Norcross connected? Is he sending money for control to Cumberland County? Put it out there for all of us to read!

    Don’t duck. Starp a set on and answer. It’s a very simple question.

    Maybe the Republicans should beat this drum too!

  6. SalarySam says:

    Funny how Lord Lou BLAMES Peterson for something the whole board did. The problem Knot is that I don’t think the “whole” board is acting as a board. I think they are acting as a rubber stamp for Lord Lou. He picked them, financed them and controls them like puppets. One of their functions is to take heat off of Lord Lou but I won’t accept that. If you want to be the boss the buck stops with you.’

    I have to say that I found it extremely amusing to see you say, “First, just because attornies may represent bad people doesn’t make the attorney bad!!” I didn’t think you’d acknowledge that Lord Lou was a bad person. I guess there’s always the prospect of suprise.

  7. Okay Lou – so Peterson was ENTIRELY to blame for a vote of seven Freeholders, but you are NOT to blame by a vote of seven Freeholders.

    You cannot have it both ways! As Freeholder Director, you are point man. Any vote that you agree with comes back to YOU!

    Now – on to Genova and the lie you are perpetrating.
    You say “First just because attornies may represent bad people doesn’t make the attorney bad!”

    First of all, it is spelled ‘attorneys’ – don’t be a Dan Quayle! You embarrass our education system!

    I agree, just because Genova represents a bad person, Magazzu, doesn’t make him bad.

    Here is the lie – Cammarano WAS an attorney with Genova’s law firm. Cammarano was bought for a measely $10,000 and BRAGGED that even if he was caught taking the bribe he would still be elected. Genova was his partner long before he “represented” the crook.

    And once again, you fail to explain WHY our Democratic Freeholder Board saw it necessary to hire a North Jersey lawyer to represent south Jersey interests?

  8. Sell me a bridge says:

    From what I just read I didn’t see anyone said anything bad about Genova, just some of his clients. I think everyone understands Genova just does his job and from what i read online he does it well. Apparently you just needed a way to attack Jim Swift because you know there is no way Magazzu spins his way out of this one.

  9. We're still waiting! says:

    We’re still waiting….

    Answer the question miles or try/knot/lou:

    How is magazzu and Norcross connected? Is he sending money for control to Cumberland County? Put it out there for all of us to read!

    Don’t duck. Strap a set on and answer. Ther are very simple questions.

    Maybe the Republicans should beat this drum too!

  10. tryagain says:

    No need to attack Swift he handled lowering himself ALL by himself with his letter to the editor attacking Lauren Van Embden. He has NO credibility!! He is still angry Magazzu and Co. handed him his butt in last years’ election. Use all the excuses you want for his loss but he and his running mates got crushed!! Magazzu and Norcross no more connected than Lobiondo and the Republican Cumberland County candidates. Reminder that the Congressman no longer lives in Cumberland County. Sure when ELEC reports are all filed the R’s will have a number of contributors outside of the County. Works both ways. No big deal. As Miles said the R’s have no plan for OUR County so their campaign run by Mr. Ethics and Morality Greco just try and cast disparaging innuendos against Magazzu! Then they get upset when they get a dose of their own medicine!

  11. Wrong louser says:

    WRONG louser!

    Lobiondo has ties to our county and represents us you idiot! His family business is in Deerfield you boob!

    Norcorss is corrupt as displayed in previous posts! I’ll link again you dope!

    So you’ve actually linked the two by your own admission! Thanks for atleast answering half a question! The other half is why Norcropss wants to control Cumberland County!

    See this:


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