NACo-Gate Day 24: Magazzu’s Peter Cammarano Connection

This was emailed to us this afternoon.

Magazzu now hiding behind an attorney connected to disgraced former Hoboken Mayor

The NACo-Gate controversy that has dominated Cumberland County politics for nearly a month has taken another strange turn. Lou Magazzu, according to The News of Cumberland County and the Vineland Daily Journal is now being represented by Angelo Genova, a lawyer working out of northern New Jersey. Mr. Genova is credited by Hudson County political insiders as the man who guided recently indicted and disgraced former Hoboken mayor Peter Cammarano’s political career. Mr. Genova has also represented Cammarano in court including Dawn Zimmer’s challenge to Cammarano’s election as mayor.

“This thing just keeps getting worse,” Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Bob Greco said. “First Magazzu hides behind Brendan Kavanagh and now he’s hiding behind the guy who guided Peter Cammarano’s career. Magazzu needs to understand nobody wants Hudson County style politics here in Cumberland County.”

Greco asked, “What does Magazzu think he did wrong that he has to bring in a pricey, politically connected attorney from North Jersey? Does Magazzu think the lawyers who live here in Cumberland County aren’t good enough?”

“Maybe Jon Corzine sent Genova here,” Greco commented. “A December 11, 2005 New York Times article said Corzine takes Genova’s calls. Obviously Corzine likes Magazzu enough to give him $5,000 to help pay off a controversial no interest loan so it is possible Corzine sent Genova here.”

“No matter how Genova came to represent Magazzu it doesn’t look good. With the perceived culture of corruption around New Jersey politics I would think the last thing Magazzu should do is bring in a lawyer with ties to a disgraced, indicted former mayor from Hoboken,” Greco said. “Bob Ingle could write a sequel to the Soprano State just by following Magazzu. He could call it NACo-Gate.”


9 Responses to NACo-Gate Day 24: Magazzu’s Peter Cammarano Connection

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    And just who is paying Angelo Genova’s bill? There is a man who can’t pay his electric bill getting all this money?

    Let me guess: The lou magazzu defense fund. lol

  2. Deep Throat says:

    Genova firm represents county in labor negotiations.
    Is Magazzu paying them or is it gratis and they will get paid higher hourly rates next year.

  3. Sell me a bridge says:

    AC Press – Miles Jackson, a spokesman for the county Democratic Party, called Greco’s move “much ado about nothing.”

    Nothing? WTF. I pay taxes and I want to know what this is all about.

  4. bigtop92 says:

    Hey,Sell Me, if you were on Lou’s payroll, you would say the same thing.

    Rumor has it ,that Freeholder candidate Sheena Santiago will take to the airwaves Saturday morning at a Vineland Radio Station at 7:30 am. Subject: LOU

  5. Answer the question says:

    Answer the question miles:

    How is magazzu and Norcross connected? Is he sending money for control to Cumberland County? Put it out there for all of us to read!

    I’ll bet your crummy, unwashed haircut that you won’t even touch this!

    Lets see what kind of ‘nads you or lou/knot/try have! I’ll be you’ll duck and evade as a typical response!

    The gloves are off on the conservative side and now it’s time to punch you liberal left wing weenies back….. harder!

  6. Sheena santiago says:

    Tomorrow morning 7:30 am for a half an hour. The radio station will be 92 FM. The program will be open to the public. I will be answering your questions to the best of my knowledge. I will be at 92 FM every Saturday 7:30 am until the last Saturday before election. If any of the other candidates are interested in debating with me live on the air please fell free to come on any Saturday.

  7. tryagain says:

    The key phrase here is “I will be answering your questions to the best of my knowledge” with the emphasis on “best of my knowledge” What a joke!! What knowledge? Sheen and the best of her knowledge which basically comes from beauty shop gossip!! Give it a break Sheena! First Barse dumped you and then you got dumped by Romano after he saw your true colors!!! You are in it for Sheena and Sheena alone!! You act as if you are in it for the people!! Poor act!!!

  8. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Barse? Who’s Barse? Never heard of him.

  9. tryagain says:

    Sheena Who? What is she this year? Republican, Democrat, Independent? Seems to change every year based upon what is good for Sheena!!

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