Time for change on Cumberland freeholder board

Gregory Lane writes a letter to the editor in the News:

To the Editor:

As the saying goes, “All’s Fair in Love and War.” But my question is: Who’s a traitor to whom, Ms. Insurance Agent/Democratic Gal about Town?

Is it disloyal for Jane Christy, Bruce Peterson and Jennifer Lookabaugh-Swift to run as Independents against Lou, Wade and Nelson (I’m using their first names because I hate your team’s captain to pieces, to borrow a phrase from Jinx the Cat, an old cartoon character)?
I believe they are running because of your current freeholder director, who has done a few positive things, such as bringing the Empowerment Zone here, but has been more of a negating force in the past few years.

Quite frankly, whether they were as Democrats or Independents really doesn’t matter to me. I would rather vote for them than vote for Lou’s partisan poison squad because of one man: Mr. Magazzu. It does not matter what the issues are, what the freeholders have done, et cetera. It’s all about throwing Lou out of office that matters to me.

That’s why to me you have a big field running for county freeholders in this election. They are targeting Lou as well as the other freeholder seats.

Before you call the three Independent Democrats running in this election traitors, you better look to the lightning rod at the top of your county party’s leadership, Ms. Insurance Agent and friends, because of what Lou Magazzu became (what I call “power-drunk,” a kind of pseudo-superiority-feeling caused by a callous lust for power), not what he’s accomplished.

Believe me, I’ve been there, because I’ve acted this way in my final months and days as Cumberland County Green Party chair in 2006. Now I’m seeing it in a fine young man tainted by lust for more power.

It’s time to look at ourselves in the mirror, folks, and ask yourselves: Do I want three more years of a two-faced county government? If the answer is “no,” then we need to start by changing freeholders.

Gregory L. Lane
Hopewell Twp.


10 Responses to Time for change on Cumberland freeholder board

  1. biggassbass says:

    Mr. Lane is right on the money. The other Freeholder while fine people are just Lou’s minions. Why you may ask? They OWE their election to Lou sice they could have not won on their own.
    I would encourage folks to UNITE to rid ourselves of Lou.

  2. CryinShame says:

    I’m pretty sure that the freeholders who won last year have President Obama to thank, not lou magazzu. Let’s be real…

  3. Sell me a bridge says:

    Obama and the nasty campaign Magazzu helped run. It’s starting to look like what goes around comes around.

  4. biggassbass says:

    The way the other Freeholders just sit mute letting Lou do as he pleases. That’s pretty real too!!

  5. CryinShame says:

    Oh, I’m not disagreeing with you on the point that the freeholder board is a marionette show, just simply that you can’t give magazzu that much credit for last year’s sweep. Credit will be due if he can pull that off 2 years in a row…

  6. biggassbass says:

    Good point. Obama had big coattails in Cumberland County.Lou will pull it off if we do not get our voters out. I am talking about Democrats like me and Independents to be motivated to come out. We have to get the media to report this man more since alot of the voters may not see this site.

  7. tryagain says:

    GO MAGAZZU and CO!!! You will prevail in November and send these hateful individuals crawling back into their respective holes!!

  8. tryagain says:

    FACT is the Dems have a much much better ticket put together than the Repubs!!! Compare and contrast the candidates and it is OBVIOUSLY clear the quality of candidates is with the Repubs!! Sjogre, VanEmbden, Thompson, and Magazzu much more qualified for their respective positions than any of the other candidates. If the best men or women win it is obvious the Dems will prevail!!

  9. Right better ticket – hahahaha – Thompson would not be a Freeholder of Louis had not appointed him. He lost every election he ever ran in. His own union rank and file despise him. The only thing good about him is he can bring jobs to his Camden County union cronies at the expense of the unemployed working people in Cumberland County – we have the HIGHEST unemployment in the region thanks to Team Magazzu.

  10. Guess-Who says:

    Cumberland County UNEMPLOYMENT is at 13%+ & Rising Daily!
    Teen Pregnancy is at an All time High here in Our Communities!
    Taxes have Increased How MUCH & POOR Decisions have C0$T the TAX-PAYERS MILLION$ besides the Million$ LOST in SETTLEMENTS.Example:
    County Prosecutors Lawsuit=$12,000,000.00+
    The Baggage is to HEAVY to Carry & the Time has come to CHANGE the FREEHOLDERS Here in Cumberland County NJ

    The People of this County Expect their Elected & Appointed Officials to REPRESENT their VIEWS & NEEDS.
    Improving the QUALITY of LIFE for All of the CITIZENS (100,000+) this is only one part of the EQUATION of pulling this Area Out of this HOLE the Current Freeholder Board has Dug for US.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

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