Arizona County Supervisor Arrested For Transferring Money To A NACo Campaign Account

Magazzu Proudly Proclaimed In NACo Candidate Profile That He Worked With The County Supervisor

Magazzu served on a task force with disgraced Arizona County Supervisor

NACo-Gate Day 27: Arizona County Supervisor Arrested For Transferring Money To A NACo Campaign Account;

Millville – Lou Magazzu’s NACo-Gate controversy took yet another odd turn thanks to the discovery of the arrest of a county supervisor in Arizona. According to published news reports Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley was recently arrested for, among other things in a laundry list of charges, opening a “Stapley for NACo” bank account “with a $100 transfer from Donald Stapley’s ‘Stapley for Supervisor’ account.”

A part of Magazzu’s NACo-Gate controversy involved a transfer of funds from a political account to his “Magazzu for NACo” account. Magazzu gave himself a no interest loan of $10,000 from the Cumberland County Democratic Organization’s bank account.

Lou Magazzu during his campaign for second vice president of NACo was proud of his close working relationship with Stapley of Arizona proclaiming in his candidate profile which is still on NACo’s website, “I have also served on President Don Stapley’s Task Force on Governance.”

“Don Stapley and Lou Magazzu worked together on a NACo task force and both have transferred money from a political account to a NACo account. It just appears a little too coincidental that two guys who have worked with each other have a similar problem revolving around their NACo accounts,” Cumberland County GOP Chairman Bob Greco said. “Now I have to wonder if it’s possible Magazzu discussed how to transfer funds to a NACo account with Stapley.”

“It’s time for Lou Magazzu to stop hiding behind attorneys and start answering questions,” Greco demanded.

Greco asked, “Was the reason the freeholder board voted on February 26, 2009 to amend the Code of Ethics so Magazzu could be in compliance with the Code while soliciting funds for his NACo campaign? Did Magazzu know he was accepting contributions in direct violation of that Code of Ethics before it was amended? Was the change to the Code of Ethics discussed by Magazzu and any of the six freeholders who voted on it at any time prior to the meeting?”

“The voters have a right to hear Magazzu answer every question we have asked,” Greco said. “NACo-Gate isn’t going away no matter how many fancy, high priced, super lawyers Magazzu brings down from north Jersey.”


One Response to Arizona County Supervisor Arrested For Transferring Money To A NACo Campaign Account

  1. Sell me a bridge says:

    This is funny Magazzu went all the way to Arizona to learn how to be crooked. He should have just stuck with Norcross then he’d have no troubles.

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