Lou4NACo – he took this of the internet

On Lou Magazzu’s NACo website, he had this posted, and has now removed it.

I have served on the Community and Economic Development Steering Committee and the Deferred Compensation Advisory Committee of NACo. I have also served on President Don Stapley‘s Task Force on Governance. I also worked very closely with NACo staff on HR 811, introduced last year by a Congressman from New Jersey, although well intended, such legislation would have established unreasonable, unworkable and counter productive federal mandates in the election process. Working together we made sure that the concerns of the counties regarding implementation of that legislation were properly considered.

It is no wonder he removed it, considering Don Stapley’s trouble with the law the past month.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said this new investigation began as a result of information uncovered by his deputies earlier this year.

The 93 felony allegations are for fraudulent schemes involving his mortgage and loan businesses, campaign account fraud, tax return fraud and campaign fraud. The campaign fraud alleges Stapley used campaign funds to pay personal bills and put money in personal accounts.

Mile Jackson keeps claiming there was nothing illegal in Lou’s handling of campaign finances to give himself a personal loan from the Democratic treasury. Apparently we are not the only people that consider Lou’s actions questionable.

Did Lou learn his financing techniques from Don Stapley? You can be assured we will keep you updated on this story!


16 Responses to Lou4NACo – he took this of the internet

  1. Key is personal use, as in buying a car, taking a vaction, keeping a mistress from South America like a certain Republican governor. NACo was part of a Freeholder’s duties to the county, not a personal expense. This has already been ruled upon. The loan need not have been repaid. This also has been ruled upon by the state Election Law Commission. You say the commission rules only on civil regs and that the AG rules on criminal. Corect. As blind pig hits a truffle every once in a while.

    But if not violating civil, with a lower standard of guilt, how can this NACo stuff be a violation of criminal law, with its more stringent threshold for guilt? A preponderance of evidence for civil compared to beyond a shadow of a doubt for criminal.

    At least I see Rick has moved on, although, again,he brings up what he things is anissue based on no evidence.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    Nice try! You’re still wrong. Read the statute again. The Party was not allowed to give him money for NACo, and since he and he alone approved the expenditure he violated the staute and therefore apparently the law. Just because you say it isn’t true does not make it so.

    Perhaps Magazzu should have taken Sweeney’s advice way back when and resigned. Now the poor SOB is going to have to resign in disgrace.

  3. …or like running for a non political position that pays a personal salary

  4. tryagain says:

    Sure glad you clowns keep cranking out this Naco CRAP beacuse guess what? NO ONE cares or at least the vast majority of voters could care less about Naco. Don’t believe me go out on the streets and ask the first 10 people you meet and ask them if they ver heard of Naco and Magzzu’s connection to Naco. Trust me the voters don’t care about yours or the Republicans attempts to make this an issue!! So just keep at it girls!! Magazzu wins again!! Then yuo turkeys can ALL meet in a phone booth or your Holly City watering holes and cry in your beers!! keep up the good work!

  5. We keep this on the front burner because who cares if the voters care about it when Lou is taken away in handcuffs?

    The local media, with the exception of Matt Dunn have been ignoring this. The Daily Journal will print the Democrats letters but refuse to print opposing letters that clarify certain lies.

    But don’t worry Lou. We are making sure word gets on the streets, and after the voters LEARN what you did with NACo, then they do become concerned.

  6. Miles is sharp! says:


    Please…. “like a certain Republican governor”

    You just don’t know which way to go, do you?. Dragging a South Carolina Governor who has fidelity issues into our local issue? Last time I checked I didn’t vote down there and I don’t condone his behavior. Stop your “holier than though” act when we come down to your level to slug it out. You can’t have it both ways. Besides, I like the New, Aggressive, in your face Repubulican style. You have Rules for Radicals and we’re using them against you!

    “part of a Freeholder’s duties to the county”

    Really? Explain that. I’d love to know what duties require my Freeholder to travel to another state to run for another office. We have enough problems in this County. They all need to stay home and work on fixing them first! After all, we the Cumberland County taxpayers are the priority, not a Freeholder’s personal agenda.

    And, this one is my favorite from you!

    “shadow of a doubt”. Show me where in the law books this phrase is used to assess guilt! I laugh at you, you silly person! You and your party are the shadow dwellers.

    The standard is Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. If you’re going to try to sound educated in the ways of the law, you need to brush up on your law language. Any cheap lawyer would pick you apart for making that statement. But then again, I’m no lawyer and I was able to do that and I’m cheap in my shots at you.

    You can be found not guilty of a civil violation but guilty of a crime and vice versa. It depends on what the person has been charged with. They are not interchangeable. That’s why we have Criminal and Civil Court systems to determine violations of their particular statues. Look them up!

    Also smart guy, in most circumstances, a criminal trial is adjudicated (I know it’s a big word) before a civil violation is even heard. Ask OJ. I’m sure he gives jailhouse interviews.

  7. amused says:

    I think we are all missing an important piece of this whole NACO thing. Magazzu took funds that are questionable and says it was necessary to be in the NACO mix for the good of the county,right? Did that also include the monies that were spent to take most of the Freeholders, constitutional officers, county staff member,etc.? What did they have to do with this whole thing? It’s bad enough Magazzu took obscene amounts of money from contributors, but to take that money to drag his fan club along seems just plain WRONG! Is it just me, or was this really pushing the envelope?

  8. Legal Eagle says:

    Mr. Jackson ought not practice law without a license.
    The campaign reporting law that created the New Jersey Election Enforcement Commission (ELEC) was not intended to deal with this issue of misuse of political funds. That’s why when Miles Jackson called ELEC they told him they don’t regulate this.
    But there’s a New Jersey court case called O’Neill v Lerner that’s been out there for 30 years saying it’s still a violation of a seperate law N.J.S.A.19:5-5,
    if political party funds are spent for purposes other than the ones spelled out in that section.
    The case is very clear that the action Mr. Magazzu and potentially other parties unknown violated New Jersey law.

  9. Sell me a bridge says:

    Legal Eagle, if he is correct, is a smart guy. Again, if he is correct that makes me wonder why the Republicans haven’t thrown that at Magazzu yet. They’ve thrown everything else at him.

    I keep coming back to the website just to see what else they are throwing at him. I’m still waiting to see today’s punch. How much longer can they keep it up?

    It’s entertaining to watch Magazzu on the ropes like this. It’s like he’s fighting for his life and the Republicans are sitting in a war room somewhere plotting their next attack.

    It would be funny if the situation weren’t so serious.

    But here is a two part question for everyone. Do you think Lou Magazzu did anything illegal in this whole NACo-Gate mess? If not, illegal, do you think he did anything unethical?

  10. tryagain says:

    MILES was right!!! Much ado about NOTHING!! Keep up the good work Bob Greco!! You will be the main reason Magazzu WINS AGAIN!!! You and your handful of candidates and think people care about this Naco CRAP!! Keep thinking it!! By the way do the Republicans get money from Cape May County? Is Cape May trying to take over Cumberland or is it just Camden? Anyway NOBODY really cares about political contributions. They just want the best leaders and that UNDOUBTEDLY is the MAGAZZU TEAM!!! Sorry you turkeys don’t like his style BUT HE gets things done!! Is this County better off than it was 5 or 10 years ago? YOU BET IT IS!!! Just drive down DElsea drive or visit the Motorsports park or go to a #rd Friday. Magazzu and Co. had a role in all these projects!!! What did Sorrow(Sauro) and Co. do? Oh that’s right they had County employees hold other County employees against their will with guns in some cases!! Think it led to some REAL lawsuits!! REAL thing to be proud of!! That’s why the people of the County don’t support the Republicans!!

  11. Sell me a bridge says:

    All I know is my tax bill goes up every year no matter what Team Magazzu says about taxes going down.

  12. amused says:

    Tryagain, you keep ragging about past Republican freeholders and what they may or may not have done. The difference here most evil one is they are no longer on the board…MAGAZZU IS! So stop trying to compare what is happening now with the past. Everyone makes mistakes but Magazzu never learns from his because he thinks he’s THE ALMIGHTY and doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Well the party’s over! The good people of this county have had about enough of your back-door politics. Come on Nov 3!

  13. SalarySam says:

    Miles. Even Lou admits that his NACo run was personal. E-mails from him to Mecouch say as much when he asks Mecouch to check to see if anything was paid by the county and if so he would reimburse. That train left the station a long time ago.

  14. tryagain says:

    You clowns just don’t get it again!!! The general public DOESN”T CARE about Naco and some repaid loan!! I personally hope Greco and Co. keep beating the same drum from now to election day!! It will certainly help Magazzu get re-elected!! As far as Republican Freeholders from the past some are as responsible and even more so as to their mistakes. Sorrow was without a doubt the WORST Freeholder in the history of the County. The jailraid and its resulting lawsuits set back this County decades. Can you imagine in this day and age being held against your will by your colleagues? Happened under Sorrow(Sauro) with guns pitting County employeees against County employees!! Don’t think he ever owned up to that TOTAL fiasco!! Guess he didn’t learn from his mistakes!

  15. ignatz says:

    illegal, unethical, immoral…all good words, but it is also perception. the officials that represent us should be held to a higher standard…they themselves should rise above and treat every decision as if it could be perceived to be questionable…they should avoid any decision made individually or collectively that cannot pass the highest test of scrutiny. it is not necessarily the conflict itself, but the perception of a conflict, real or implied, that should be avoided. in this instance, whether an illegal act has been committed is not the point…it is the perception of things that were done that can’t even pass the smell test. to have the freeholder board pass an amendment to a county policy after violations have already occurred, smells…to not properly fill out financial disclosure forms reflecting personal gains for a personal campaign, smells…to “loan” onesself monies that have been raised to support a political election campaign, using funds raised for political purposes and divert them for personal use and do so by only “informing” one person in party control and potentially signing the check benifiting yourself from publicly derived funds, smells…to have a well respected attorney who makes his living off the taxes we pay because of his county contracts, now speaking for the director of a public board who gives him contracts and is doing so not on county business but on a personnal matter, smells…as i said, it is about perception…whether real or implied, this smells. i expect the officials that represent me to be able to pass those higher tests…unfortunately, this one doesn’t…the smell just keeps getting stronger…

  16. amused says:

    Well said Ignatz!

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