Even Arizona laughs at Lou Magazzu

Thanks to an observant reader, this Arizona blogger was brought to our attention.

Looks like Don Stapley isn’t the only county supervisor in trouble for transferring money between his personal political campaign account and his NACo account. A county supervisor Stapley worked with at NACo, Lou Maguzzo [sic] from New Jersey, has also been caught doing the same thing. Maguzzo [sic] loaned himself money from the local Democrat Party, then transferred that money to his NACo account. According to this piece in PolitickerNJ, Stapley and Maguzzo [sic] are closely connected.


14 Responses to Even Arizona laughs at Lou Magazzu

  1. Sheena santiago says:

    Why are you getting so mad? Relax, on election day some candidates wil win and others won’t be as lucky. You should be happy that the voters of Cumberland County have more choices this election year than previous years. You sound like the campaign is getting to you. You sound so mad. Why are you taking this election so personal? On election day the voters will rule. I believe the voters of Cumberland County are very intelligent when it comes to voting, bus loads won’t make a defference this year. Remember, there are thousands of voters that are quiet, going about their business every day but…on election day their voices will be heard.
    Sheenas Santiago
    Candidate for the Board of Chosen Freeholders

  2. tryagain says:

    Not the least bit mad Sheena. One thing for sure is YOU will be one of the losers on election day. Then I guess you can actually change your voter registration to Republican since you are working to help them so much this year. Finally the answer is known to “what party does Shenna actually belong to”? Guess you may be STILL looking for some type of political job? BUT it ain’t gonna happen Sheena.

  3. tryagain says:

    Rumor is you really wanted to run for Noto’s position? Care to deny? Be careful others may have heard this on more than 1 occassion.

  4. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    What a surprise. louseragain mentioning Gloria Noto. By my count, we must be at the top of the rotation again. Next post should be Bob Greco and Cape May, followed by a Steve Wymbs post, calling him the candyman.

    Predictable much?

  5. tryagain says:

    Just answer the question Sheena and Co. Who cares about the phony Rev.? Waiting to hear the Republicans’ position on Greedy Gloria’s salary. Guess that’s a question they will avoid. Simple yes or no answer is all that is required from the R’s, “should elected officials in Cumberland County make six figure salaries”? No beating arounfd the bush with it’s the legislature!! The simple question is Do the Republican candidates approve of Cumberland County elected officials being paid $100,000.00 plus per year?” Yes or NO, Sheppard. Tonetta, and Fiocchi?

  6. tryagain says:

    Yeah my questions are as predictable as Greco’s next press release or this websites next posting about Naco? No news there either way? Check or checkmate?

  7. Sheena santiago says:

    Relax. It is clear that magazzuwatch.com drives you crazy and you say things that only you believe. Wake up because this time there are plenty of candidates to choose for freeholder. As for me if I win or lose I will continue to walk with my head up high. I could have run for any political position, but…I decided for freeholder, with 8 years of experience in the city of Vineland as a councilwoman, I think I can do a very good job as a freeholder for all people. Is there any problem with that? Do you know where the Newark airport is located? Not even Tifanny earrings helped you get more contracts with the city of Vineland.

  8. vineland voter says:

    tryagain, is that all you have??? 25K in STATE MANDATED salary for noto? your boss blows AT LEAST that much money in each overinflated politically connected contract he doles out.

    it olny cost the engineer doing the vine street school 30+K to get his quarter million dollar contract. quarter million of OUR tax dollars being funneled out of county to yet another norcross connected firm.

    you are truly stupid if you think the maggazu-created noto salary issue is going to overshadow the fact that lou & company have turned our county into a dump.

    tifanny earrings, how classy….

  9. tryagain says:

    Oh my friend don’t know if it willovershadow anything BUT do know it will cost Greedy Gloria her County Clerk’s job!! Van Embden will win or her merits but will swing many many voters because of the willingness to take less salary and SAVE the tax payers over $30,000.00 in pay alone!! GREEDY GLORIA HEADING FOR THE DOOR(ia)!!

  10. amused says:

    Oh tryagain,you’re such a hoot! If you truly believed these things you’re saying you wouldn’t be spending all your time here on the Watch. Can’t wait to see you kicking and crying when you are defeated. Maybe I’ll stop by and introduce myself on election night.

  11. tryagain says:

    VAN EMBDEN WILL CRUSH THE GREED OF GLORIA NOTO ON ELECTION DAY!!!!! GO LAUREN!!!! Why is Greedy Gloria not allowing people to vote at more convenient times? BECAUSE she knows she is losing!! BYE BYE GREEDY GLORIA!!

  12. tryagain says:

    Please do stop by so we can send Gloria to her luxurious summer home at the shore for more time once she loses this election!

  13. amused says:

    Hey tryagain…Maybe if you could keep a job you could have a summer home too!

  14. tryagain says:

    Well at least after the November election Greedy Gloria will have plenty of spare time. GO VAN EMBDEN, OUR NEXT COUNTY CLERK!!!

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