Lou’s Lawyer has Conflict of interest

This was in PolitickerNJ.com today. How corrupt are these guys to not consider pay-to-play laws and conflicts of interest laws concerning campaign donations and personal donations and services to a sitting Freeholder in exchange for a very lucrative county contract?

NACo-Gate Day 28: Magazzu’s High Priced, Fancy North Jersey Attorney, Angelo Genova, Has To Withdraw From Representing Him

By Steve Kush

Millville – Recently the Vineland Daily Journal and The News of Cumberland County quoted high priced North Jersey attorney Angelo Genova speaking on behalf of Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu in relation to a possible criminal investigation with Magazzu’s actions that led to the start of NACo-Gate.

Unfortunately for Magazzu Angelo Genova’s law firm made $172,746 in legal fees from Cumberland County in 2007 and 2008. Additionally, at the February 11, 2009 freeholder meeting Magazzu voted to give Genova’s firm a legal contract.

Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Bob Greco asked, “How can Genova, who represents the County and has received over $172,000 in legal fees in the last two years, defend Magazzu in relation to possible criminal investigations and still serve as attorney for the freeholder board itself?”

“The freeholder board may be forced to take a position for or against Magazzu’s conduct. I’m not a fancy, high priced lawyer from North Jersey like Mr. Genova or even a Cumberland County Lawyer like Magazzu or Brendan Kavanagh or the County Democrat’s treasurer,” Greco said. “But this looks like a conflict of interest to me.”

“At best it seems that Mr. Genova has to withdraw from representing Mr. Magazzu but if he has already started down that road it seems to me that he should also withdraw from representing Cumberland County,” Greco continued. “This is especially true given the fact that it also appears Magazzu clearly violated the freeholders’ own Code of Ethics by soliciting and accepting gifts from Cumberland County vendors in 2007, 2008 and early 2009.”

“Both the County and Magazzu are entitled to expect legal representation free from conflicts of interest,” Greco concluded. “I am sure Mr. Genova doesn’t want to taint his near stellar reputation in a situation like this.”


2 Responses to Lou’s Lawyer has Conflict of interest

  1. Sell me a bridge says:

    Uh, oh, this can’t be good for Magazzu. He’s going to have to go back to the B team and let Kavanagh do all the talking.

  2. Curious says:

    No need for Mr. Genova to reign. He may need to defend the board. Four freeholders and 2 constitutional officers ate, slept in hotel, and traveled on gifts from county vendors. With ethical violations like that, Genova could retire on all the work he could get in good old Cumberland County.
    Lou sure got his newbies in a pickle with this one.

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