Tom Sheppard asks a question

Tom Sheppard asks a question about the budget. Sheppard proves Lou and Mile’s lie about the tax reduction. Read on:

When the 2009 budget for Cumberland County was introduced it was heralded by the Freeholders as the “first honest budget in years “.    What does that say about previous budgets?   Weren’t they honest too?  How were they not honest?  Having been doing budgets for 28 years as a school board member and now as a township committeeman I along with Sam Fiocchi and Rick Tonnetta decided we needed to look deeper into this budget.

On the surface it looks like we have a reduction in money raised by taxes of $1.3 million.   That really sounds good until you see how it was arrived at.    An additional $2.4 million has been taken from surplus (your money) out of the $20 million they have.    In last years campaign we Republicans advocated using some of the surplus to lower taxes but the Democrats told us that was irresponsible.  What makes it irresponsible when we suggest it and responsible when they do it?

Salaries are up by $5.5 million (Freeholders up 88% just this year).  Other areas where the illusion of cuts is hidden include Federal Grants where there are $21 million less in the 2009 budget.

Maybe worst of all is Capital Projects where although the Democrat Freeholders propose $7.9 million in projects they only budgeted $300,000 (5% required as down payment.) In last year’s budget they budgeted $4 million (a $3.7 million difference.)  Do they expect the money to come out of nowhere?  They haven’t provided money for it in the budget so when they will have to bond for it – that means BORROWING it.    Debt Service was down $2.6 million in 2009 but once they start to borrow money instead of budgeting for it that Debt Service will start going up and up.  The democrat Freeholders are doing what Democrats do best – saying they are saving you money today but borrowing what they need and mortgaging your children’s futures.

If you want to think about a mortgage think about the $18 million (yes, that’s $18,000,000.00) the Freeholders have in the 2010 budget for a new administration building.)  Do you remember any public discussions about the need for a new building?  I don’t.  Maybe we could squeeze by with what we have if the current Freeholders weren’t contemplating giving themselves new, expensive offices in the existing county building.

Didn’t the Freeholders recently almost have apoplexy over having to spend $12 million for a new prosecutor’s office?  The Democrat Freeholders didn’t seem to hesitate at all to spend $18 million for themselves.  If we need a new prosecutor’s office and we need a a new administration building wouldn’t it save money to combine the two projects?  Do we really need $30 million (yes, that’s $30,000,000.00) for new buildings for the county?  Has anyone in county government looked at combining the two projects for some cost savings?  How about building a new county jail somewhere other than in the middle of Bridgeton (harming its ability to rejuvenate itself) and converting the existing jail into a prosecutor’s office and administration building?

To sum up a tedious process we went through in total the 2009 Operating budget (money actually spent to run the county) is $12 million more than the 2008, That is an 11% increase over 2008.  It’s not a cut.  Don’t be fooled.

If you are happy with the way our money has been spent over the past 7 years (your county taxes doubled during that time) then I guess you should elect democrats again this year.    But if instead you want voices of reason in the room when your money is being spent then you need to vote for the Republican alternative.   Tonnetta, Sheppard and Fiocchi.   Say no to 7-0.

Tom Sheppard,
Republican Candidate for Cumberland County Freeholder
275 Sayres Neck Rd.
Cedarville, NJ 08311


11 Responses to Tom Sheppard asks a question

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Just like last year’s tax cut that cost everyone money in taxes. When will we learn that you can’t trust a liar.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    Lou should be proud of himself he is making blogs in Arizona now –

  3. Tom-Last year, the Republicans advocated using most of the surplus fund for a large tax cut. The Democrats said using such a large portion of the surplus fund was irresponsible, as it was, and used a much smaller portion of the surplus to keep taxes low, not offer a huge tax cut.

    Read state statues on use of surplus funds and look at last year’s Republican proposal to use nearly all of the surplus fund, something not recommended by the state.

    And then look at the much smaller amount used by the Democrats.

  4. Carl says:

    Miles, at NO TIME did the Republicans advocate using “most of the surplus”. You really do your reputation an injustice with such an easily provable lie.

    I have the newspaper clippings, articles written by REAL reporters! Something you wouldn’t know much about.

  5. tryagain says:

    Sheppard’s letter a rambling mess!!! Full of untruths and distortions of facts!! You know better Tommy! Don’t be sucked in by Greco and his Republican shenanigans. You have a reputation to maintain.

  6. Guess-Who says:

    What about the 13%+ Unemployment NUMBERS & Rising?

    What about the Teen Pregnancy Rate that is the Highest in the State of NJ?

    Why has the Current Freeholders NEGLECTED to Install ALTERNATIVE ENERGY on ALL County Buildings?

    What about the County Roads & the CONDITION some of them are IN?

    Start Talking about the ISSUES the County is Facing, with the State’s Checkbook in the Shape it is IN.
    These are what the Voters Expect to Hear.

    It’s an Election Year & most if NOT all of the Public are AWARE that Politicians Keep TAXES Lower in these Years compared to Other Years.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  7. James R. Sauro says:

    Miles being and ex reporter I know you know better. In fact what we recommended to use was actually made up by and increase tax revenue. Check that out. And Lou or Tryagain you know that none of what Tom Sheppard said is a lie or a distortion of facts. You got caught playing with the numbers and your mad. Now I’m sure your reply will be something about me being a non-union plumber the jail raid or some other asinine comment. But then if you didn’t it wouldn’t be you.

    Signed the non-union plumber

  8. Jim-Your plan was rejected by eperience, if partisan, financial people. Using money and then planning to replace it with money not yet raised is an old republican trick once labeled vodoo (sp) economics by a Republican Vice President and future president.

    That type of plan has been completly discredited and led to record deficits, just as George W. bush took a budget surplus created by bi-partisan consent and turned it into a record deficit that was actually larger because it didn’t include money spent in Iraq.

    I know you hate Lou, but you’ve let it consume you. Your a decent guy who was trust into a position he didn’t have time to prepare for. The Republican leadership, with the exception of Sam Serata, did nothing to help you. That’s why the county GOP went so long without getting a majority on the FH Board. And they did you no good by not giving you a team of talented people to help you make a go of it.

    That’s why they let Hal Johnson become a judge. Hal was the talent you needed in making a lasting majority, but they let him become a judge instead.

    So there you were with Doug Sorantino, who was anything but a help. A 300-pound bull in a china shop, threatening to take Lou out to fight after a meeting. He even chased me out of a post-election gatheriing at the North Italy Hall. It was witnessed by a Vineland Police officer who said he didn’t hear any actual threats, so he didn’t want to press chrges. Besides, he was there as a participant, no a police officer. Do you think he was going to arrest Doug and his brother despite the two being well into their cups? But the incident wa witnessed by others and is a matter of record.

    Doug did the party no good and I think you know it.

    I still respect you and think you should take a step back and think about what your hate of Lou has done to you. Has it hurt Lou? No, not as I can tell. But hate eats away at you, leaving bile in your gut and a bitter taste in your mouth.

    The Socail Services building? One thing in a career doesn’t a bad political make, I broke that story and stand behind it. I also stand behind my stories on the jail raids by you and Doug Sorantino. does it make any of you bad people? No. Everyone has lapses of judgment every once in a while.

    I hear your radio show is quite a success, though. I wish you the best. I think you probably hate me now, but I still think you’re a stand-up guy ho has let his hate get the better of him.

    Maybe I’m wrong. but I wish you and your family the best. Stay out of politics. You don’t have the personality for it. You take things too personally. It sounds like radio is your future. Maybe one day you’ll be syndicated with an audience a thousand or ten thousand times the number of MW. Who’d have figured, the plumber-radio star.

  9. tryagain says:

    Syndicated radio show? Have you lost it Miles? Sorrow should just stick to plumbing!!!! Maybe you have never heard the repeated “I find it fascinating….” line. Think Sorrow may live in the World of Fascination(or at least Imagination)!!

  10. tryagain-Jim Sauro is a good man. Don’t go to their level by making fun of his name. It’s James Sauro, dedicated citizen and a small business owner-the heart of our county’s economy. Give him the respect he deserve. And at least he uses his name.

  11. tryagain says:

    Yeah whatever you say Miles! Perhaps not a bad man but certainly know that he can be icredibly unfair and viscious in his attacks! Very partisan!

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