Why have Albano and Milam refused to confront Lou’s corrupt politics?

This was on today’s PolitickerNJ.com. The local media is still refusing to pick this story up.

With NACo-Gate Dominating Cumberland County Politics Nelson And Albano Send Anti-Corruption Mail Into Cumberland County

By Steve Kush

Millville – Democrat mail is hitting the mailboxes in Cumberland County. Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matt Milam recently sent a piece of mail claiming they are fighting corrupt politicians.

Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Robert “Bob” Greco found the timing of the Democrat incumbent candidates’ mail piece “interesting.”

“With the NACo-Gate controversy continuing to dominate Cumberland County politics I find the timing of this mail piece somewhat interesting. At first glance I thought someone sent out an anti-Magazzu piece,” Cumberland County Republican Chairman Bob Greco said. “I’m not saying anyone is corrupt but Lou Magazzu, a close ally of Assemblymen Albano and Milam, has some serious issues and these guys sent out a mail piece that says in part, ‘they’re standing up to their own party to demand change’ yet they’ve remained silent on the NACo-Gate controversy swirling around Lou Magazzu.”

“Considering Assemblymen Albano and Milam claim to be ‘standing up to their own party’ and ‘locking up corrupt politicians,’ I am at least a little curious as to how they feel about their good friend Lou Magazzu soliciting gifts for his NACo campaign in direct violation of Cumberland County’s Code of Ethics for two years,” Greco added. “If they want to send mail into Cumberland County claiming they are fighting their own party I think it’s time they give their opinion on the Code of Ethics violations of Magazzu.”

Greco asked, “Given the events that have led to the NACo-Gate controversy are Albano and Milam going to ask that Magazzu’s name be removed from the Democratic headquarters sign that has their names on it?”

“I would seriously doubt Albano and Milam want Lou Magazzu and NACo-Gate dragging them down,” Greco said. “It’s nice that they made a claim in a glossy campaign mailer but now let’s see them back up their words with actions.”


8 Responses to Why have Albano and Milam refused to confront Lou’s corrupt politics?

  1. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Why won’t they take a stand? Because they aren’t REALLY standing up to their own party. That’s just nice a sounding cliche from the invisible State Assemblymen.

    These two are so lost in the weeds they are still running on Jeff Van Drew’s coattails. They should be embarrassed.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    I don’t know, local media has been covering this some, just not as much as readers of this website would like to see. I think people are waiting for the local media to do a hatchet job on Lou but the media doesn’t do that any more because there are no real investigative reporters left. This is not to say there are no good reporters, Matt Dunn does a decent job trying to report both sides of a story, but he is not an investigative reporter, and there is a difference. The last good investigative reporter in South Jersey was Alan Guenther when he wrote for the Courier Post but I don’t know what happened to him.

  3. tryagain says:

    It’s because all this Naco BULLSHI_ is just that!!! NO one cares especially the ordinary citizens who care about REAL issues important to Cumberland County!!! Keep up the BS work Greco!! It’s working wonders for the re-election of Magazzu and CO. Thanks again!! Wonder why your candidates haven’t seen this futile strategy but sure they will reward you properly after your complete failure in this coming election!!! Who’s the next Republican County Chair, Jim Sorrow?

  4. Sell me a bridge says:

    Tryagain seems to be getting just a little upset. What happened did Angelo Genova tell Lou that the Republicans are right and he has a potential conflict of interest? Or did Albano and Milam tell Lou to stay away from them?

    Maybe he’s upset because Magazzu has never had a fight like this while he was on the ballot before. Maybe he is upset because after all the lies Lou told last year about the Republican candidates he is getting his butt handed to him this year with facts.

    I can’t wait to see what kind of mail the Republicans put out.

    Soon Magazzu will be gone and all of Cumberland County will rejoice.

  5. SalarySam says:

    No one “cared” about Watergate for a year, either. Unfortunately the voting public are typically unconcerned until and unless the cost of the corruption to them is rubbed in their noses. Remember, Vince Fumo is sitting in federal prison on umpteen counts of corruption even though he was very popular in his district.

  6. tryagain says:

    Hoping the Republican losers keep up the Naco crap!! Getting no where with the general public. Just go otu on the streets and ask the public! Greco is leading his candidates directly to yet another embarassing loss. No wonder he left Cape May County and landed in Cumberland! Guess the Cape May Republicans at least knew a loser when they see one in Greco! Can’t wait to see Greedy Gloria’s face on election eve when Van Embden becomes the new County Clerk!! She will at least have Greco to blame for her demise as Greedy Gloria!! Keep up the good work Bobby!!

  7. Sell me a bridge says:

    As soon as people learn that the ethics code was changed to benefit Lou he loses. No spinning out of that one.

  8. Sheena santiago says:

    Why are you getting so mad? Relax, on election day some candidates wil win and others won’t be as lucky. You should be happy that the voters of Cumberland County have more choices this election year than previous years. You sound like the campaign is getting to you. You sound so mad. Why are you taking this election so personal? On election day the voters will rule. I believe the voters of Cumberland County are very intelligent when it comes to voting, bus loads won’t make a defference this year. Remember, there are thousands of voters that are quiet, going about their business every day but…on election day their voices will be heard.
    Sheenas Santiago
    Candidate for the Board of Chosen Freeholders

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