Amateur Art

Lou Magazzu's brainI received some fun stuff this past weekend in the mail. Unsolicited, unsigned, no return address. The first is a crude, but funny drawing labeled Lou’s Brain.

I think the artist nailed it.

The other was on a more serious note. It contained a copy of a three page letter mailed to the State Attorney General, as well as every major newspaper in South Jersey.

I will include my feelings on that letter in another post.

If there are any other amateur artists out there, feel free to send me your original artwork. Who knows, maybe some of these could make it onto tee-shirts (hint-hint to the tee-shirt person).


4 Responses to Amateur Art

  1. SalarySam says:

    The only thing the drawing left out was the scale. The entire thing is about the size of a walnut.

  2. gorgon says:

    hard to read. can you make it bigger?

  3. Gorgon, click on the image and it will come up in large format

  4. gorgon says:

    Beautiful ! Thanks

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