Why is Magazzu afraid to post the county budget online?

The following was in my inbox this morning. Lou Magazzu and company continue to lie to the public, claiming that the opponents in this election have not proposed any new ideas. In fact, both the Independents and the Republicans continue to offer ideas. Lou does nothing but call his opponents names on his TeamMagazzu website. No new ideas. Just resting on his laurels.

And what laurels does he have to rest upon? Highest teen pregnancy. Highest unemployment, and still climbing. Jobs are leaving the county at an alarming rate, and the Democratic plan of action was to house 25% of the state’s inmates as our primary industry. Highest number of children living in poverty or on Welfare. Lou has had a decade to make a difference and the only thing he has accomplished is to spend almost a million dollars of taxpayers’ dollars on his lawyer friends that contributed to his personal campaign.

Lou appointed a slumlord to the board of the CCIA to represent Deerefield, against Deerfield’s best wishes. Lou appointed a pothead to the CCUA for a no-show job. Lou appointed a political campaign volunteer to a position that was newly created just for him, forgoing the civil service and equal opportunity laws, and is paying him a healthy salary plus benefits that most Cumberland County taxpayers would love to have.

The taxpayers have asked to have the county budget accessible on the $40,000 county website for years. Lou claims it can’t be done. The Republicans posted it. The Republicans now want it posted in a searchable format so that the taxpaying public can see for themselves where there money is being wasted, and will no longer have to depend on Lou’s half-truths or the un-investigative press to disseminate the information.

Tonetta, Fiocchi and Sheppard Will Make Cumberland County Government Transparent

They’ve already posted the County budget online, now they want taxpayers to be able to search it.

Cumberland County Republican Freeholder candidates Rick Tonetta, Tom Sheppard and Sam Fiocchi want Cumberland County government to be transparent and they believe the first step in doing this is by adopting the Transparency in Government Act as sponsored by state Senators Pennacchio and Codey on a County basis.

The basics of the Transparency in Government Act are simple, the state budget would be placed on the internet in a searchable format so taxpayers could see exactly where tax money is being spent.

“What this bi-partisan bill would do on a state level is exactly what we want to do on a county level,” GOP freeholder candidate Rick Tonetta said. “It makes sense to allow residents to see where their tax dollars are spent. After all, it is their money.”

“Needless to say our Democrat opponents will say it can’t be done,” Republican freeholder candidate Tom Sheppard added. “Taxpayers need to remember our opponents are the same people who said the County’s budget couldn’t be placed online and we put it online at CumberlandAnswers.com. Absolutely, as freeholders we will move to have the county’s budget placed online, in a searchable manner, so a taxpayer can track where every dime of their money is spent.”

“Government can’t get more transparent than that,” GOP freeholder candidate Sam Fiocchi said. “Our opponents may try to argue that placing the budget online in a searchable fashion is too expensive. That argument is wrong considering the State of Alaska did it for less than $5,000. Taxpayers in that state can go online and search state agency expenditures and contractors and the information is updated monthly. This is a common sense way to start bringing transparency to government in Cumberland County and as freeholders we intend to do it.”


7 Responses to Why is Magazzu afraid to post the county budget online?

  1. the county budget is online and printed in every daily neewspaper every years. Inthe newspapers print a short version since the 50-plus page document would be too expensive to print.

    Another MW misinformation lowpoint. dont you guys ever check your facts.

    first Sam Fiocchi can’t find his way to a Freeholder meeting and claims it’s because the meetings change all the time and aren’t on the website. Well, the meetings change less than 4-percent of the time each year and the times and place is on the county website.

    In myyears of attending county Freeholder meetings, I never saw Same Fiocchi, Ricky Tonetta or Tom Sheppard at a one of them. Now it’s election time and Sam gets lost looking for one. No wonder he gets lost, having never been to a Freeholder meeting until a few months before the election.

    Now it’s the budget that’s not on the website. Have you ever checked? Have you stopped by the county administration building and asked for a copy? Or asked for one to be mailed to you? There’s several drafts printed before the final budget is adopted. and no, the drafts are not printed for widespread public distribution since many changes come due to the debates on how to cut the budget without harming essential services. 7-0 doesn’t mean no debate. You’d know this had you ever been to a freeholder meeting.

    Or a Freeholder Finance Committee meeting that also are open to the public and are advertised.

    Strange that the only year the Republicans were in the majority on the Freeholder Board that they put Louis Magazzu in charge of the Freeholder Finance Committee. this man you claim is financially inept and the Republicans put him in charge of the committee that creates the budget draft.

    Louis Magazzu must have been doing something right since the budget he came up with that year was touted by the Republicans as the work of Republican fiscal ability. Not really. It was magazzu who pulled the Republicans from what looked like a sure big tax increase budget. Why’d you thin the GOP majority lasted only one year? People saw riht through that one.

    Last year the Republicans wanted to drain the county’s surplus account for a big tax cut. The Democrats won the election and used a small portion of the surplus fund, or rainy day fund, to keep the tax rate stable and still keep the reserves the state says every county should keep in case of emergency.

    Had the republicans won and kicked in their big surplus cut and had there been a need for that surplus, the county taxpayers would face a huge tax increase this years.

    But Democrats, led by a fiscally conservative Democratic Freeholder like Bill Whelan, bttogether a budget that actually cut spending to a lower amount than the previous year and cut the amount of local property taxes used to pay for the budget.

    A document of fiscal prudence at its best from a high-ranking bank official from one of the county’s best banks.

    Look at what happened in other counties and then look at what happened in Cumberland County. Cumberland County came out on top with this year’s budget due to debate, knowledge and tough decisions. and prudent use of the surplus fund instead of one-year gimmickry.

  2. tryagain says:


  3. Miles – you proved you own lie. First you say the budget is printed in the papers. Then you ADMIT that only a SMALL part of the fifty page document is printed. Who redacts and condenses the budget for print? A summary of the budget does not allow one to make an intelligent decision about the veracity of the budget.

    It is a fact that Lou Magazzu and Ken Mecouch have IGNORED laws requiring the proposed budgets, and the budget to be hand delivered to EVERY public library in the county so thatthe public may have the chance to review the ENTIRE document.

    It would be just as easy to post the budget online, as the Republicans have done. lou Magazzu has REFUSED to post the budget publicly, even after spending $40,000 on the nifty county website.

    You misrepresent the Republican plan to use a small portion of the immense surplus of taxpayer money. Lou overtaxed, and hoarded taxpayer money for years, while increasing taxes annually (until this year when HE was up for reelection – transparent ploy) but then used the Republican plan to tap into the reserve while taking credit for it himself.

    There are increases all over this year’s budget – it is posted online so don’t take this author’s word for it. There are deferrals a la Jon Corzine’s budget (NJ will be $10 BILLION in the whole next year, not to mention $34 MILLION pension deficit) and bonds that give the ‘appearance’ of lower spending but place the burden on future administrations. This is irresponsible. Some would call it smoke and mirrors.

  4. tryagain says:

    WRONG again Blind Woman but why should you ever care about the TRUTH? Go to church!!

  5. The county budget is provided to every county library. Every years. Have you ever tried to ask for one? If so and you’ve been refused, have you filed a complaint?

    Easy enough to check. This is my job. I’ll check to see if any such complaints have been filed.

    But I doubt whether I’ll find any because I’ve used the libraries to get copies of the full budget.

    Why hasn’t the county printed the full budget in the newspaper? Costs. The 50-plus page document would be too expensive and newspapers don’t give away space. And, if you see something that attracts your interest in the short version, you can go to the library, or now go online, and check it out.

    Don’t you people vet your “facts” before making unfounded charges? Eyes everywhere except on the ball.

  6. tryagain says:

    FACTS? FACTS, you say Miles? This stinking blog site don’t need NO STINKING FACTS!! This is the same website where GuessWho insinuates that the good Corrections Officers of the County should perhaps be on the other side of the bars!! And still NO apology from him or his Republican cronies after these horrible insinuations and insults!! How pathetic is that!! Corrections Officers and their families will REMEMBER in NOVEMBER and WILL SUPPORT MAGAZZU and CO.!!!

  7. Guess-Who says:

    LYING this early in the Morning; L{.}{.}K at the 1st,2nd,3rd Post on this Topic ur last post claims in another thread & Anyone will SEE that u are LYING & u Know IT.

    Still can’t find that Study that was Done=tryagain.
    The Public is ENTITLED to the INFORMATION their Tax-Dollars PAID for this to be Done, These Facts are Stubborn Things.

    What should be Ask of these Current Incumbent Freeholders is if they are AWARE of the Report & have they Done there Own Study Or has the State Conducted a Study of their Own.
    The National Study has some very Telling Things included in IT; that seem to go towards the PROBLEMS that Our Communities are Facing on a Daily Basis!

    The Sugar Coating Days on Issues are Over in CC;
    the TRUTH is what the PUBLIC wants to KNOW!

    Talk about the FACTS that Cumberland County must Address to Ensure the People everything is being Done.

    Unemployment 13+% in CC & Rising Daily!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

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