Lou makes yet another blog…

There is another local blog that mentions Lou, albeit in a round-about way. They published a letter by Gregory Lane. Here are the excerpts to refresh your memory, you have seen the entire letter already.

Bringing home the bacon is a good political skill, but it takes both a great personality and passion to be an effective representative. However, let me make some observations about a freeholder who may have something else lurking in his persona.

Did Lou forget sharing control is part of the passion?

Did he forget lower-level governments are also about give-and-take? His suggestion of litigation against for imposing increases on the salaries of constitutional officers may have showed a lack of attention to this.

Actually Lou did not forget that leadership involves give and take. That is one aspect that he never understood. Lou has always been self-centered and egotistical. Leopards do not change their spots. Lou was like this growing up, and he has never changed.


11 Responses to Lou makes yet another blog…

  1. Byelou says:

    Tim Pawlenti just set up his PAC for his run for President. It’s called Freedom First.
    I also heard that Lou set up his own PAC.
    It’s called Me First.

  2. biggassbass says:

    Me First…Millville last. just like the Millville First

  3. gorgon says:

    which millville first?

    http://www.millvillefirst.com ?

    that’s the funny 1

  4. biggassbass says:

    The offical site for the MF is http://www.millvillefirst.org
    They don’t like ANYTHING the City has done

  5. gorgon says:

    They really don’t like Millville ! I thought the site with the dot com was a lot more entertaining. Maybe the MF people should lighten up. Do they have a horse in this race?

  6. Lou makes another blog and this is news/

    Bloggers are a dime a dozen. The good ones get nation, or at least regional, exposure. You get one, two maybe 10 responses to your blogs, Big time you’re not.

    Anyone with a computer can set up a blog. Printing true information that attracts a diverse readership is another thing. Someone making a Millville blog is not news.

    I check out your blog just to correct the errors and show people just how wrong you guys get it on just about every, no, make that every, subject. It’s comical in a sad sort of way. You’re so self-consumed by hate, your objectivity non-existent and your “facts” so farcical as to be slanderous that people are beginning to turn you off.

    I asked a hard-core county Republican-so hard core thathe makes you all look like liberal Democrats, whether he read MW. “Are you kidding?’ he answered.

    He said was: MW is harming the county GOP. It’s made up of six or so people who are basically consumed by hate and have no ideas of their own. He stopped reading because it just made him mad. And this from someone who was once the backbone of the CCGOP.

    Your blogs are self-serving like “another blog posts about Lou.” It’s kind of like “Lincoln’s still dead.” Nothing newsworthy, nothing new. And, unlike “Lincoln’s still dead,” nothing coming close to resembling the truth.

    Hope you’re proud of yourselves, or yourself as it’s possible one person is doing all of this (Other than posts by candidates and others who identify themselves with their real names, as I do.

  7. tryagain says:

    This blog may ACTUALLY cinch the election for Magazzu!! It has become so ugly and one sided and has attacked MANY MANY good people other than Magazzu, that I actually have heard people voting for the Magazzu team because of this HATE site. Keep up the good work ladies!!

  8. Guess-Who says:

    Can someone start Playing the VIOLIN as this is Classical & Typical of the EXCUSES these Freeholders have as to Why the UNEMPLOYMENT Number is over 13+% in Cumberland County NJ.
    They have NO PLANS or Plan to Solve the Situation!

    The TRUTH as to what is Really Going On in Our Communities in Cumberland County is being Revealed to the Public via this Website & Others; Who are willing to get the TRUTH Out!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  9. Yes, our posting of 1090’s and Official Democrat letters don’t count as facts. Miles, you are blundering and thrashing wildly trying to take the focus away from the many pieces of evidence, as well as many news articles we have used to back up our posts. You, on the other hand, have done nothing at all to back up any of your statements. You want people to believe that simply because you say it, it is true. Sorry to tell you, that will no longer be good enough.

    Lou calls a tax increase a tax decrease, and gets pissed when someone points it out. That happened in 2008. Even Bill Whelan admitted that it was a tax hike. Lou is no longer able to make stupid, unfounded statements and have a willing press oblige him unquestioningly. It looks like you jumped from the Republican ship too soon? Hey, does that make YOU a traitor?

  10. tryagain says:

    Truth? YOU ladies can’t handle THE TRUTH!!!!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU and CO.!!! Especially you Correction officers and families!! Show them they can’t insinuate you are on the wrong side of the bars and thgen expect your support. JUST SAY NO to GuessWho and his Republican buddies!!! Re-elect Magazzu!

  11. WUU59X says:

    It may be that these corrections officers will be bringing Lou his dinner and a bar of soap in the near future. Now THAT will be when Lou gets his.

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