The following was sent to us this afternoon.

While searching for why we, the citizens in Cumberland County, received no federal stimulus dollars I found a website that provided some very useful information.  To quote:

“We were extremely disappointed to learn in March that Cumberland County – New Jersey’s poorest county – was to receive no money from the state’s share of $894 million in transportation funding from the federal economic stimulus package.
This was an inexplicable decision, and we weren’t going to accept it.

This decision treated Cumberland County unfairly, and we found it hard to believe no Cumberland County projects were among the 55 chosen to receive nearly $1 billion.  That’s a lot of money. Surely there was room for Cumberland County.

It was particularly baffling considering how Cumberland County has one of New Jersey’s highest unemployment rates – topping 10 percent – and one of the federal stimulus package’s main goals is to create jobs.

To put it simply, this decision was unacceptable . . . ”

Who wrote that?  None other than our first district Democrat Assemblyman Matt Milam.  What does this tell you about the leadership and direction in our first district and in Cumberland County?

Cumberland County is part of the first and third legislative districts.  We have  two Democrat Senators, four Democrat Assemblymen,  a Freeholder board comprised of seven Democrats not to mention our Democrat governor and a Democrat inspired stimulus program from the Democrat controlled United States Congress and yet Cumberland County, the poorest county in the state, gets NOTHING.

I can’t imagine a clearer demonstration of the lack of leadership and vision that the Democrat controlled Freeholders have for our county.  The current Freeholder director, Lou Magazzu has steadfastly claimed that we received no stimulus dollars because those dollars were earmarked for urban areas with populations of at least 200,000 people.  That is simply not true.  How did Salem County get money?  That’s right.  Salem county, with fewer people than Cumberland received stimulus dollars.  You don’t have to take my word for it (and you should not take Lou Magazzu’s word for it.  Just go to or to  See for yourself.  You are being lied to.

The truth is that of the $652 million, only $175 million was restricted to those areas with populations of 200,000 or greater.  This means that there was still over $450 million available for counties like Salem and Cumberland.   Part of the requirement to receive those funds was that there be “shovel ready” projects to spend them on.  Salem County was ready.  Cape May County was ready.  Gloucester County was ready.  But our leadership in Cumberland county was not.  They had exactly ZERO projects ready and so we received exactly ZERO dollars.

Instead of getting federal stimulus dollars to help our County with new projects, Cumberland County is spending our own money to fix the debacle at the County Court House which is draped in “diapers” to prevent pieces of the façade from falling off and surrounded in sandbags to prevent more flooding.   We are also spending tax dollars on the $4.5 million dollars that our county paid for illegal strip searches at the prison and the $18 million dollars in the 2010 budget for a new administration building.  Do you remember any discussion of the need for an $18 million dollar administration building for county government?  I don’t.  I remember the Lou Magazzu trying to get rid of Prosecutor Casella because he had the audacity to demand adequate facilities to conduct his essential operations.  The Court agreed with the Prosecutor and ordered the County to comply and Lou Magazzu threw a hissy fit.  But spend $18 million on a building for him and that’s fine.

Do you really need more examples of why a 7 member Democrat Freeholder Board is a bad idea?  I don’t think so.  One party rule has dismally failed the County.  It’s time for a change.  Make that change by electing me, Rick Tonetta and Tom Sheppard as Freeholders.

Sam Fiocchi
Republican Freeholder Candidate



  1. Guess-Who says:

    This Current Group of Freeholders really do NOT have any Leverage in Trenton or with Washington DC.
    They have PROVED this to be TRUE,
    Where are the DOLLARS to Create the JOBS?
    Where were/are the Shovel Ready Projects?
    Where is the Alternative Energy Plan for the County?

    Could a Certain Freeholder that was seeking a Position on a Private Organizations Board (NACo) be RESPONSIBLE for NOT having their & other Freeholders Total & Complete Concentration in Cumberland County, NJ; While they were to busy trying to get a Nomination to the (NACo) Private Group at the Conference in Nashville,TN.
    Remember this the “Cumberland County Entourage” that ESCORTED couldn’t even mustard up a Motion on this Nomination let alone Get it 2nd.
    $81,000+ Dollars was Spent on these NACo elections; The Real Question is:
    How much $$$ did it C0$T Cumberland County in terms of DOLLARS & CENTS let alone JOBS?

    Remember when the Stimulus Bill was Passed, It was about the same Time of Yr the NACo Funds were being RAISED from these INDIVIDUALS & BUSINESSES.

    The County has Suffered Long Enough with this Crue of Chosen Freeholders.

    New Faces & Fresh Ideas that will Produce INNOVATIVE Thinking and Construct a Foundation of Public Input.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  2. vineland voter says:


  3. tryagain says:

    BAM? How pathetic you are! The entire Demcratic ticket is a team and includes Milam and Albano and Van Drew. Think the Republicans are just jealous of such a greta team while all they have to hold up is Lobo who is losing his luster on a daily basis. Look for Jeff Van Drew to knock out Lobiondo the next time he runs. He would have beat him last year if he chose to run! Dems will prevail AGAIN in Nov.!! Thanks to Bobby Greco and his stupid campaign strategy!

  4. vineland voter says:

    whos the most pathetic poster on this site?? most would agree it’s you supporting the cancer thats infected this county in the form of capo lou & his crew of puppets. all you care about is the dems while most everybody else cares about the residents of this county. dems this, dems that, traitors to the dems, dems rule, WHAT ABOUT THE TAXPAYERS? lou steals our money to reward his supporters and thinks were stupid enough to let him continue? get over yourself already, we’ll give you a little help come november when the favorite cheerleader has nobody to cheer for anymore. maybe you can support him in court after the ag’s office is done with him.

    tell lou i said buh bye, will ya??

  5. vinelandvisitor says:

    perhaps the best strategy for the dems would be to do unto lou what lou hath done unto others – throw his ass under the bus

  6. Guess-Who says:

    The Threesome is Quite REVEALING to say the Least.
    And NOW u want 2 Add them into the FREEHOLDER race.

    Van Drew is NOT running for ANY OFFICE.

    This is PATHETIC for AMERICAN Politics,

    Using his NAME like they try & USE Everything & Everyone Else to stay Elected.

    It is Very Telling about what is Going on in TRENTON & Cumberland County.

    U know the Old Saying Three must be Better than Two as it Creates a CIRCLE of Opportunities to Jerk The People/Public Around.

    Deflecting the FACTS will Only LEAD to More & More & More & More FACTS about this Current Group of Freeholders.
    U know the 1’s that have Allowed Our Unemployment Rate to Reach almost 15%

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  7. tryagain says:

    MAGAZZU AND CO. WIN IN NOVEMBER!! By the way whatever happened to Guess Who and his rants and unfounded hatred towards all the GOOD Corrections officers and their families? Hope he’s not in the system?

  8. Guess-Who says:

    YOU are telling an Out right LIE!
    It is something that I will NOT TOLERATE from U!

    U know that I never Said anything against the C. O. or their Families,These Facts are Stubborn Things!

    U must NOT have Found that National Report, YET!
    Keep L{.}{.}King it will Surprise you!

    I’m LMFAO at ur NON-SENSE as it will Pay DIVIDENDS!

    There is going to be CHANGES at the FREEHOLDER Board;
    Accept the Facts this Group has Proved they DON”T belong REPRESENTING the People of Cumberland County.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  9. I’ve noticed adds on t.v. that said that Assemblymen Matt Milam and Nelson Albano have passed laws in Trenton to fight political corruption I’am wandering if anyone saw it.If this is true and if Director Magazzu did break the law what are they going to do about it.I’am wandering if they will be getting an oppoin from someone at the state level on this issue.Will they continue to show there support for the Director?Will they distance themselves?What will they do?I hope it will be the right thing for all Cumberland County and State of New Jersey residents.This will hopefully clear the air.I hope they do not ignore this problem that has stired up alot of questions about being polical correct or did the Director knowingly broke the law.

  10. tryagain says:

    Gee I sure miss the comedy hour of Dragotta and D’Arrigo on the radio. It was without a doubt the dumbest and funniest radio show in history!

  11. tryagain says:

    By the way Guess Who the GOOD Correcions Officers and their families are STILL waiting for an apology from you and your Republican friends. Your posts insinuating about them being on the “wrong side of the bars” has NOT gone unnoticed amongst this important group of citizens and voters!

  12. Deparego says:

    Team VanDrew…is VanDrew running this year? I thought it was just Milam (I can park in handicapped slots because I have the perceived self-importance attitude)and Mr. Albano. I find it amazing they call themselves Team BanDrew..whoops VanDrew. Can they not run on their own merits and accomplishments? Anyway, this has nothing to do with the post once again as side tracked by Tryagain, so back to the subject. This county does need to plan for the future and not use 10 year plans for individual offices when revenues and allocations cannot be projected that far out for various agencies. However, it would be a great thing to have “shovel-ready” projects ready or goals for the next 10 years, like a maintenance schedule on county roads and properties or consolidating county offices into one place. Wish lists that citizens and I mean citizens would have input on so perhaps this could be planned for with grants. The situation we are in now is no viable plans so we do miss out on stimulus money as well as grant money that all comes from taxes. This is a way of getting tax dollars back to us and it is not happening. The only vision the current Freeholder Board has is to praise one another and especially Lou. Jane Jannarone’s remarks come off as so contrived, they are laughable. The remarks about being ANGRY with the Clerk were way off base….such arrogance. Maybe it would be good to have old fashioned rallies where the candidates could get this information out to the public and not on a website that many times preaches to the choir. So, Sam, I wish you and your fellow running mates the best of luck. If the same old, same old gets in, God help this county and many of us personally for not supporting the same old, same old.

  13. Cumberland County got stimulus money for job training and other, smaller programs, the only money it was eligible for.

    Had you checked your facts, stimulus funds for transportation projects and other big-ticket capital improvement projects were restricted to counties with populations over 250,000 residents. And Cumberland County doesn’t qualify since its population is about 100,000 residents short of that figure.

    MW gets the facts wrong again!. You guys are batting 1,000-percent and without steroids.

    Mislead the voters because its the only chance you have of unseating Mr. Magazzu, who, along with the rest of the Mumberland County Freeholders, fought for funds with the help of state and federal legislators.

    And wasn’t the Republican Party against the stimulus bill, anyway?

  14. tryagain says:

    FACTS FACTS this stinking blog site has NO TIME for FACTS!!! Too busy just HATING good people!!!! Go Magazzu and CO.!!!

  15. Guess-Who says:

    There are FACTS & u’ll be Surprised as to what is Known.
    Keep wishing for the FACTS; that wish will come TRUE for u tryagain!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  16. tryagain says:

    FACTS are even the Republicans under Sauro had Magazzu head up the Finance Committee and be the prime Freeholder for the budget because he does such a good job!! Or will Sauro deny that fact? RE-ELECT MAGAZZU and CO.!!!!!!!!!

  17. Guess-Who says:

    Fact is Cumberland County needs New FACES & Fresh IDEAS on the Chosen Freeholder Board!

    Nov 3,2009 the INDEPENDENTS that make Up 50% of the overall Voters in the State of NJ will Decide to make the CHANGES in Our Local Elections, These Facts are Stubborn Things!

    12 yrs on the Freeholder Board is Long ENOUGH for Anybody or Anyone to Serve.

    The Framers wanted a REVOLVING Type of System that would PRODUCE & LEAD to Evolving the REPUBLIC.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  18. “facts are subborn things” says it all, Guess Who. You can’t mold them to your liking, so you ignore them.

    Very telling.

    Facts are facts, some open to interpretation, some cold, solid facts that have withstood the test of time and scrutiny.

    They are inanimate objects without feelings such as subborness and are either right, wrong or fall somewhere in between.

    It seems you can’t tell the difference. Or don’t want to.

    And the cold, solid fact is that Cumberland County doesn’t qualify for large, capital infrastructure projects under the stimulus bill because it doesn’t have a population of 250,000. You can twist that anyway you want, but that’s the facts.

    And you, like tryagain, don’t seem to be answering the question.

  19. Miles – not only did you fail Journalism 101, and got a D- in mathematics, but you are in danger of failing economics also!
    stimulus breakdown
    As you can see from this chart from the Federal Governments own website, there is a breakdown for appropriations. Look at the pretty pictures, and just possibly you can grasp the meaning?

    There is $26.6 Billion appropriated for the states. 30% is allocated based on population, that is where you get the number that you use to perpetrate your lies rather than take responsibility for years of inaction and backward thinking, leaving the county with NO PLAN, hence no “shovel-ready” projects. 67% goes to “ANY AREA IN ANY STATE”! I think Cumberland County qualifies there, except for the fact that Democratic control of the county has left the county bereft of any plans or shovel ready projects.

    So keep spinning it any way you want, the FACT is, as borne out by the government website, YOU ARE LYING! So is Lou, and so are the current Freeholders that are holding on to the same fallacy to protect their butts due to their own inability to work FOR the citizens of Cumberland County.

  20. Guess-Who says:

    How do U like the FACTS as they are, The TRUTH is what It IS as Eyes has PROVIDED them DIRECT from the Source!

    U listened to any of the Tunes/Songs that I Recommended, Yet?

    Have ur group Check the Facts & then Start Addressing the 13%+ UNEMPLOYMENT Number here in Cumberland County, NJ.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  21. tryagain says:

    Where was the Honorable Frankie Lobiondo?

  22. tryagain says:

    Oh that’s right the REPUBLICANS were against the stimulus package!!

  23. SalarySam says:

    That is the weakest response I’ve ever seen from you tryagain. Would you like to — try again that is. Are you conceding that only 30% of the federal funds were allocated based on population leaving Cumberland County eligible for 70% of the funds? You just make yourself look like an idiot if you don’t.

  24. Nice flow chart. except no indication of source, one of the basics of citing information for publication. Basic even if I never took a journalism course in my life.

    And no indication why Cape May and Salem counties, also got no transportation stimulus money.

    Shovel ready is right. But it costs money to have shovel ready projects on the shelf at all times. engineering costs for projects that you have no plans of doing anytime soon? what happens when costs, specs and other data changes? Those plans sitting on the shelf need expensive, and unecssary, updating.

    Seems like CC officials keep their costs down and their projects current. One could say that no projects on the shelf shows that CC Public Works folks are doing their job just fine.

    Facts? Stubborn things, those facts.

  25. tryagain says:

    Go MILES!!

  26. Miles – NICE TRY AT LYING! The source is linked right below the chart, and IF you had taken time to READ the stimulus pacakage, you would KNOW what was included. Instead, King Lou and his Crew decide to make stuff up, since the truth is so alien to them.

    Facts are stubborn things – it is nice that you admit that CC officials are keeping costs down by allowing the infrastructure to disintegrate. Rather than maintain, I suppose they will allow the roads to fall into emergency situations, such as the bridge a couple years ago wiped out by heavy rainfall, rather than ensure that our roads and bridges are safe for the public.

    Oh that’s right, we don’t have any county roads in need of improvement!

  27. WUU59X says:

    Funny how Miles seems to have gone over the to DARK SIDE. Did the Maggot buy you off, Miles? You USED to have him on your black list. How much did Lou pay you to sell your integrity?

    [Editor’s Note] I deleted a comment from this post that was deemed inappropriate. To all users, please refrain from personal, unfounded attacks on others that post. Certain inferences if there is no basis of public knowledge, such as the reference deleted, do not serve any useful purpose.

  28. SalarySam says:

    I was wondering how Miles missed the link so I went back and there it was and it works so when I clicked it I had the US Dept. of Transportation website.

    Yes, shovel projects cost money. But Lord Lou never said we got no stimulus money because we had no shovel ready projects because we felt it was a waste of money to develop a project to that point without funding in place. That’s what he did NOT do. What he DID was to lie and say that the County was not eligible because of its population. NOT lying is a good thing. Lord Lou should try it more often.

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