Uninformed Voters

Louis Magazzu and company are counting on the uninformed voters this year. Te News of Cumbelrand County had a letter of support from one such clueless person. For instance, he claims:

With everyone feeling the pinch of the national recession, it’s nice to know that the Cumberland County freeholder board is watching out for the county’s taxpayers.

Watching out for the taxpayers. That is why county taxes have increased 93% over the past six years. In 2002 the county tax levy was $43,785,000. It increased by $40,507,000 (yes folks, that is a FORTY MILLION INCREASE) to $84,292,000 in 2008.

The freeholders increased spending fanatically. Salaries increased from $28,832,599 in 2004 to $44,404,482 in 2009. That equates to an 11% increase per year, far outstepping COLA and inflation.

Last year the freeholders gave themselves an 82% increase int heir department, or more than $84,000 this year. Finance and Administration got a $216,272 increase. Planning and development – $149,3723 increase. I fail to see where they have held the line or watched out for county taxpayers. They are merely watching out for their supporters and friends by placing people such as Todd Edwards into no-show jobs.

But the magnitude of this voters’ cluelessness is even more apparent with  this statement:

…and Millville attorney Lauren Van Embden, who is offering to take the job of Cumberland County Clerk at a salary of about 40-percent of Republican incumbent Gloria Noto’s salary of $106,500.

I think Miss Van Embden would be surprised that she is going to be working for $42,600, 40% of $106,500. The real number is 75%. Which takes her salary above Lou’s “anything over $75,000 is GREEDY”. In fact, Lou has REPEATEDLY approved the hiring of people earning well above $75,000, including Bob Balicki at $96,000. How can Lou justify paying an assistant at the jail MORE than he is willing to pay the sheriff? I mean other than the fact that Bob Austino is in no way qualified for that job. It is our pinion that sheriff’s should not lie to the public, but Austino has no such qualms.

It is a shame that Team Magazzu is relying on a misinformed public to “get out the vote” rather than to rely on their accomplishments. But then again, the highest unemployment rate, with jobs exiting the county at a disturbing rate;  the highest teen pregnancy despite Lou’s willingness to throw money at failed programs and organizations where the top guy takes in well over $200,000 a year in public pay checks and benefits; the highets rate of children living in poverty or on Welfare; county property taxes doubling in the past decade and county spending keeping pace; the lack of transparency in government and the high level of cronyism;  these are all accomplishments to be proud of.

The ‘clueless factor’ in this election would be laughable if there was not so much on the line.


14 Responses to Uninformed Voters

  1. The salary of a Cumberland County Freeholder hasn’t changed in at least 25 years. It’s the same $15,000 it was in at least that long, perhaps even longer, maybe even since the 1970s. And they’ve got some achievements to show for that small salary, an allegedly part-time job that often takes 35-to-40 hours a week or longer.

    And county spending hasn’t increased in the past few years. In fact, the spending decreased this past year as did the amount take from county taxpayers in what’s called the tax levy. Go look at the county budget. It’s at the county administration building and maybe even at the county library.

    Taxes in your property tax bill includes school taxes, municipal taxes, fire district taxes, so on and so forth.

    And there’s a thing called equalization, Those municipalities that re-evaluated their properties actually decreased the tax bills of some property onwers, kept the taxes the same for others and increased some for properties that have increased in value.

    Those who didn’t pay through a formula that’s often skews taxes actually paid because their properties are brought up to market value through a formula mandated by the state.

    If the municipalities would listen to the Freeholders and allow consolidation of re-evaluation through a single entity, instead of each municipality paying for re-evaluations through 14 different contracts with 14 different companies that are hired whenever municipal officials get around to it, maybe re-evaluations would be done at a lower cost and more frequently to give property owners a true property tax value and hence a more accurate tax bill.

    The freeholders haven’t raised their pay in decades. Neither have their departments with the exception of one not under control of the freeholders. The Prosecutor’s Office, which took the freeholder to court to get money to rebuild a department left to deteriorate under a previous prosecutor, doesn’t answer to the freeholders. And that previous prosecutor fought for only a few expenditures- heated leather seats for his county-provided car. Guess the prosecutor’s name.

    The current prosecutor wouldn’t take what the county could afford in an offer from the Freeholders, so he won money in a lawsuit to give his staff big raises without a notable increase in productivity. In fact, that prosecutor is paying the largest number of the highest salaries in the county and the freeholders can’t tell him to slow down the spending.

    Other counties are in much worse shape, with tax hikes (not cuts or stable tax rates like Cumberland County) cuts in services and layoffs. Cumberland county has kept its rate low through growth in residential and commercial ratables. Even in these economically tough times. Don’t take my word for it.Go to the tax board and look at the figures. The tax board is bi-partisan and sets the tax rate each year.

    Look at the facts before you cast blame.

  2. Ms. Van Embden promised a pay cut of $27,000, roughly 40 percent of the $107,250 that will be earned by Mrs, Noto should Mrs. Noto win re-election, which would be a tragedy for the taxpayers of the county. Mrs. Noto has cost the taxpayers not just in salary, but in legal fees from her nearly constant litigation with the county, the cost of correcting her almost annual ballot mistakes, her refusal to use computer technology to streamline County Clerk office functions such as deed transfers, and so on and so forth.

    This from a lady whose only previous management experience was as head of volunteers at the now-closed Newcomb Hospital. Mrs. Noto is functionly illiterate on the computer and, last time I was in her office (within the last year) she didn’t even have a computer in her personal office at the county Courthouse.

    And her first action she took as county clerk was to sue the county Freeholders to get a pay raise for $41,000. Granted, Ms. Lookabaugh/Swift based Noto’s salary on what she perceived as a lack of experience. Mrs. Noto started filing lawsuits and didn’t stop for years. In fact, I don’t know if she’s stopped yet.

    And guess who paid Mrs. Noto’s legal fees? The county taxpayers, who also paid to defend against the lawsuit filed against the lawyers they hhired for Mrs. Noto. Talk about double dipping.

    So not only is Mrs. Noto computer illiterate, she’s made many mistakes that not only cost the county money, but, more importantly disenfranchised county voters. Mrs. Noto has a combative personality, in my opinion, that has decreased morale in the county clerk’s office and decreased her cooperation with other county departments.

    Mrs. Noto talks about the money she’ brought into county coffers through increased fees, but Republicans are found of calling increased fees tax increase. Either way, taxpayers pay more.

    Cumberland County can do better. Lauren Van Embden is youngg, educated o n how to use a computer, in contact with other County Clerk’s offices looking for ideas on how to take the Cumberland County Clerk’s Office out of the 19th Century and bring it into the 21st Century. She needs no on the-job training and has an engaging personality that will raise morale in the county clerk’s office as soon as she walks in as the elected clerk.

    Cumberland County can’t afford Gloria Noto i salary, mistakes or legal fees. time for a change..


  3. tryagain says:

    NOTO has GOT TO GOGO!!! Good Bye Greedy Gloria, let me show you to the door(ia)!! Van Embden ROCKS!!

  4. Miles, did you fail math as well as journalism?

    $75,000 is a 25% cut from $107,000, NOT 40% as you claim with your voodoo math. If you can’t get a simple math problem even close to the mark, I suspect your pother arguments are fables, too.

  5. WUU59X says:

    Miles Jackson, What in the world are you saying? If memory serves, you were Lou’s biggest antagonist when you were clean and sober and allowed to work for the Journal. Did Lou buy you off? And if so, did that money come from Norcross or Corzine. Miles, we are all disappointed in you.

  6. Sell me a bridge says:

    Miles Jackson said “Go look at the county budget. It’s at the county administration building and maybe even at the county library.”

    Duh! The Republicans made it easy to go look at the budget because THEY PUT IT ONLINE at http://www.cumberlandanswers.com/supporting_documents.html and as usual one can look at the budget and see that every word Miles typed is a bunch of Lou Magazzu crap.

    Miles why don’t you explain to us why it is that these guys could put the budget online and your boss Magazzu said it couldn’t be done?

  7. tryagain says:

    Hope the budget shows a SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS in the County Clerk’s salary since the new County Clerk Van Embden says she will take a $32,000.00 pay cut. Thirty two thousand dollars less than Greedy Gloria and a more qualified and EFFICIENT Clerk!1 WHAT A DEAL!! Mistake prone( I’ll blame it on someone on my staff) Greedy Gloria is HISTORY!! In more ways than one!! GOODBYE GREED, HELLO EFFICIENCY!!

  8. Guess-Who says:

    Name-Calling & Claiming V 4-weeks before the VOTES are even Cast for a Candidate.
    That’s All U GOT!
    Keep Up the good Work for ur crue, IT is Paying Dividends.

    Find that Study yet? Keep L{.}{.}King it’s Out THERE.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  9. WUU59X says:

    $32,000 – WOW o WOW o WOW – – -Just think of how many NACo’s Fast Louie would be able to attend with THAT much money.

  10. tryagain says:

    Van Embden should be praised for her willingness to SAVE the TAXPAYERS $32,000.00 by taking a paycut from the ridiculous salary of the County Clerk which will be $107,000.00 dollars. Van Embden hads Greedy Gloria on the ropes and will finish her off come Election Day!! Good Bye GREED GLORIA, Hello TAXPAYER SAVING VAN EMBDEN!!!

  11. gorgon says:

    VE should take the money and then donate it to the charities of her choice rather than let others decide how to waste it.

  12. WUU59X says:


    the lower salaries were and remain a stupid campaign tactic invented and DEMANDED by the maggot-zoo. get over it

  13. tryagain says:

    Either way taking it and giving it to charity or just not taking it in the first place, KUDOS to Van Embden for thinking of the taxpayers of this County FIRST. Signing on for a public job and taking a $32,000.00 paycut deserves our thanks and ALL OUR support!! Especially in this day and age when we find our country in perhaps the greatest recession since the Great Depression. I’m certainly voting for Van Embden!! Good bye GREEDY GLORIA!! VAN EMBDEN certainly epitomizes of the people, by the people, and FOR the people government!

  14. djstevet says:

    Wow! I’m enjoying my lunchtime reading all of this stuff. I thought I was entertained by looking at my e-mail…this beats it…..as for making an informed decision about removing Gloria Noto…….not yet. I hope all of the innuendos don’t influence voters to think that our County Clerk is greedy and all she does is make mistakes. I wish I was able to do the job she does day in and day out…actually good thing for all of you I don’t.

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