Acts of Desperation

It is interesting to see how certain candidates act whilst campaigning. You have some that will attack their opponents based on years of their party domination and inability to make forward progress, leaving our county in dead last place (or in dead first of all the wrong categories) and claim that their policies would be better.They claim that fiscal responsibility and integrity can solve a lot of the county’s woes.

You have others that will claim that after years of being involved in the one-party domination, they are sick and tired of one person’s control of all policies, sick of his manipulation of peers (he doesn’t believe that he has any peers) and underlings. They preach integrity and inclusion, believing that together we can solve the county’s problems.

Then you have an entrenched minority, a despot that has no plan whatsoever than to continue what he has one for the past ten years, ensuring more of the same – high unemployment, a greater loss of jobs, highest in the state teen pregnancy, a lack of vision for the future cloaked as ‘fiscal frugality’ which left Cumberland County on the side of the road when the federal stimulus money was distributed…

If you are this loser, how do you fight back when your opponents are continually pointing out the lapses in ethics that have been the bane of your campaign? How do you answer the questions that confront you daily about the questionable personal loan from the local party, the pay-to-play antics stemming from massive donations to a personal slush fund, the proof that opos up daily about your flaunting the law and ignoring ordinances whenever you see fit?

If you are Lou Magazzu, you have your running mates or sitting freeholders attack people that are not even running for office. It is called distraction. Obfuscation. Smoke and mirrors.

Just as last year Louis Magazzu attacked a private citizen dragging his family and personal business into the fray to remove public scrutiny from his failed policies, you can expect the same this year. Real soon. Why? Nothing is sacred to Lou. I person’s family relationships are mere fodder for his campaigns of personal destruction. He will do anything to take people’s eyes off of the real issues.

Don’t be fooled. The real issues hit your wallet every day. The facts are:

  • Cumberland County has the highest unemployment rate in the region, and it continues to climb
  • Cumberland County has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state
  • Cumberland County has one of the highest rates of children living on Welfare
  • Cumberland County has more than doubled spending in the last decade, far outpacing inflation
  • Cumberland County has virtually doubled your property taxes in the past 6 years
  • Cumberland County cannot afford anymore 7-0 rule on the Freeholder Board.

36 Responses to Acts of Desperation

  1. tryagain says:

    What’s this post about? Sound like someone from the opposition did something bad!!

  2. Sheena santiago says:

    Tryagain said, in reference to story Naco Gate Day 34 Magazzu Continues…….
    “THEY ARE CONCERNED ABOUT JOBS”- she/he meaning the people of Cumberland County

    “THEY PROVIDE OUR BEST HOPE FOR CONTINUED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT!!!- she/he said about Magazzu and democrat candidates

    People are concern about companies like Trustone which Magazzu insisted and fought with lots of screaming and intimidation tours some Cumberland County Empowerment Zone employees and board members. Trustone got millions of dollars from our local government agencies and never opened for business. Magazzu brought Steve Gervasio(owner of Trustone) to cumberland county and Magazzu insisted again and again and again that Trustone was good for cumberland county.

    Maybe…that is why your name is Tryagain because some elected officials continue to fool some voters again and again and again…..

  3. tryagain says:

    And YOU Sheena will create jobs? For who? You? Didn’t you too receive monies from EZ or UEZ for your beauty shop? How many NEW jobs were created?

  4. What’ya all talking about?

    Who is a private citizen?

    And this from an organization that has tried to destroy a good citizen who has dedicated his career in the public arena to improving the lot of Cumberland County and actually doing something about all those bad statistics listed at the end of the post.

    Mr. Magazzzu and the Democrats have put into effect a successful programs to deal with those problems and are making progress.

    Nearly doubled the ratables, kept the tax rate stable even decreased it last year, along with a decrease in county spending.
    And Cumberland County is in much better shape financially that most of the state’s other 20 counties, many that have raised taxes, cut services and laid off employees. And all of this since the mot difficult international financial times in 70-plus years.

    Sounds pretty good, although the county has always been the state’s poorest. CC has been in that position since long before the Democrats took control of county government. Remember, for 100 years before the early 1980s, CC was controlled lock, stock and barrel by the Republicans. Thirty years sounds like a long time, but after 100 years of misrule, 30 years isn’t all that long. And the six years the Democrats under Mr. Magazzu role as party chairman is a mere blink of the eye. There’s a lot positive that’s happened to CC during that blink.

    The Democrats have been wondering when the Republicans are going to come out with their program to deal with the problems. With less than a month left, they’re still waiting. When will Mr. Greco lead the party by stating the party’s plan for doing a better job than the Democrats?

    But instead of coming up with a program, the Republicans under Mr. Greco’s leadership have attacked Louis Magazzu as chairman of the CC Democratic Party as well as CC Freeholder Director, both public positions.

    Remember that their are three candidates, all former Democrats, including one former Freeholder director, who say his leadership of the party wasn’t good enough for them because they didn’t like the candidates that were selected during his tenure as top Democrat in the county or the fact that Mr. Magazzu didn’t always talk nice to those who he thought made mistakes that he believed did harm to the county or its residents. Must be nice to those who don’t do their jobs well or who harm the progress the Democrats are trying to bring to CC, according to these three malcontents.

    And the Republicans attack him for what they claim is his alleged crimes as county Dem Chairman, although state Election Law officials, and now the state AG, seem to find little wrong with Mr. Magazzu’s leadership of the party. CC Regular Republican Organization Chairman Robert Greco wrote to the AG about Mr. Magazzu’s alleged crimes. The AG isn’t investigating perhaps because state Election Law Enforcement officials say there was no rules broken or ethics violations committed in what Mr. Greco has called “NACogate.”

    Mr. Greco’s own words and actions against Mr. Magazzu indicate that anybody who leads a county political organization or who runs for county office isn’t a “private citizen.” The law, in this aspect about who is a public person, agrees with Mr. Greco.

    The party, or organization, leaders, are people who decide on how candidates are selected, decide on what becomes the agenda of a political party and help elected Republican officials in their duties. Very public indeed.

    The CCRRO didn’t fair all that well under Larry Pepper, who was a public figure and who couldn’t get much more than three Republican Freeholders elected except for one year during his leadership. And that fell apart quickly because of lack of leadership from within the party.

    Duke Luciano, although only a banker for the CCRRO, was a public person who played both sides of the street. He was a VERY public person who relished the role.

    I wonder how the current chairman of the CCRRO, a public person with great power in the county, will lead the party and effect progress in the county.

    We’ll see.

    But I wonder about the identity of this “private citizen” Magazzu Watch is talking about and how the the Democrats destroying his/her good reputation.

    I’m on the inside (sort of) and I know of no private citizen who is having a good reputation destroyed. Of course, good reputation is a subjective term. But private citizen? As soon as someone steps into the political ring as a candidate for office or chairman of a party or campaign, they cease being a “private citizens.” Ask Alex Dragotta, who tried to drag the name of Donald Rainear, former CC Dem Chairman, through the mud and ended up in a bit of trouble for it. He knew Donald Rainear was a public figure, but didn’t know all the aspects of the state’s libel and slander laws. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Care to chime in, Alex?

  5. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t think of any public person in the Republican Party that the Democrats have attacked in any way, unless you now call Bruce Peterson a Republican.

    Peterson got some bad publicity for acts he committed while a county official, all fact-based and put forth for public consideration because he’s running for office and was seeking a job of public importance in the county.

    As I said, people who put themselves in the public arena will get public scrutiny.

    But Tom Sheppard, Sam Fiocchi or Ricky Tonetta? None in the MS press. Maybe a few hits on Tonetta here on MW, but only in response to his own blogging. Gloria Noto? Mrs. Noto has made so many of her own charges, it’s hard to keep track of the responses from Democrats or even a few Republicans. Mrs. Noto has messed up ballots so many years running, filed so many lawsuits against the county and took so much taxpayer’s money in salary as well as costing taxpayers money in defending the county against her legal actions and paying her legal fees for her lawsuits The public had the right to know just how much it all cost.

    But attacked the personal life of a private or public citizen? Not the Democrats. If anyone is laying claims against one of your candidates or other officials, it come from somewhere else. The Democrats have been very circumspect in making charges against your party candidates and officials, they look like Cinderella compared to the unfounded, unsubstantiated and undocumented charges Mr. Greco has laid against Mr Magazzu’s performance as CC Democratic Party chairman.

    MW is nothing but a running list of unfounded, unsubstantiated and undocumented charges against Mr. Magazzu and all Democrats. Heck, I’ve taken a few hits, including one from who I reasons to believe is a a former Bridgeton Police officer. This officer made some highly offensive charges against me in a MW blog for something that he claimed occurred more than 17 years ago. No documentation, no indication o an arrest although the officer claimed my acts were illegal. If he was a police officer and I was doing something illegal and he knew about it, why wasn’t I arrested? Because his charges are unfounded, unsubstantiated and undocumented lies. And I’m a simple flak for the Democrats, researching and writing what I’ve discerned as the truth about the issues in this campaign.

    My record as a reporter is impeccable. No federal, state or county official has said I’ve made unfounded charges against him or her during my 18 years covering government. I’ve had a few who were upset about what I wrote, but any allegation made against a public official, Democrat or Republican, were backed by documents, public statements made by government officials, elected officials, law enforcement officials, court officials, or by the displeased subject of the charges him- or herself.

    Mr. Magazzu was displeased about some articles I ran about him as was Francis J. Reilly, a Republican. Jim Sauro also and Doug Sorantino weren’t pleased about stories I wrote about their raid of the Cumberland County jail that WAS investigated by the AG’s office.

    Mr. Magazzu long since lost his displeasure with me for writing about something he’d rather I hadn’t. I don’t think Francis J. Reilly of Doug Sorantino ever will. I hope Jim Sauro has or will. Like Louis magazzu, he has the difference in character and integrity. Someone who has basic integrity will withstand public revelations about the few times they make a mistake, even an infraction that was made unknowingly.

    The recent attacks by Robert. Greco fall into another category altogether.

    Mr. Greco’s attacks have been refuted publicially by Mr. Magazzu and the Democrats and the public is tiring of mr. Greco’s unfounded attacks. But he’s been hammering away at Mr. Magazzu for so long despite the fact that no federal, state, county or municipal agency or official has validated Mr. Greco’s charges against Mr. Magazzu or any county Freeholder or Democratic candidate for county office.

    And no such charges have been made against any Republican candidates or party officials by Democrats. Time might change that, but so far, the CC Democrats have been mum.

    And remember, certain private behavior is so egregious that it reveals the character of the individual and how he or she might act as a public leader. Again, the public has the right to know. The public really has the need to know.

    Republicans have nerve to even mention revelations about private behavior. The Republican Party and its elected officials impeached a president for not telling the truth about consentual sexual acts he had with a woman who was not his wife. Impeached the president for lying about having oral sex with a woman. Yet that president’s Republican successor repeatedly lied about acts of war taken against sovereign nations for suspect reasons, leading to the deaths of thousands of Americans an untold numbers of civilians in those nations.

    And now Republicans have perpetuated a lie that the current Democratic President wasn’t even born in the United States despite documented proof the the contrary. The Republicans have continued with falsehoods about “death panels” and so many other outright lies its become harmful to the nation, counter-productive to the presidency as an institution and hurtful to Republicans who care about the future of their nation and all fellow countrymen and women.

    As one MW blogger said, “facts can be stubborn things”. They don’t magically disappear when a public official wants them to go away. And the public has the right to know. Those private acts may just give an indication about how that individual will act in the public arena or give an indication of his or her true character. As if that public official’s public acts to date haven’t already done so.

  6. tryagain says:

    WAY TO GO MILES and miles!! Republicans great at attacking people and then cry foul when someone attacks them!! WHINING Republicans who can dish it out BUT find it hard to get it back!! They they cry out for sympathy. You reap what you sow and the R’s have been sowing a lot of innuendos and using politics of destruction. Maybe it’s because the are clueless and devoid of REAL ideas? Ricky Tonetta and Co. more concerned with the size of political signs! How childish and perhaps even un-American if you truly believe in the FIRST AMENDMENT! You know freedom of speech and all that!

  7. Guess-Who says:

    There is an Ordinance/Law in the City of Vineland,NJ.

    Do u Want a Change to this LAW (Sign Ordinance);
    Start Attending Vld City Council Meetings & voice ur opinion on the Law!

    Until then Start TAKING the BILLBOARD Sign[s] DOWN that are erected at Residential Dwellings; TODAY!

    Wow, that was something to SAY the LEAST!

    Ur last two posts could be considered another short story,Don’t u THINK!
    FICTION or Non-fiction is the Question

    Anyone with Common-Sense will Apply the FACTS to these postings & Decide for Themselves;
    Independent Thinking!

    I know u Know the Difference of There & Their!

    U can’t Help urself with Bringing up National Politics in OUR LOCAL Election as this angle is WORTHLESS here in Cumberland County.

    The ISSUES that Our Communities are Facing on Daily Basis is something the Incumbent Freeholders are Clueless about Solving & there is NO PLAN to Do so in the Future!

    WE (CC) need to find New Faces & Fresh Ideas at the CC Freeholder Board to Evolve this County into a 21 Century Community.

    Unemployment 13+% & Rising Daily.
    Teen Pregnancy Highest in the State of NJ.
    These Facts are Stubborn Things!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  8. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Magazzu, how much did it cost to buy off Miles Jackson??? He used to be your number 1 critic? I hear he lost his job at the Journal partly because of your temper tantrums and now he writes stuff you orchestrate. Very interesting – but you cannot buy off everyone, or can you?

  9. Sheena santiago says:

    You know and I know that my ex-husband and me received a CCEZ loan. Yes I did create jobs and every penny of the loan was used for the intended purpose. Since the year 2003 my ex-husband has been the person in charge
    of paying that loan because he is the owner of the business and building. The person you should call for
    questions is Robin(you know him)856-691-7766 or you can write to him.
    Robin Salon and Barber Shop
    234 West Chestnut Avenue
    Vineland, NJ 08360

    Robin Salon continues to operate, paying the loan, paying property taxes, but if you want to know if he has employees you should call him.

    Trustone never opened and got millions of dollars which Magazzu insisted they get. He even took Steve Gervasio to L & I and toured him all over city hall in Vineland. Remember? The minutes of the CCEZ meettings will spek for themselves.

    Where did he meet Gervasio, California, Las Vegas, Rhode Island, North Jersey, Arizona or NY?

    Did he meet him during a NACO trip?

    There was no research done on Trustone to investigate if the man was a real business man.

    Where there any visits to any other light weight brick plants which Gervasio was the owner?

    Did anyone bother to check his business and personal tax returns to verify the other “successful” business he owned?

    Why did Jerry Velazquez resigned as director of CCEZ?

    Why did Magazzu wanted to be the chairman, board member, freholder liaison to CCEZ and director of CCEZ?

    Ask Jerry Velazquez I am sure he can tell you many more facts about CCEZ.

  10. Mr. Dump:

    Mr. Magazzu didn’t get me fired from anyplace of work. I wasn’t fired from anyplace or work, ever, at any time in my life. Another falsehood perpetrated by Magazzu Watch.

    And I get paid nothing but expenses for my work for the CCDO. That’s right, only expenses. so it’s not for the money. A second falshood by MW.

    I research and write as i have for most of the past two decades. My research indicates most of what’s printed in criticism of Louis Magazzu, the Cumberland County Freeholders and the CC Democratic Organization on MW is a load of deception, misrepresentations and outright lies. I don’t know where the hate of Mr. Magazzu comes from. He can be abrupt to the point of rudeness and suffers fools poorly. He also has boundless energy that sometimes gets on the nerves of less motivated people like myself. But his motivations, after years of observation are, in my opinion, as pure and honest as I’ve seen in any elected official.

    More than 20 years ago, Mr. Magazzu represented a man who was responsible for an accident that left me with permanent injuries, injuries that still cause me pain and injuries for which I still seek and receive treatment. I never held this fact against Mr. Magazzu. Even a werewolf deserves legal representation. I acted badly during a deposition held in 1989 or 1990 during which I cursed the entire legal profession, rightfully causing Mr. Magazzu some concern about my coverage of the political campaigns he was managing at the time. But that’s very old news and really one of anybody’s business at this point. Lou and I laugh about it now.

    I was never the biggest critic of Mr. Magazzu. I wrote articles and series of articles that were unflattering to Mr. Magazzu, Ms. Swift/Lookabaugh, Jim Sauro, Larry Pepper, Donald Rainear, Gloria Noto et al.

    The articles were not written out of malice, a concept you may not be able to grasp, but out of the desire to set the record straight, act as an agent for the truth and, as journalists are so fond of saying, being a writer of the first draft of history.

    As I’ve said before, during my 17-plus years of observing and writing about county government, including at least 15 years during which I attended almost every county Freeholder meeting and meeting of county government committee meetings, I can say that without a doubt that the current Freeholder Board, with Mr. Magazzu as director or as chair of the Freeholder Finance Committee, is the best I’ve seen in my time as a witness of county government.

    Perfect? No. Neither Mr. Magazzu nor any current Freeholder can walk on water. But there’s a diversity of experience, a diversity of opinion, open debate and none of the violations of the Open Public Meetings Act I believe were endemic during the Lookabaugh years or tenure of any other Freeholder Director.

    I’ve looked at the figures, read the reports, and listened to officials from state government, private public interest groups, businessmen and women, environmentalists, planners, bankers and other experts in nearly every field of endeavor. I think you’ll find that the overwhelming consensus is that this Freeholder Board is the best, or at least one of the best, that they’ve seen.

    I say this not out of a desire to receive money because I don’t receive money outside of the cost of expenses. Neither do I do it out of hopes of getting a plum county job. That’s unlikely to happen. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

    I do it to set the record straight. I have never seen such shoddy writing from your main bloggers in what they hope to offer as investigative journalism or to expose what they believe are wrongdoings by the county’s current leadership. That’s their right as it is my right to refute these hate-filled screeds against something they don’t understand and have made no attempt to truly investigate. It was my job for nearly 19 years. I miss that job and writing on Magazzu Watch has given me some hope of setting the record straight, being an agent of the truth and hopefully reaching out to reasonable people to open their eyes to what is going on in county government.

    But the majority here on MW are mere trolls, in the terms of Internet blogging, saying outrageous things to gain attention for themselves (albeit under fake names) and to create outrage in those who know better.

    I have little outrage left and see that my writing here is really missing the mark. It takes people who are able to see both sides of an issue and to listen to an opposing point of view. Those people are far and few in between on MW. So, once again, I’ll promise to leave you and your cohorts to your bile-filled brains and poison penmanship. Some studies say expression of negative emotions clears negative energy from the body, helping to create healthy hearts. But it still poisons the mind and, I believe, hardens the heart and mind against any opinion other than your own twisted, ill-informed version of what is happening in county government or anywhere else. I noted that this seems to be the trend in Republican politics across the nation these days, making the GOP a bit of a laughingstock in most quarters, including in Libertarian circles that would most likely be the allies of small government Republicanism.

    Your priorities are as twisted as your thinking and your views are making you a similar laughingstock in the county as the RNC is making itself nationwide.

    I may be wrong about how widespread your views are among the county’s voters. The election will tell. But I stand by everything I’ve written out of a feeling of purpose and as a witness of Cumberland County’s political history for nearly 20 years. And regardless of the elections outcome, MW is a hateful screed that should shame most of those who act like schoolyard bullies under fake names to spread lies and misrepresentations or to write about subjects of which they have failed to fully research.

    Keep up the work. It’s turned more people away from the candidates you endorse than has attracted supporters for the same. MW has become like a sick, little joke in the county-the accident you know you shouldn’t gawk at but can’t help looking. I’ll try and turn before I pass the carnage.

  11. Miles why woud you want to bring this up.It is over with.I will say this.Inever made that statement at a public meeting as stated.Our organation never had a meeting in November or December.Miles you are wright I did not know the law.Miles I would hope you would not stoop below the bar so that I would say something and try to get me sued again.So I would hope that you and Lou would stop talking about this issue.Lou has brougt this issue up last year.I will not comment any moore about it But I will stand up for what is right and will not be bulied or thretened.I do not hate people of political party’s.No matter what there difference’s are it’s how they conduct themselves and one political party rule is no good nor healthy.The best thing would be if everyone would be honest and respect everyone’s oppinions.The other thing would be nice if people would start using there real names then I think the real truth would come out and all this petty stuff would stop.But then on the other hand they may be afraid if they slip up just alittle that they may get suied.You know that is the American way toaday and it would keep a person from saying what’s on there mind.I hope this clears the air but I don’t think it will, thats the nature of some people.

  12. millvillemagnus says:

    Miles Jackson,
    Your running off at the mouth is getting distracting, but maybe that’s the purpose. This blog is Magazzuwatch, not Mileswatch. Your attempt to justify yourself in your lengthy expositions has become protesting too much.

    I know for a FACT that Magazzu was behind the attack of a private citizen just last year, wreaking untold suffering in this person’s life. The reason for the attack was political. It is up to this individual to agree to drag up all the ugliness once again to educate you, who have apparently either a short memory or did not pay much attention to county politics as recently as a year ago.

  13. Miles – please stop with your MISINFORMATION!

    You said “I wasn’t fired from anyplace or work, ever, at any time in my life. Another falsehood perpetrated by Magazzu Watch. ”

    NOBODY affiliated with MagazzuWatch EVER made that statement in any way, shape or form. Those that comment on our forums are free to say whatever they wish as long as it doesn’t border on slander. Feel free to correct any statement made by those that post, but please cease from your BLATANT LIES that are intended only to distract from the real discussion.

  14. I stand corrected . The express was that Magazzu caused me to “lost his job,” at the DJ, not that I was fired. Well, I have never lost a job, with one exception, due to anything but my desire to leave or the completion of that particular job. I have never lost a job due to any other reason with the exception of the Daily Journal. That reason cannot be discussed at this time.

  15. Sheena santiago says:


    What happened at Newark airport a few years ago?

    Can you help the people of CC get away with a $10,000.00 electric bill?

    How much profit did you and or your friends made with unnecessary municipal bonds?

    Why did Magazzu called me screaming and trying to intimidate me after he found out that I am running for freeholder?

    Was Magazzu the highest paid City of Vineland solicitor?

    How come Barse doesn’t want anything to do with Magazzu?

    Why is Magazzu kissing up to Romano?

    Why did Magazzu told Romano he was supporting him quietly and tried the same with Barse?

    Please don’t continue to hide behind questions that I’ve already answered. If you like questions I have plenty to ask you.

    More questions to come…..

  16. Miles – once again you evade the issue. NOBODY affiliated with MW ever said you were fired or “lost” you job because of Lou. If you have an issue, it is with the person that posted the item, not us.

    We have posted emails sent to us from Jennifer swift (she signed her name) and from an anonymous source unknown even to us after you began bringing attention to yourself as Lou’s public spokesperson. They are CLEARLY labeled as such, and you are free to answer. But do not accuse this website of making statements that we have never made. First of all, it is so easily proven a LIE, and you lose even more credibility than you have lost by taking a paycheck from Team Lou Magazzu.

  17. Sell me a bridge says:

    To Miles:

    No Offense but you claim to be an “agent of truth” and then do nothing but offer a spin for Magazzu. Which are you – an agent of truth or someone who spins for Magazzu?

    I don’t ask this to be mean spirited in any way. I ask because it appears what has been said about Magazzu regarding NACo is true. The Republicans have put out real numbers and I have a hard time not believing folks who are willing to put out actual figures, whether those figures be 1099s of contributors or lawyers representing Magazzu or whatever.

    Furthermore I have a very hard time believing anything to come out of the Magazzu camp because of the claim that he discussed that $10,000 loan with his camoaign manager when the guy wans’t even his campaign manager at the time of the discussion.

    Surly you understand the problem there as an “agent of truth.” How is it you and Team Magazzu can continue to spin that tale even when three newspapers prove it to be a lie?

    True the Republicans put a certain flare on what they put out to grab attention but that doesn’t make it a half truth and is the nature of the beast. Magazzu does the same thing and you don’t accuse him of telling half truths.

    I honestly do not understand the double standards coming from a person who claims to be an “agent of truth.” Would you please explain these double standards?

    There are only three questions in this post Miles and it would be greatly appreciated if you would simply answer the questions without any spin. Thannk you.

  18. RDOwens says:

    And I get paid nothing but expenses for my work for the CCDO. That’s right, only expenses. so it’s not for the money.

    Mr. Jackson, regarding the above statement, are there any expenses incurred by you posting at MW? In other words, are you being paid to write the comments you are here at MW?

  19. tryagain says:

    Why does Sheena post the same response on 2 different articles? Any truth to the rumor she solicitated a job at City Hall after the Mayor’s election? Then was angry she didn’t get a favor perhaps in turn for her support of Romano? What’s the deal Ms. Santiago? Who’s are your “good” list this week? Seems I think I recall seeing a newspaper picture of her celebrating the night Mayor Romano won? Guess that was a short lived celebration for you Sheeeena?

  20. tryagain says:

    Wonder if Vineland will ever elect a Mayor she will support for more than just a week, a month, a year, perhaps two years? I’ve heard of fickle but that’s ridiculous!

  21. A lot of Republicans celebrated the night Romano won. But now that he is a TRAITOR, they are not celebrating anymore. How come you Democrats are not behind Christy, Swift and Peterson since you were ALL celebrating when they won previously?

    Why don’t you start making sense and maybe some people will begin taking you more seriously?

    You know very well, as does Miles, that Lou has regularly dragged people’s personal family life into the political debate. This is doen for one reason – to distract from his lack of running on issues.

  22. tryagain says:

    Seems to me Mayor Roamno STILL has widespread support? Of course there will always be a few People who are angry because he didn’t give them everything they wanted from him!! Perhaps you and maybe Sheeena fit this profile? Same as Peterson, Christy, and Swift not getting their way. Thus the ONLY reason they are running!!!

  23. Diehard Democrat says:

    The more I read on this site, the more convinced I am that Magazzu has to go. I am organizing a “former democrat” group to oust him.

  24. Diehard Democrat says:

    Just got calls from 3 others who were “surveyed” and they are HOT. Lou Magazzu has made a BIG mistake with this kind of tactic.

  25. Sheena santiago says:

    I will be at mayor’s Romano fundraiser on Saturday, October 31. Did you buy your ticket yet? I have never exchanged my help for jobs. As far as I know I don’t have a problem with mayor Romano or his family, I get along with them fine. We know how to separate the political from the personal.

    How many of Magazzu campaign donors, workers and volunteers have jobs and or contracts in county government?

    Would you like me to start the list?

    Would you like to start the list?

    Guess what? Magazzu can tell you himself that I have never exchanged my help for jobs.

    Ask Magazzu, who introduced him to the Hispanic community? I did! I helped him the first time he decided to run for freeholder an other times. I never asked him for a pay back and that is a fact.

    Do I regret ever helping him? Yes, because he is more interested about his power, helping his donors, campaign volunteers and campaign workers than helping the citizens of cumberland county.

    More questions to come…..

  26. tryagain says:

    Sheeeena, why do you insist upon putting the same response on different topics? STRANGE!! Almost as if there are 2 of you BUT then again you have never made up your mind about ” I’m a Republican, NO I’m a Democrat, NO I’m a Republican, NO I’m a Democrat, NO I’m WHATEVER will be best for me? YEAH, that’s what I am(I think)!

  27. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Say….wasn’t Wade Sjorgen a republican…and now a democrat? I’m just sayin’…

  28. Sheena santiago says:


    Tell me, what happened at Newark Airport a few years ago?

    Are Barse and Romano working secretly like Magazzu did in the mayoral election of May 2008? I don’t think so. Romano said that he is not supporting any specific candidate. Barse is aware of Magazzu’s games.

    More questions to come…….

  29. RDOwens says:

    Mr. Jackson, you are ducking my questions.

    Are there any expenses incurred by you posting at MW? In other words, are you being paid to post comments here at MW?

  30. RDOwne-No. In fact, I’ve been told not to post because it does no good and reaches such a small group who are unlikely to change their minds.

    My posting give the impression that your important and more than 8-10-12 or so people all writing in a daisy chain. the fake names gives it away..

    Cardinal rule of writing for pubic consumption is to never use information from a fake name. Why is the person usng a fake name? In some cases, large newspapers alow unattributed sources, but only in very special occasions..

    I started writing when someone postinged a question about whether I was try again or someone called kloto or something like that.

    No. I use my own name. It just sort of took off from there. But it’s getting to be a distraction and will soon stop.

    It’s been fun, like shooting fish in a barrel. No one will use their names (with the exception of folks like Jim Sauro and Alex Dragotta, God bless them)

    And no one, despite repeated requests, has brought forth that smoking gun of the charges they’ve made. It’ all “I know someone…” or ‘I heard someone say….” Real reliable stuff. But no documentation, no facts backed by anything but what people using fake names say or write.

    Paid to write on MW? That almost funny.

  31. RDOwens says:

    Mr. Jackson, thank you for answering my question.

    A follow-up, if you please . . . if you have been told not to post here, why have you not heeded the advice? Who asked you not to post?

  32. tryagain says:

    Keep on writing Miles! You have tryed to enlightened a small group of people who have no want of enlightenment but it is a worthy cause! The overwhelming majority of posters simply hate Magazzu for strictly personal reasons ie. “he hurt my friends’ feelings”. Usually be simply telling the truth. The fact IS he has worked incredibly hard for the people of Cumberland and certainly deserves their continued support! This horrible mean spirited site has blamed him fro every ill in the County including the recent flooding situation in Bridgeton City! Guess Magazzu should be grateful he’s not a Freeholder or Parish Commissioner during Hurricane Katrina! Point is Magazzu is a tremendously talented and a no nonsense representative that has angered a few people on a personal level and their hatred stems primarily from their obsessive desire “to get even” and cost him his Freeholder seat. Thus we have the Independent slate made up of ALL individulas with STRICTLY personal grudges. They should be dismissed with that and SHOULD NOT receive a SINGLE vote. Peterson, Christy , and Swift ALL running on a vendetta and certainly not the desire to serve. If Christy and Peterson TRULY desired to serve they would not have stepped down in the first place and that is simply a FACT!! The Republican candidates simply lack any real good ideas and other than Sheppard have NO experience in govt. Magazzu has done good things for our County and certainly deserves the privilege of continuing to serve as Freeholder.

  33. DUMP the Maggot says:

    excuse me while I stop laughing at tryagain’s last post. TALENTED???? oh my god.
    even magazzu himself can’t believe that one. If he was TALENTED, he would be able to keep a full-time job. NO law firm in NJ or PA will have him. If he was Talented, he would have a position in Trenton and even McGreedy wouldn’t give him a job. I am sorry, I have to stop laughing at tryagain.

  34. Guess-Who says:

    Here is the one FACT that ur crue FAIL to realize;
    The Public/PEOPLE that make up Cumberland County as a WHOLE u know the 150,000+ Individuals, some of which have Ideas that will CHANGE the Economic Status of this County.

    Addressing the REAL concerns Our Communities are Dealing with on a Daily Basis & Implementing INNOVATIVE Ideas (Public Included)that will Lead Cumberland County in a New Positive Direction.

    Fresh Faces will Bring the CHANGE that has been Needed for some time to the Chosen Board of Freeholders.

    12 years of Continuous Service is Long Enough for any one Individual Severing the PUBLIC as a Freeholder.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  35. amused says:

    Tryagain, It occurred to me recently that since you have been on the Freeholder board you have served with what, 8 or 9 other Freeholders? Out of all those Freeholders why is it none of them support you except ONE. You have 4 former Freeholders working to oust you, and the rest, with the exception of your buddy Rainear run the other way. Must be something to this wouldn’t you say? You keep saying they are running because of personal grudges. You must be a real piece of work if all of your former constituents have grudges against you. Guess this is why so many people feel it’s TIME FOR YOU TO GO!

  36. amused says:

    oops.. colleagues not constituents

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