NACo-Gate Day 34: Magazzu Continues To Hide; Greco Sends Supplemental Information To The Attorney General

Many, if not all, of the contributions deposited in NACo account may constitute gifts.

Questions about the financing of slush fund for Lou Magazzu’s failed bid for an office in the National Association of Counties (NACo) continue to be asked and Magazzu continues to hide behind lawyers, doing his best not to answer questions to the voters of Cumberland County.

Magazzu made the claim on September 4, 2009 to that, “…some political supporters indicated that they wanted to be of assistance in my NACo run.” Of course that public statement led to questions about exactly how these ‘supporters’ knew to approach Magazzu about NACo. One obvious question is, did Lou Magazzu solicit any of these individuals prior to the Code of Ethics being modified on February 26, 2009? It seems a little odd that a contractor doing business with the county gave Magazzu a $5,000 gift on the same day the Code of Ethics was modified.

Because NACo-Gate continues to drag on Cumberland County Republicans continue to research the issue and have found yet another statute Magazzu appears to have violated in funding his NACo slush fund. Chairman Greco has sent this supplemental information to New Jersey’s Attorney General with a copy to the US Attorney for New Jersey.

“Lou Magazzu’s scheme to fund his NACo slush fund continues to send up too many red flags,” Cumberland County GOP Chairman Bob Greco said. “He continues to hide behind lawyers and not answer any of the questions asked.”

“Mr. Magazzu expects voters to believe political supporters just walked up to him and offered him checks for $5,000,” Greco continued. “Common sense makes that explanation tough to swallow. The fact that he received a $5,000 gift on the day the Freeholder Board voted to amend the County’s Code of Ethics appears to be an odd coincidence.”

“Given his various public statements I truly believe Magazzu led some of his contributors to believe they were giving to a Political Action Committee,” Greco added. “But then he did an about face on the issue of his NACo slush fund being a PAC and given the fact that the account is listed at his home address and it appears he opened that account as a personal account many, if not all, of the contributions deposited into that account may constitute gifts under the law.”

“I have sent supplemental information to the Attorney General as a follow up to my original correspondence and copied everything to the US Attorney,” Greco said. “This decision was not taken lightly, especially considering the Magazzu spin machine will attempt to make this something it isn’t. But given the many odd coincidences and the appearance of impropriety I believe it was a necessary step to take.”


12 Responses to NACo-Gate Day 34: Magazzu Continues To Hide; Greco Sends Supplemental Information To The Attorney General

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Has anyone in Cumberland County L{.}{.}Ked into the FACTS that on 3-06-09 a BILL was Paid in the Amount of $11,000 Dollars to the Marriott Wardman for a NACo Expense at the Legislative Conference in Washington, DC.

    The REASON this Is Important is this IS the SAME DATE of 3-06-09 that $8,000 Dollars was RAISED from Local Individuals & Businesses here in NJ; this is according to the Information that was Provided & Released on 9-04-09 by the current Freeholder Candidate.

    How can u be Here in Cumberland County Raising/Collecting Money & in DC trying WORK that Crowd & at the Same Time?

    Can someone ANSWER the QUESTION as this is becoming an ISSUE in this ELECTION for Freeholder that will more than Likely bring the Press into this & that is going to Lead to More Questions than Answers.

    $2,113.75 was paid on 3-10-09 to the same Hotel in D.C. & $4,410.00 to NACo Registration on 3-07-09.
    Add in the Payment of 2,885.00 on 3-04-09 for Printing.

    That is 13,113.75 to the Hotel for 1 Week of Boarding;
    Does this seem to be kinda HIGH on a Hotel Room for a weeks Stay that Time of Yr in D.C.?
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    This website and the Republicans have been putting all the information out there and it is up to the press to actually report. One would think any individual with a half a brain would see the story here. I think it might be time to get all your friends together and start calling the papers and asking them what their deal is.

  3. tryagain says:


  4. Guess-Who says:

    Capital Letters says what/alot about ur Post?

    Is IT a Touch-E Subject for u?; as this is what IT Appears to be when u respond in such a way.

    Face IT the DATE of 3-06-09 has to Much STUFF Going ON on this one Day for the NACo Campaign!

    Is it a Pattern that must be L{.}{.}Ked into by the Individuals that have the ABILITY to Gather Information?

    More about this Issue is going to Surface as the DETAILS of the FAILED bid for NACo are revealed before the Election.
    $13,133.75 for a Weeks Hotel Room/Boarding in Washington,DC in early March of this Year.

    Does that # seem kinda HIGH for a weeks Hotel Bill?

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  5. Sheena santiago says:

    Tryagain said,

    People are concern about companies like Trustone which Magazzu insisted and fought with lots of screaming and intimidation tours some Cumberland County Empowerment Zone employees and board members. Trustone got millions of dollars from our local government agencies and never opened for business. Magazzu brought Steve Gervasio(owner of Trustone) to cumberland county and Magazzu insisted again and again and again that Trustone was good for cumberland county.

    Maybe…that is why your name is Tryagain because some elected officials continue to fool some voters again and again and again…..

  6. tryagain says:

    Same post on 2 different topics by Sheena? Maybe she can’t figure out what she is trying to say? Sheena probably has always wanted to create jobs , especially if she can get one. Rumor has it she expected one from Mayor Romano for her help in unseating Barse.

  7. gorgon says:

    Sheena wants a job, Romano wants a job, Mrs ROMANO WANTS A JOB, The kids want a job. Crap, who hasn’t been promised a job ?

  8. WUU59X says:

    and Lou can’t KEEP a job

  9. tryagain says:

    Seems Sheena posts the same response on different subjects regardless of the topic? Strange? Probably not! Reminds one of a broken record. Seems to fit. Wonder if she will respond to the subject of Mayor Romano and her possibly seeking a job from the then new administration? Any truth to that rumor Ms. Sheena? She certainly worked for his campaign against former Mayor Barse according to various people.

  10. DUMP the Maggot says:

    ….and dumping Barse was a good thing. Barse and Magazzu – the 2 biggest egos in the county. Both control freaks and after November, BOTH will be out of here.

  11. Sheena santiago says:


    What happened at Newark airport a few years ago?

    Can you help the people of CC get away with a $10,000.00 electric bill?

    How much profit did you and or your friends made with unnecessary municipal bonds?

    Why did Magazzu called me screaming and trying to intimidate me after he found out that I am running for freeholder?

    Was Magazzu the highest paid City of Vineland solicitor?

    How come Barse doesn’t want anything to do with Magazzu?

    Why is Magazzu kissing up to Romano?

    Why did Magazzu told Romano he was supporting him quietly and tried the same with Barse?

    Please don’t continue to hide behind questions that I’ve already answered. If you like questions I have plenty to ask you.

    More questions to come…..

  12. tryagain says:

    Sheena Sheena, think you forgot to answer the question about whether or not you approached Mayor Romano for a job after his election? And didn’t you also approach the Democrtaic party about running as their candidate for County Clerk? You just can’t seem to make up your mind as to who you support and don’t support! Seems you go from one side to the other almost on an annual basis? Could it be you are with whoever you think will win and help you in some way? Guess you did answer the question about a CCEZ or UEZ loan that you and your ex received!

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