A Call for Civility

The blog comments are beginning to become a circus not unlike the Daily Journal forums. While I enjoy the put-downs and sarcasm as much as the next guy, I am asking that those that post do not lose sight of the purpose of this blog.

Whether you are for or against, and that doesn’t matter, please try to add something of substance when you post. Please become a part of the debate, not a distraction from the debate.

A good example of what to do  would be Miles Jackson, who comes back with an argument defending his side of the debate. An example of what not to do would be tryagain, who simply calls people names and does nothing at all to defend his position.

Also, in the past month I deleted two comments that did not add to the debate, and were derogatory in nature to specific people. They crossed the line in the opinion of our editorial group. We do not take this task lightly. (And if tryagain wants to cry censorship – a derogatory comment were made against one of your freeholders and another against an employee of your campaign.) Please, you are free to post anything as long as it is pertinent and you have substantiating or corroborative documentation, or if it is public knowledge.

So please, let’s be civil, and let’s have fun, and let’s try to stay out of the sewer when possible.


8 Responses to A Call for Civility

  1. tryagain says:

    After months of scurilous attacks on Magazzu and anyone anywheres near him you NOW want civility!! You should be ashamed of yourself and the originators of this MEAN and HORRIBLE website! It has been hurtful to many mant innocent people and now you ask for civility. Perhaps you should ask for forgiveness?

  2. Diehard Democrat says:

    I am not sure what “tryagain’s” motives are on this site, but whatever they are, they do not move me. I voted for Magazzu everytime he ran in the past, but not this time. No way.

  3. Sell me a bridge says:

    Civility went out the window with Magazzu’s push poll!

    Lou Magazzu has proven what a giant piece of crap he really is. To tell absolute lies crosses the line and he knows it.

    Look over in the right side bar at all the people who have been paid with our tax dollars and then gave those very tax dollars to Lou Magazzu so he could pay for this push poll.

    Yes folks that’s right, your tax dollars are funding Lou’s re election campaign and your tax dollars funded his NACo campaign. You tax dollars even paid for the push poll.

    That’s a fact and no one needs a push poll to get those facts out.

    Right now the only person who should be asking forgiveness is Lou Magazzu.

  4. tryagain says:

    Guess “Sell me” and his Republican friends can only dish it out BUT have a hard time being on the receiving end of attacks!! For months this forum has done NOTHING but unfairly and subjectively launched scurilous attacks against Magazzu and anyone near him, NOW the shoe is on the other foot and suddenly you ladies want to cry foul?? You reap what you sow! Civility went out the window with the setting up of this CRAP website!!!

  5. Dear sell me a bridge: Please provide proof that any party is using taxpayer money to finance a campaign, for NACo, county office or anything else.

    It’s a very, very serious charge,.

    Go to the Nw Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission web site, (you need Java script) and look at campaign finance reports.

    It details where every cent the Democrats have raised came from. Not a cent came from public funds. The people who contribute are taxpayers and I assume they deduct their contribution to a political cause, but so do those who contribute to the Republicans.

    So I could easily make the same charge against the GOP. But I know it’s a sick twisting of the facts.
    Never in my 18 years of watching county politics have I seen this charge made. Unless you have proof, you are just blowing something more smelly than smoke.

    For years, Duke Luciano and Larry Pepper loaned the CCRRO ALL of the money used in the campaign and then let the organization raise money AFTER the election and pay back the loan. That allowed the county Republicans to hide who they got their money from the public. The county Democrats never said a word about such willful hiding of campaign donations because, well, that’s just they way the CCRRO operated.

    We’ll be looking at your books. Feel free to look at our books. Think you can remember: NEw Jersey election Law Enforcement Commission. Follow the prompts.

    The tenor of this campaign is over the top. You make a charge like that and refuse to give ANY evidence to prove it.

    So please, show us the evidence. Show us the evidence of any charge you’ve made.

    Otherwise, your just another liar with a sick obsession with trying to tear someone down. And a slanderer who is charging someone with illegal actions without proof.

    A call for civility and you continue. Your masters point to tryagain, but your no better. Just backing a different horse race. And there’s more of you backing that horse race who resort to mud politics.

    So please, show me the proof. You’ve made a charge now prove it. Just once. Please.

  6. amused says:

    Tryagain…to try and compare criticism about our ever growing tax rate, teen pregnancy rate, jobless rate,etc. to accusing candidates of wife beating is the most lamentable thing I have ever heard! Tryagain, how would you like for someone to open up a discussion about the way you treat your wife? Maybe about your extra curricular activities on your NACO journeys? True or untrue, let her decide. Obviously you have NO legitimate issues,but that doesn’t give you the right to drag personal issues into the political arena. And Miles, I can’t believe you have hit such a low point in your life that you would go along with this!

  7. Civility went out the window with thepush poll. Are you one of the I haven’t heard it, but I know someone…” People.

    again, a charge that civility stopped yesterday. Not a week ago, a month ago, a year ago. And Louis magazzu stopped it.

    Civility on MW went out the window the day it was created. As I said, look in the mirror. do you like what you see?

  8. amused says:

    I have no problem with what I see in the mirror. Then again I haven’t used sleeze to go after anyone, unlike Magazzu. But I’m not an ex-reporter and I don’t get paid for my rantings. It’s a bit difficult to compete with you Miles, after all I don’t buy my ink by the barrels! But just keep on with your job here at MW. And I hope when it’s all said and done, you can look at yourself in the mirror.

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